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    1. You are the Tutor of my Dreams

    2. I was the only maths tutor in Belrampur, and bad maths

    3. I am a tutor, not a consoler

    4. ’ Abi said ‘I was hard but, our tutor had asked me before the session if I could do it … the kids were great and lots of them came up to me after to say how brave they thought I was being

    5. to hug him, as his less-strict maths tutor

    6. The best maths tutor in town had become a champi man

    7. I, her tutor, held the pin tray

    8. Maybe you could give the school a ring later in the week, have a chat with her tutor - just a casual chat to see how she’s doing at school

    9. What was it my tutor used to say

    10. Boy, had that course been intensive! I remember the opening lecture and the tutor standing at the front telling us that we would not have time to party, get involved in love affairs or anything else during our year’s intensive course – and she was not joking … the course was a bi-lingual secretarial course with French

    11. Titania instantly volunteered to tutor him in that regard, and Hipolyta just rolled her eyes

    12. And on the top floor of the embassy, Liz Tutor, the Deputy Chief of Mission United States Embassy, opened the access door to the heliport on the roof of the building and slipped out, closing it behind her

    13. Willow was busy looking for something in her books, which meant I was the designated tutor

    14. Even as a lad, it’s told he brained his music tutor with a lyre

    15. He treated her with dignity and respect as her tutor, keeping his distance

    16. such a gifted tutor for his sons, does he?”

    17. I’m a man, and I’ll say what my tutor may keep as his

    18. You were the best tutor I ever had

    19. To see or have a tutor in your dream indicates that you are seeking some personal advice or guidance

    20. The tutor? And?” Rebekah continued, expecting to hear some more intimate details

    21. Raiya didn’t need an appointment to see her former tutor Professor Eidenberg

    22. If in each college, the tutor or teacher, who was to instruct each student in all arts and sciences, should not be voluntarily chosen by the student, but appointed by the head of the college ; and if, in case of neglect, inability, or bad usage, the student should not be allowed to change him for another, without leave first asked and obtained ; such a regulation would not only tend very much to extinguish all emulation among the different tutors of the same college, but to diminish very much, in all of them, the necessity of diligence and of attention to their respective pupils

    23. In England, accordingly, the church is continually draining the universities of all their best and ablest members; and an old college tutor who is known and distinguished in Europe as an eminent man of letters, is as rarely to be found there as in any Roman catholic country, In Geneva, on the contrary, in the protestant cantons of

    24. “He was originally to become a tutor in mortal magics for the RavenGuardians

    25. Though his brother’s purpose was still to be revealed, the Pilgrim knew in his heart his own was renewed; that he should act as this man’s mentor and tutor, as a wise and benevolent father to fill his heart and mind with the joy that was God and Truth

    26. They do not have the power of the Spirit Guides that can act without our knowledge to save, support, and tutor us

    27. Since I was earning decent money with my band, I hired a tutor, Carl Jaffe, who had a rather nerdy appearance and personality

    28. Chelsea lived in a beautiful, two-story tutor house with a view of the Pacific in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

    29. they apply for or be able to tutor the person in a manner accepted by the

    30. There are different ways to become a tutor

    31. company as a tutor, you have to set your hours and adhere to a schedule

    32. This type of tutor is paid for each session they participate in tutoring

    33. help tutor, you will receive praise and recommendations from clients, which can

    34. “Dalia was her tutor in elementary wizardry, she grieves as do we all

    35. Annyeke had stayed with Talus’ tutor until she could see the boy was settled in

    36. What on earth did they talk about at classes? She would have to have a word with the tutor, she could see

    37. My job was to tutor Hispanic inmates so they

    38. I lifted the sight and found the furious look of my tutor with the clutched cane, stoking my ribs

    39. However, a lady by the name of Big Dee had a crush on him for years when he use to tutor her oldest son, Jerome, so she took him in

    40. First of all, do you guess? It turned out that my tutor, responsible for giving me knowledge and teaching, was Duprina, that hateful woman who was Leonardo’s girlfriend last year, and for some reason that I do not know, blamed me for the breakdown of her relationship with him

    41. With regard to Duprina, do you have proof of what you say? The fact that she did not instruct you in the magic matters does not make her a black enchantress, just a bad tutor

    42. -And what about Duprina? your psychopathic, shameless and boring girlfriend, that instead of honoring her role as tutor and teach me the magic for which she was selected, has been dedicated to enchant me with skulls spells in solitary cemeteries and in the light of the moon?

    43. ” She turns to the tutor, “Damn it! I can’t get this

    44. This stupid porker bitch is obviously going to fail her class and still she pays for a tutor

    45. “That’s it? Is that not enough?” the tutor asks in a smart-assed tone

    46. “The Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ” (Galatians 3:24)

    47. Galatians 3:24 - Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith

    48. above all, my personal tutor, I surrender the outcome of this

    49. These travelers hailed from India, and being on their way to visit Rome and various other points on the Mediterranean, they had arranged to arrive in Jerusalem during the Passover, hoping to find someone whom they could engage as interpreter for both and tutor for the son

    50. At Corinth and other stops on the return trip he was, however, known as the Jewish tutor

    1. “And look at this; you'll see why he doesn't need to 'peddle' anything!” He carefully put it into the hands of the friend nearest him who received it in the same reverent manner and began an inspection like the one in which they had just been tutored at the other store

    2. tutored in the language of Lyndesfarne magical gestures and now he

    3. Hipolyta told him about the children she tutored and about their progresses, and about how much she admired Miss Bunker

    4. Stay completely out of sight of the girl who tutored you

    5. During the days that followed they were carefully tutored in the correct etiquette they would have to follow

    6. the translator tutored them

    7. Hispanic inmates that I had tutored

    8. In the temple of the Su-Katii he had been tutored in the best use of all tactics and had studied every factor that could bring victory to the battlefield, the last stand at Misilain, the Battle of Prisiilica, he had studied them all

    9. Barrad’s thoughts strayed back to the many Su-Katii teachers of tactics that had tutored him over his many lifetimes of training

    10. A group of math students sits at a table to your right, getting tutored in calculus by that weirdo with the mechanical hand

    11. the guy who tutored me for a couple of years

    12. Peter about his being tutored by Jesus Himself

    13. Ye was tutored in the arts of the battle staff,

    14. This was the reason I was born and tutored for, I’m convinced, and with all the many defects in me that had to be combed out, I now sense that I‘m prepared for these days and those ahead

    15. The famous scientist Galileo was only one of many notable scholars and artists that received assistance from the Medicis, and he in fact tutored a number of the Medici children; even naming the four largest moons of Jupiter in their honor: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto

    16. Rajat insists that he asked Modi all the hard questions and the audience wasn’t tutored to cheer for the BJP’s prime ministerial nominee

    17. was the best! All the while Lucky spoke, tutored,

    18. "My master's oldest daughter was tutored at the plantation by a number of fine teachers

    19. Vickie crashed tutored and mentored me in writing

    20. Romans gave their babies and children to be raised and tutored by the slaves they owned

    21. He seemed to be listening to her, his brow furrowing together adorably, like when he tried to concentrate on math or French, two subjects she tutored him in over frappucinos and Chinese food

    22. “He should be tutored by

    23. She had tutored him last year in English

    24. Earnshaw and his companions she kept aloof; and tutored by Kenneth, and serious threats of a fit that often attended her rages, her brother allowed her whatever she pleased to demand, and generally avoided aggravating her fiery temper

    25. I've tutored her in freshman accounting

    26. “She tutored me for exams once in a while

    27. But my life for it he was either practically conversant with his subject, or else marvellously tutored by some experienced whaleman

    28. You might almost say, that this strange uncompromisedness in him involved a sort of unintelligence; for in his numerous trades, he did not seem to work so much by reason or by instinct, or simply because he had been tutored to it, or by any intermixture of all these, even or uneven; but merely by a kind of deaf and dumb, spontaneous literal process

    1. Chef Paul, Paul Nigel—a most diligent bachelor--- was only too glad to fill the idle days tutoring the lad, and Jameson was a quick study, eager and humble with a great admiration for his mentor

    2. Mandy made sure Chef Paul's tutoring efforts for Jameson weren't just instructional; she had the meals delivered to the young and struggling families scattered around and within reach of the village

    3. Besides that, her parents could very well be back by now and how would they take to her tutoring a twenty year old?”

    4. Before they dispersed, Ashpenaz announced that their tutoring would commence the following day

    5. Meanwhile, Darniil had started tutoring him in the ways and laws of the Hebrews

    6. He’s lost his house, he had to sell his cook, and now he’s forced to live by tutoring children of the rich

    7. They say when he’s not tutoring, he orates at the top of his lungs while

    8. Jorge asked him to help in a tutoring program for Caribbean students

    9. He also began tutoring the children in our, admittedly, mostly illiterate village

    10. These are souls enrolled in our same ‘Angels’ training’ process, but they offer their tutoring services to incarnated spirits while they are in between lives

    11. The feminine spirit that accompanied you during the first part of your life, on one hand, helped you to progress, silently tutoring your actions and supporting your falls; on the other hand, she has learned from your experiences, advancing her further in her spiritual evolution

    12. This type of tutor is paid for each session they participate in tutoring

    13. many of these tutoring companies need to keep their integrity in tact and need to

    14. The different subjects that people look for tutoring help with are general

    15. If you are proficient in a foreign language, this type of tutoring is in high demand

    16. I could hold this over his head for as long as I was tutoring him

    17. “And I was tutoring you,” I added, nudging him lightly in the ribs

    18. Or individual, in-home tutoring

    19. He had carried on, teaching the boy, selling his herbs, tutoring Ralph in the ways of the mind, as far as he could

    20. In addition I did some private tutoring for which I charged one mark twenty-five per hour

    21. tutoring al the initiates at Brooklyn House, but with the start of the fal

    22. Your tutoring keeps me up with the pace of the class

    23. even teaching and tutoring, and any other

    24. Maybe he had been getting a little tutoring on

    25. front desk he stopped in front of Sonya, who was still tutoring Dixie in her new

    26. tutoring was done over the telephone from his

    27. If I had not received his tutoring, I would have never advanced past Colonel, father knew it was coming, but he was military, and wouldn’t even tell me

    28. If so, why was I tutoring him?

    29. nurturing and tutoring is far more productive

    30. They hosted teacher appreciation lunches each semester, raised money for teachers supplies, many of the seniors volunteered at the school as well a couple of parents and helped with after school tutoring

    31. They developed a computer lab that they used for tutoring, GED training and job training program to list a few things

    32. "Thinking for a Change is a book that provides the detailed tutoring required to learn TOC tools and can be simultaneously used as a reference by the experts

    33. – Creation Tutoring, EvE rx to ED

    34. However, this private tutoring in the library back room only lasted a few weeks

    35. He was able to sustain himself financially by tutoring his classmates, so-fraternity group and friends

    36. They fed her by their own hands and washed her: he would hold her while his perfect wife changed the soiled linen beneath her without voicing a single word of complaint or disgust; in fact she did it willingly and with good grace, yearning for the reward of the Almighty as Mohammad Amin had developed her under his illustrious tutoring which implanted supreme principles in her spirit: loving God and seeking Him, aiming at the Afterlife, not at this world, aspiring to Paradise through carrying out good deeds which make one draw nearer to Al’lah

    37. That is why he (cpth) leant, as we have mentioned before, at mosque between the prayer of Sunna and that which is imposed at dawn, lying on his right side and turning his face toward the Ka'ba, imitating man's position in tomb, thinking, and tutoring this man how to be true then to reach believing

    38. After some years that morphed into tutoring high school dropouts for the GED

    39. With a little evening-time tutoring from Eddie over the garden fence, Danny secured more gigs in pubs and clubs

    40. After a career that included teaching in the education department at UCLA and tutoring the children of many film stars, she was still relatively healthy and active

    41. Hence, the tutoring commenced

    42. inconsistencies they promote while tutoring physics as if the physics they present are the most flawless

    43. those charged with tutoring physics and seeing who should be believed, then get wise instead of

    44. Mathematics and BA in world literature, teaching and tutoring math at

    45. It was that, with Raymond"s tutoring, I was becoming a very capable craftsman

    46. "Yes, Dylan? How is the tutoring going?"

    47. Massie spent the entire second period tutoring students and helping the teacher, but still, her mind wandered off

    48. patient tutoring of Haakon will be the main cause of it

    49. But now what? What keys did his tutoring of me have yet in stock to show me the way I had yet to go in the uncharted depths of the life opening up before me?

    50. If you are struggling in your classes, ask the professor if there are any tutoring options available

    1. Breaking and entering was not something that Archibald had studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite a lot of noise that he eventually managed to force a window at the back of the ramshackle and degenerate building

    2. After that, she lost interest in her art and her tutors fired their criticisms but she never dropped out

    3. was provided with the finest tutors, all of whom made sure that the

    4. friends and some of his tutors had become so accustomed to

    5. Two of the tutors and a

    6. studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite

    7. excused from training, so their tutors could attend the trial

    8. He’d employed tutors in literature, geography,

    9. His tutors were astonished – by the end of term – at his inexplicable improvement; he even had to convince the school principle that he was not cheating or receiving special tuition

    10. If in each college, the tutor or teacher, who was to instruct each student in all arts and sciences, should not be voluntarily chosen by the student, but appointed by the head of the college ; and if, in case of neglect, inability, or bad usage, the student should not be allowed to change him for another, without leave first asked and obtained ; such a regulation would not only tend very much to extinguish all emulation among the different tutors of the same college, but to diminish very much, in all of them, the necessity of diligence and of attention to their respective pupils

    11. In some of the richest and best endowed universities, the tutors content themselves with teaching a few unconnected shreds and parcels of this corrupted course ; and even these they commonly teach very negligently and superficially

    12. After all, her constantly questioning mind is something many tutors would appreciate

    13. The city was utterly defenseless save but a few procrastinators and old army tutors

    14. “If Karma is the headmaster, then the Spirit Guides are our tutors

    15. We all have one or more Spirit Guide that tutors and supports certain periods of our lives

    16. Are in high demand online; the tutors should have knowledge in the subject that

    17. The tutors interact with the person they are teaching through a voice system that

    18. There is an open field online for tutors

    19. Many places online are looking for tutors to help teach adults and children a

    20. Clinton called for a million volunteer tutors to help teach third

    21. Before making her way to the Place of Tutors to collect her charge, driven by an impulse she could not explain, she smoothed her hand across the grasses where her companions had knelt

    22. thing is that most of these schools and tutors are

    23. life, parents, nurses, tutors and instructors are generally held responsible for the habits and future ethics of a child

    24. finest tutors in the land have taught you well

    25. students, researchers and tutors

    26. These ships had been their playmates, their protectors, their tutors and their weapons

    27. Riz’s father was determined and sent several tutors to show his son discreetly the one thing he felt his son needed

    28. His father eventually gave up and quit sending tutors

    29. His tutors had instilled in him the way of the Lord whose worker he had become: O thoolos tou Theou

    30. tutors who traveled door to door and were payed by the day or the

    31. home shuffled tutors and students each week

    32. So began the tutors

    33. · He now was at an age where He would come under tutors for His destiny

    34. Chapter 4, Verse 1; Now I say the heir - that's the one who's entitled to the inheritance - as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but he's under tutors and guardians until the appointed time

    35. But beside the parent, there are also tutors who look after children and give them these toys

    36. “This is even more interesting… Who are these tutors?”

    37. racy and wealth of England and educated by private tutors trying

    38. After all that he was subsequently educated by a succession of tutors and led them a merry dance with practical jokes, including leaving a horse in one of the tutor's bedroom

    39. to the Dalai Lama, the two tutors and the great monasteries of

    40. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama had as his Senior and Junior Tutors

    41. popular among many lamas, including the tutors and root Gurus of

    42. He was the root Guru of both tutors

    43. Young Mozart learnt the language of music, day in and day out, from one of the best private tutors possible

    44. They’ve send their tutors and I also needed to talk to you this morning, but if you can come alone this time

    45. · It makes sons and daughters in permanent intelligence and not need additional help or tutors

    46. If these diseases are sent away and man becomes beautified by giving preference over himself, then his sustenance is blessed by Allah, when it is blessed, then Allah will bless sons and daughters and they don't need tutors by tens and hundreds, but Allah will grant them intelligence, understanding, strength to learn, make them guides and well guided and make them eager to excel as Allah likes them to be

    47. One of Ariella's tutors spent a whole week describing to her the soils, drainage and grape varieties used for the growers

    48. From then on she paid more attention to her tutors when they taught about wine

    49. They were brainwashed by their tutors as their tutors were brainwashed before them

    50. position where you can teach your tutors the truth about gravity if you read what is in the books

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