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Unwashed в предложении (на )

1. His hair was shaggy and unwashed.
2. The great unwashed is what we are.
3. He could almost smell the unwashed odor.
4. He was unwashed and unkempt in appearance.
5. His hair hung lank and unwashed around his ears.
6. I think the smell was from packed unwashed bodies.
7. He came home hours later, unwashed and exhausted, but.

8. He smelled of seawater and unwashed wool and pine needles.
9. There was a close stuffy smell in the and unwashed bodies.
10. He was undernourished, unwashed, his clothes were ragged.
11. Others carried poles - to which two of the great unwashed.
12. When he speaks to us and them, the great unwashed, he will.
13. They had the same county look about them; Unwashed and weathered.
14. Girls and boys had put gel in their hair and had the unwashed look.
15. And let the priests alone eat of the unwashed entrails with vinegar.
16. His long hair, his probably unwashed hair, falling artlessly in his eyes.
17. He grabbed her, lowered his head to her unwashed head and raised his eyes to heaven.
18. Blind Henry was searching for some unwashed shirts, dirty underclothes, bad breath.
19. He rolled us over so that he lay on top of me, burying my face in his unwashed armpit.
20. His hair is unwashed and unkempt, his green eyes bloodshot, his mouth twitching into a frown.
21. These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.
22. The rifle rested beside a knobby root, the faint odor of gunpowder still unwashed from the air.
23. The tiny fish attended to her unwashed legs and she giggled out loud at the peculiar sensation.
24. I stared into a sea of unwashed and tired faces and had more than a few frowns returned my way.
25. The closeness of the room only made the odors of the wine, unwashed bodies and food more pronounced.
26. Among the POWs was a chronically unwashed, ingenious, and possibly insane kleptomaniac named Mansfield.
27. His face was unwashed, his teeth were crooked; but his eyes could not have been more alive and healthy.
28. Instead, I said something about her divine shit not being distinguishable from that of the great unwashed.
29. Raskolnikov, who lay undressed, dishevelled, unwashed, on his miserable dirty sofa, looking fixedly at him.
30. Now when they saw some of His disciples eating bread with defiled that is unwashed hands they found fault.
31. He was only in his late twenties but a sported a good sized beer belly and always looked slightly unwashed.
32. Balding on top, but long and scraggily in the back, his hair was clearly unwashed and it was graying all over.
33. Razumihin was sitting in a ragged dressing-gown, with slippers on his bare feet, unkempt, unshaven and unwashed.
34. Of the suit by the importunate Trebizons for Melodía’s own hand, on behalf of their obese and unwashed Prince.
35. It would certainly help replace the dirt, sand and unwashed body scents that accumulated during the long journey.
36. Razumihin was sitting in a ragged dressing‐gown, with slippers on his bare feet, unkempt, unshaven and unwashed.
37. He rummaged under his pillow and picked out amongst the linen stuffed away under it, a worn out, old unwashed shirt.
38. I laughed up into his face, the need in his voice overriding any feeling I had of squeamishness over my unwashed state.
39. Who’s sitting at the desk, hair unwashed, wearing a shapeless sweatshirt and banging away on an old manual typewriter.
40. It was sweltering hot in the house, and I needed to air out the stench of unwashed freak that had been building for years.
41. The smell of her unwashed body reached his nostrils and he could tell from her breath that she had not had a bite for days.
42. And strutted their sacred rituals and parades and holy days: brainwashing the unwashed masses into loyal, obedient suckers.
43. Nancy kept a neutral expression as she looked at the aristocrat, whose beauty was spoiled by the stink from her unwashed body.
44. You must well know that such a practice as eating with defiled and unwashed hands is a transgression of the law of the elders.
45. She could barely stand herself by now as well, being mostly unwashed for a month and wearing day and night the same dirty clothes.
46. She was dressed in dark rags, which fluttered pitifully in the breeze about her, as if trying to escape her wrinkled, unwashed body.
47. The combined smells of old socks, drying boots, and unwashed bodies is a normal part of every expedition camp, and is nothing new to me.
48. He had caved-in cheeks covered in white stubble, and thin gray hair, unwashed and too long, and tufts in his ears, and fur on his neck.
49. They were a sad group, he thought, underfed, unwashed and unorganized but, the Legate reminded himself, he had led worse forces in his days.
50. The smell of sweat, of blood, of unwashed bodies, of excrement rose up in waves of blistering heat until the fetid stench almost nauseated her.
51. The Rat, with a nod to Toad, went to the door and ushered in the Mole, very shabby and unwashed, with bits of hay and straw sticking in his fur.
52. He looked pretty much like the rest of the shabby gang–possibly worse–with his week’s growth of thick beard, splotchy, sunburned skin and unwashed hair.
53. Judging by the fast food cartons littering the room, unwashed cups and plates on the draining board, this is where the four men had been staying, for some time.
54. Mining trucks hauling a hundred tons of fresh, unwashed coal bounced along a myriad of switchbacks, descending steadily like ants marching mindlessly in formation.
55. About a dozen lodgers were grouped round the bed in the most picturesque costumes, all unbrushed, unshaven, unwashed, sleepy-looking, just as they had gone to bed.
56. Oh, smart Henry crossing an unseen street at nine of an evening, and sniffing the unwashed shirt and the unlaundered underclothes as Death marched by the other way.
57. She needs a fix and there is something gnawing away at the back of her mind; this man, a strange taste in her mouth, lights, sounds and the smell of unwashed bodies.
58. It was cold as we rolled along with the doors open but if we shut them the air soon got foul with tobacco smoke and the smell of unwashed and wet uniforms and bodies.
59. Katz overheard two paralegals in the elevator, two young women with bags under their eyes and their hair obviously unwashed, Harvey Schwartz/The Reluctant Terrorist.
60. He looked Daniel up and down with obvious distaste and Daniel realised he must look a terrible sight – unshaven, largely unwashed and with bloodstains on his shirt and jacket.
61. Once he was sitting directly across from a woman of the road, a vagrant lady dressed in shabby clothes with broken shoes and unwashed hair, sleeping in the warmth of the carriage.
62. And afterward he’d sat with his arms wrapped around her, hugging her fiercely, whispering her name into her dirty, unwashed hair while Sebahstean nestled against her to share his embrace.
63. That is the same woman begged my gaze and displayed an unlovely unwashed child fourteen years ago! And what of that child; did she have a new one, or borrow one to display, as the seasons passed?
64. It had a sour, stale smell, and his desk was covered in all sorts of rubbish, McDonald’s containers and Coca-Cola cans, crumpled-up pages from notebooks, unwashed coffee cups and empty sweet packets.
65. A hotel has a dozen entrances, and they feared the unwashed might secure an entrance into the ballroom, or, what was worse, go into one of the boxes that surrounded the dancing floor and look on.
66. All of this can the better be understood when it is recalled that these Jews looked upon eating with unwashed hands in the same light as commerce with a harlot, and both were equally punishable by excommunication.
67. As a matter of fact, the loose-tongued Brígida Zuleta, a brief love who dished up unwashed truths, told him on the very first day that she liked him better without his clothes because he looked twenty years younger when he was naked.
68. And thought they were doing a good job of it: Instead of spreading disease and plague with their infected bloody butcher’s knives unwashed for weeks… cutting off limbs of screaming victims who were all afraid of dying and getting gangrene.
69. The international bankers won against the nationalist dictators because their propaganda machines were much more sophisticated and cunning… and because the western suckers: the unwashed masses were never allowed to know who really rules them.
70. Swogs now with his face damp with sweat, which only served to smear the grime of his unwashed features the more stammered out in a rush, There’s plenty to read! I only was a meaning to say that it says you got to swear as to what it’s saying.
71. It was the smell of life, sure enough, a pungent mix of unwashed body, unsanitary habits, dried vomit, bad breath and bad teeth, rotten moccasins, rank, dirty, greasy hair; hair so stringy that it couldn’t properly be considered hair at all anymore.
72. How in the hell did this happen? The undead inside certain key living people, were given this new strategy to push, a new dogma, a new deception to push, this new deception to sell to the unwashed masses; sold to them by professors in European Universities.
73. Dried washing skulked in its basket in the middle of the hall-way, the sink bench was submerged beneath unwashed dishes, a partially dismantled vacuum cleaner emptied its dust into a corner, shopping was still in plastic bags on the dining table and discarded clothing littered the living area.
74. He was remarkable for the poverty, not to say uncleanliness, of his personal appearance: the sleeves of his overcoat were greasy; his dirty waistcoat, buttoned up to his neck, showed not a trace of linen; a filthy black silk scarf, twisted till it resembled a cord, was round his neck, and his hands were unwashed.

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