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    1. Lately they were few and far between and filled with unimportant information

    2. having the idea that their feelings and needs are unimportant

    3. So, does that mean the remaining seven billion people on Earth are assuming unimportant or insignificant roles? Obviously not, because our incarnation here grants us an opportunity to perform a role, which helps complete the mosaic of life on this planet

    4. It’s always been the trivial unimportant stuff

    5. In her ears were rubies larger than I had ever seen; but all this wealth seemed unimportant to her

    6. „It is one of the maladies of our age to profess a frenzied rush to truth in unimportant matters, and refuse to face her where graver issues are at stake

    7. Deep down he knew these were unimportant questions; he tried to force himself not to think about them anymore

    8. Jimmy, a life however unimportant, needed to be continued

    9. As such, Julien made sure that he kept a low profile but had plenty of information to make his status unimportant

    10. Your reasons are unimportant

    11. I would not know but I do know that a body count is unimportant in COIN and no pressure should be placed on the soldiers to create a positive body count

    12. But when the cold war ended the game changed dramatically for suddenly your rhetoric became rather unimportant to Washington and Moscow ceased to exist as a supplier

    13. Notwithstanding our human shortcomings, however, how far should any society be expected to tolerate, for ―unity‘s sake‖, irreconcilable moral and ethical misconduct that is quickly gaining momentum within political circles? Who remains accountable for the unseemly actions of our public officials who seem unwilling or unable to reform themselves, if not the Conscience of the American People? In what manner does that society continue supporting notions of unity in view of prevailing (double) standards that falsely qualify appearances as uncharacteristic or unimportant? In what manner does that society achieve consistency between public and private matters where

    14. But a war with Britain over small pieces of unimportant territory would have cost thousands of lives and likely still ended in US defeat

    15. Just a moment before, he had looked small and unimportant and certainly unthreatening, a stark contrast to the agnates who encircled him

    16. The box is unimportant, but it contains a plant; it's actually seaweed that we call Gorsporth

    17. Ursempyre felt shocked, minuscule, and unimportant

    18. I the willless one, but still my master's will seemed bleak, distant and unimportant, as I shivered to death in the woods

    19. Jade woke up at some point and swore at me, but it seemed so unimportant

    20. valuable time or money on the unimportant stuff, not to mention the loss of goodwill that

    21. It is unimportant to sprout a new ritual for reading and following it

    22. They were the ones who Chloe thought zilch of, he was the one with relevance to her and after all this time he thought that wouldn’t matter, but in a detached unimportant way it still represented as something to think about and hold onto

    23. this with this command, but it's unimportant for our purposes

    24. Chay looked up at the High Prince, “Why me?” His smile was kind and pure, emanating love Himself, “I choose you, the simple, because I call to Me all those who are lost, those who are deemed by others unworthy and unimportant

    25. for hours about unimportant things, and decided nothing of value for

    26. That the enemy was as yet undefeated was unimportant; the victory celebration this day was for surviving one hundred missions

    27. How the Lost One had hoped it would not come to this, but his own fears and dreams were unimportant in the face of this cruel onslaught on what they held as precious

    28. When it seems unimportant to others how we feel, God is concerned about us

    29. ‘It could have been any one of the twenty knights in post at the time, I wonder which one it was? Still the identity of the father is unimportant

    30. since the most unimportant and

    31. While he did write a true record of the Temple, what was written was wholly unimportant

    32. The ego dissolves because it is seen as illusions and unimportant to awareness

    33. his father and stepmother suddenly seemed unimportant

    34. He was profligate with time and energy, but his precious tools and ute? I hid my jealousy but after an hour of feeling increasingly unimportant and increasingly irritated for feeling like that, I stood up and said I had to go, expecting to be pressed to stay

    35. unimportant that only the spiritual aspects of your life are here

    36. things mankind has always felt important will see that those things are so unimportant

    37. Joining him, they sat and chatted for a while about small, unimportant things until Chris caught Steve studying him

    38. you unimportant, but in reality they are not so, because they are the surface

    39. that a small thing and unimportant; it is by no means small, and a number of

    40. there comes a pause in it, still have their thoughts running upon unimportant

    41. All that was unimportant

    42. “no one is unimportant when it comes to Fuhrer’s orders

    43. I knew that it was unimportant how far or how long I walked

    44. I complete his sentence: ‘Clear your mind of unimportant thoughts to become one with the world and to react instinctive instead of using your rational side

    45. She told me the destination was totally unimportant just so long as

    46. He knows his friend thinks money is unimportant, but he has never seen him give so many for something that clearly isn’t worth that much

    47. Not until Ave had left, did I realize that it was really thoughtless of me to entrust a strange witch with something that came out of my body, how unimportant it may appear

    48. You must teach your physical mind to remember them after being taught for so long that they are unimportant

    49. Reading it as you would any other book is the way for those who are seeking guidance, it is unimportant to sprout a new ritual for reading and following it

    50. There is much that is unimportant in the bible but the basic tenants of life and kindness to, from, and between mankind are wrapped onto the pages

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