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Unwashed в предложении (на )

1. His hair was shaggy and unwashed.
2. The great unwashed is what we are.
3. He could almost smell the unwashed odor.
4. He was unwashed and unkempt in appearance.
5. His hair hung lank and unwashed around his ears.
6. I think the smell was from packed unwashed bodies.
7. He came home hours later, unwashed and exhausted, but.

8. He smelled of seawater and unwashed wool and pine needles.
9. There was a close stuffy smell in the and unwashed bodies.
10. He was undernourished, unwashed, his clothes were ragged.
11. Others carried poles - to which two of the great unwashed.
12. When he speaks to us and them, the great unwashed, he will.
13. They had the same county look about them; Unwashed and weathered.
14. Girls and boys had put gel in their hair and had the unwashed look.
15. And let the priests alone eat of the unwashed entrails with vinegar.
16. His long hair, his probably unwashed hair, falling artlessly in his eyes.
17. He grabbed her, lowered his head to her unwashed head and raised his eyes to heaven.
18. Blind Henry was searching for some unwashed shirts, dirty underclothes, bad breath.
19. He rolled us over so that he lay on top of me, burying my face in his unwashed armpit.
20. His hair is unwashed and unkempt, his green eyes bloodshot, his mouth twitching into a frown.
21. The rifle rested beside a knobby root, the faint odor of gunpowder still unwashed from the air.
22. These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.
23. I stared into a sea of unwashed and tired faces and had more than a few frowns returned my way.
24. The tiny fish attended to her unwashed legs and she giggled out loud at the peculiar sensation.
25. The closeness of the room only made the odors of the wine, unwashed bodies and food more pronounced.
26. Among the POWs was a chronically unwashed, ingenious, and possibly insane kleptomaniac named Mansfield.
27. His face was unwashed, his teeth were crooked; but his eyes could not have been more alive and healthy.
28. Now when they saw some of His disciples eating bread with defiled that is unwashed hands they found fault.
29. Instead, I said something about her divine shit not being distinguishable from that of the great unwashed.
30. Raskolnikov, who lay undressed, dishevelled, unwashed, on his miserable dirty sofa, looking fixedly at him.
31. He was only in his late twenties but a sported a good sized beer belly and always looked slightly unwashed.
32. Balding on top, but long and scraggily in the back, his hair was clearly unwashed and it was graying all over.
33. Razumihin was sitting in a ragged dressing-gown, with slippers on his bare feet, unkempt, unshaven and unwashed.
34. Of the suit by the importunate Trebizons for Melodía’s own hand, on behalf of their obese and unwashed Prince.
35. It would certainly help replace the dirt, sand and unwashed body scents that accumulated during the long journey.
36. Razumihin was sitting in a ragged dressing‐gown, with slippers on his bare feet, unkempt, unshaven and unwashed.
37. He rummaged under his pillow and picked out amongst the linen stuffed away under it, a worn out, old unwashed shirt.
38. I laughed up into his face, the need in his voice overriding any feeling I had of squeamishness over my unwashed state.
39. Who’s sitting at the desk, hair unwashed, wearing a shapeless sweatshirt and banging away on an old manual typewriter.
40. It was sweltering hot in the house, and I needed to air out the stench of unwashed freak that had been building for years.

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