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    1. By the first week of the new year, they were booked for the Summer Season, and had additional bookings for the Tahoe Tournament in the Spring—an unanticipated additional $175 to defray construction

    2. that there was really nothing unanticipated going on at the moment,

    3. and Alistair were a little taken aback by this unanticipated onslaught

    4. Did you tell him you loved him enough times? Were there things which he left unfinished? Death came as a thief in the night – unwanted, unanticipated and unstoppable

    5. Children who feel valued and supported, and have good cognitive functioning, are more likely to bounce back from adverse experiences – divorce, car accidents, death of a loved one, or other unanticipated events

    6. While in college, my friends and I would adopt stray cats and then struggle to pay the unanticipated veterinary bills

    7. Caroline saw the development as an unanticipated gift

    8. “Ok,” persisted Michelle, “but what about cases where something unanticipated happens after an election? What if the Party in charge can’t adhere to its promised spending level, but can only try to do that? Like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a big earthquake in California, a war, or maybe even a deep recession?”

    9. With a majority or super-majority, in the event of a major unanticipated disaster, spending could be increased by an amount that would not count against the originally promised spending limit

    10. The sixth, and seemingly last just 5800 years ago, seems to have led to culture as an unanticipated by-product of the ability to gather much closer together than had been “natural” in all the previous eons of time

    11. directions in unanticipated ways

    12. Not only had I earned his respect but it also had an unanticipated impact on his general behavior—he stopped picking on the other small people he had formerly targeted as well

    13. unanticipated jolt of excitement about the fact that she

    14. This loss was just another unanticipated, but huge, consequence of government’s ‘all-knowing’ management and fiddling with efficient production

    15. Feelings were implied, never expressed, danger came from unanticipated sources and nothing was left to coincidence

    16. does particularly well, is to show the unanticipated and unintended consequences of either

    17. reasonably well but there were a few unanticipated occurrences

    18. later, was unanticipated in this

    19. “Sir,” said Nal, “my troop encountered and unanticipated kind of attack

    20. I figured I had plenty of time so I decided to continue watching this unanticipated taping

    21. The result of this quite-successful experiment suggest the game had taken a dramatic and unanticipated turn for the worse for the suspect whose initial shock indicated that he knew he had been caught

    22. “Lord have mercy!” the robust chambermaid shrieked, startled by the unanticipated and abrupt action

    23. At times, the confluence of operations brings unanticipated

    24. market can change in unanticipated ways that can leave analysts scratching their heads

    25. Reaching the bottom of the ladder and entering the cross tunnel, she righted herself, feet down, then allowed a few small bubbles to escape her lips while she looked down the tunnel in both directions, keyed for any approaching, unanticipated threats

    26. The call to arms was hardly unanticipated, and just about every male resident of Adams had taken to keeping loaded firearms in their bedchambers

    27. She could not resist the immediate intimacy that was provoked in her chest, completely unbidden and unanticipated

    28. What I have just described occurs when you desire actively to do something yet you involuntarily put off carrying out this action for several minutes, not because you hesitate (although these variants are also included in the skrruullerrt system), but, for example, only due to an unanticipated state of your organism (dizziness, malfunction of intestines, long cough, etc

    29. Elm hesitated before leaving with his ice pack as an unanticipated rush of exhaustion swept over him

    30. It’s an unanticipated occurrence on my part and I don’t think you quite understand the ramifications of it, but if it happens I genuinely hope the best for you because you’re not getting much in return

    31. Most civilians carried spare everything, in case of spills, or changes in the weather, or unanticipated invitations

    32. That, ultimately, it would depend upon some unanticipated break, some mistake on the Fist’s part which would yield to patient, meticulous investigation, rather than simply throwing additional bodies at the problem

    33. When we went over scripts, she inevitably asked me an unanticipated and incisive question for which I had no answer

    34. As this is being written, in late November 2008 shortly after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States, no one can be sure whether the curtain will rise yet again to reveal yet another unanticipated financial disaster

    35. As noted, the high in-sample Sharpe ratios of Treasuries over that time frame likely reflect windfall gains from unanticipated yield declines

    36. Note that the Sharpe ratios of Treasuries over periods ending in the early 1980s were very poor, reflecting windfall losses from unanticipated yield increases—a mirror image of the situation from the early 1980s to the present

    37. To enter from the chill darkness outside, and find one's self confronted by a totally unanticipated festal board, draped with red, adorned with white napery, and wreathed with flowers, was to feel that the preparations were brilliant indeed

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