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    1. If it’s snowing, the Triplex will take the form of falling snow,” Rio explains

    2. Reese responds, “Not with the Triplex

    3. “But since your name is our clue, we think that the council met you and decided to leave the Triplex with you

    4. The council would have used someone you know to put the Triplex somewhere in your life where you wouldn’t discard it, either because of necessity or sentiment

    5. “She is, but only after she’s tortured you and gotten enough information out of you to locate the Triplex

    6. “Where is the Triplex?” His words are dripping with contempt

    7. Where is the Triplex?” He frees up my mouth gain

    8. “Yeah, then you’d have to find your precious Triplex by yourself

    9. It was the third cycle of the Triplex

    10. “But in order to make that happen, he decided that the Triplex should go to Atourum so that the Earth would be burned and ravaged beyond repair

    11. Finally, when he had a chance to destroy the Triplex and he didn’t, he Turned

    12. “Is it that we don’t find the Triplex in time?”

    13. So, as it stands now, both Emerson and the Triplex are out of our reach

    14. “And on that note, here are my conditions for helping you guys find the Triplex

    15. “According to the Akons, Lucy said that each member of the council has a say in where the Triplex is placed on Earth

    16. “So the Triplex has to be somewhere that can be affected by Time, Fate and Death?”

    17. “He just means that this is a very important clue to where we can locate the Triplex,” Miku says, defending her brother

    18. Lucy would not have access to the Triplex there,” Marcus says

    19. “I have helped every single cycle find the Triplex

    20. You agree to keep Emmy out of this and I will practically put the Triplex in your hand

    21. Their apartment is a middle unit in a triplex

    22. It was the old conservatory, the one room in the triplex penthouse she’d ever really been able to stand

    23. That whole time he was hanging out with Sam, she thought he was at therapy or at the beach with Shel Goldbarth, or seeing Jaws three times in a row at the Hempstead Triplex

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