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Unwashed в предложении (на )

Long unwashed hair.
Saving the great unwashed.
His hair was shaggy and unwashed.
The great unwashed is what we are.
and he shows me the great unwashed,.
He could almost smell the unwashed odor.
rain upon an unwashed face, where stains.

He was unwashed and unkempt in appearance.
be unwashed, but he’d been eating very well.
the great unwashed as he liked to refer to them.
more and the ones she gave me today are unwashed.
His hair hung lank and unwashed around his ears.
I think the smell was from packed unwashed bodies.
and looked ratty and unwashed but was a sound engineer.
mattress in soiled sheets, unwashed for several months.
unwashed since the roof and a smell of cindered flesh.
He came home hours later, unwashed and exhausted, but.
feel unwashed, conscious of odours in the room - dirty.
He was undernourished, unwashed, his clothes were ragged.
There was a close stuffy smell in the and unwashed bodies.
He smelled of seawater and unwashed wool and pine needles.
Others carried poles - to which two of the great unwashed.
oversized clothes, her unwashed face and wild, tangled hair.
When he speaks to us and them, the great unwashed, he will.
three or four grubbed out pieces, as yet unwashed, but with a.
someone is wearing jammies and has greasy, unwashed hair, and.
can roll out of bed, throw on the same unwashed clothes she’d.
They had the same county look about them; Unwashed and weathered.
a still unwashed Joseph, now dressed in his favourite Man United.

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Синонимы слова unwashed

unwashed common plebeian vulgar