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Upgrade в предложении (на )

  1. Randy said he could upgrade the.
  2. The upgrade, coupled with future.
  3. I have an upgrade I think you.
  4. Upgrade the colour of the theraband.
  5. You have to upgrade for this one as.
  6. I’m not going to upgrade her bounty.
  7. Upgrade the Perform __ sets of __ reps.
  8. You will upgrade and refine your image.
  9. The intent was to upgrade the analytical.
  10. I hate drinkers who upgrade when somebody.
  11. Many advantages came with the upgrade to 802.
  12. Master Ardara felt it was time for an upgrade.
  13. There is always the chance for an upgrade of your.
  14. An upgrade that GrandGoods vowed to foot the bill for.
  15. When Pa could do no more to upgrade the sedan he spent.
  16. My appointment to divisional chief would be my last upgrade.
  17. The expansion had also included an upgrade in his life style.
  18. If you chose not to upgrade, you would never have to pay again.
  19. The car service had given them an upgrade from the usual sedan.
  20. Life is many lines united to prevent tragedies and upgrade live.
  21. Finally, the most recent upgrade of Windows was just released in.
  22. Marketeers would study here some day to upgrade their enticements.
  23. Associates are made an offer to upgrade to a paid Silver Membership.
  24. The ship specs were incomplete, but they did show one interesting upgrade.
  25. It will repair and upgrade the monitoring device that is already inside you.
  26. It is good that twice a year you get a chance to upgrade and refine this area.
  27. You would only ever have to pay again if you decide to upgrade to a later version.
  28. At the check-in counter, out of the blue, the hotel clerk decided to upgrade their.
  29. I made preparations for a security upgrade just in case any dark agents are around.
  30. Mattie and Annette had apologized and promised an upgrade at some point in the future.
  31. When New Systems Corrections took over, they spent millions to upgrade the building.
  32. It is wonderful that, twice a year, you get a chance to upgrade this area of your life.
  33. Perhaps a holodeck upgrade wasn’t such a bad idea after all, she considered to herself.
  34. His thinking had taken a giant leap from an upgrade to our internal system to the adoption.
  35. In this phase, society eliminates obsolescence and strives towards maintenance and upgrade.
  36. However, if you are already a pro, then you can upgrade to the more advanced pieces of equipment.
  37. It is good to upgrade your spiritual practice periodically and the eclipse provides the opportunity.
  38. And so when it is time to upgrade a piece of armament, it’s really just a plug and play operation.
  39. If you pass up on the OTO, you won’t be offered it again and it will cost more to upgrade later on.
  40. You will be in the standard account after signing up but you may upgrade to the premium account later.
  41. But should you upgrade to SSD, what’s in it for you and are there any drawbacks? Let’s find out!.
  42. I am not alone in believing it is time for the government to finally upgrade the country’s infrastructure.
  43. The Spaceguard monitor would recommend the necessary upgrade; in the meantime a missile was about to descend.
  44. Multiple processor support can also extend the life of a server by enabling the owner to upgrade it as needed.
  45. Generations have shrunk from parent to child, to graduation class to graduation class, to age to grade to upgrade.
  46. The data outlined the research completion date and the upgrade to a time-release formula for a drug called Keplex.
  47. They come from a royal existence and that they just need to harness their talents, improve and upgrade their skills.
  48. I had felt a moment of remorse for the old girl as she’d given me her all, but this horse was definitely an upgrade.
  49. They are going to charge you for every upgrade to the features that you plan to use for preparing and filing your return.
  50. What if the dysprosium was working, and some other expected upgrade was essentially useless? Should they up the dose? Or not?
  51. Of course I felt guilty; especially when the ticket collector was threatened when he asked me to upgrade my third class ticket.
  52. It's based on perspective/perception so you can become a master in minutes! (at the rate in which you upgrade your perspective).
  53. As a result of our efforts, we would both receive an upgrade in frequencies which would alter our DNA, and this included healing.
  54. You can still hack the core if you wish—go ahead, hack away, see if I care—but you'll kick yourself when you have to upgrade.
  55. The EDP Audit people were just as much specialists as his own people were, and they faced very similar upgrade training problems.
  56. Kurt took out the cables and wires he would need to upgrade his audio-video system—something he had wanted to do for a long time.
  57. This means that CEMEX potentially faces higher maintenance capital expenditures in the future to upgrade many of its older plants.
  58. I’d moved my spiritual care from head doctor to head of the universe, and I hoped it was an upgrade but figured it might not be.
  59. And while that conversation got warmed up, he would press on Arnold and Hart to upgrade their supervisory skills, by a large amount.
  60. An upgrade is usually triggered by a steady improvement in the fundamentals and financials of the entity that has issued the security.
  61. After attending my Wealth Mastery seminar, he decided to use his Dream Bucket to upgrade to business class when he flew with his family.
  62. A report by KPMG also notes it will cost India $120 to $150 billion in five years, starting in 2008 to upgrade its power infrastructure.
  63. They let a few hackers get through to send a message to subscribers: upgrade and pay the money, or this is what you have to put up with.
  64. They also shipped millions of dollars of upgrade kits that documents show could not have been assembled yet, as well as defective units.
  65. Sir Charles bought the place at that time and gave it a thorough systems upgrade, and all mod cons were installed, even air conditioning.
  66. When your mainboard does not have an acceptable NIC or you simply want to upgrade the built-in card, you need to consider several factors:.
  67. Unfortunately, recent budget requests to upgrade the system were turned down due to high salaries, mandated but not funded by the province.
  68. Moreover, they said every $1 billion spent on upgrade and compliance costs will put 16,000 jobs at risk and reduce US GDP by as much as $1.
  69. He panicked blindly, just as the ship's bogeys hit the little upgrade and flung it sparkling like a salmon, into the sky and over the Edge.
  70. It’s always a good idea to redefine yourself every now and then – to upgrade your self-concept – but now the eclipse forces the issue.
  71. If what he was seeing was an upgrade of the aliens security force then the galaxy would be in a lot of trouble as they would be undefeatable.
  72. This had been going on for five or six years and I imagined much of the princesss money was used to upgrade the salon to its present state.
  73. The optional component may consist of an upgrade to the main backup application, a program that runs on the database or e-mail server, or both.
  74. The driving forces behind these gaps were a positive earnings report along with an analyst upgrade that got traders excited about owning FedEx.
  75. Recruits usually keep this layout for two or three years, then upgrade to the suites once they’ve become more established in their positions.
  76. A day’s catch isn’t bad, Captain, said Doughlas, but there comes a moment when every self-respecting man has to upgrade the old Toyota.
  77. When she heard that I am a dentist conscripted into the army, and in addition to that a Jew, she decided to upgrade me to more comfortable quarters.
  78. The benefit of autonegotiation is that it permits administrators to upgrade a network gradually to 100Base Ethernet with a minimum of reconfiguration.
  79. I’m pretty sure Michael Marinangeli, our lead guitarist, will want to use his own stuff, but I think the rest of us would appreciate the upgrade.
  80. This discussion was closing in on an hour long, and that after almost an hour spent rehashing the issue of infrastructure upgrade that would be required.
  81. This is something to think about if you have a complex site or if you feel that you will need to upgrade your site to something more complex in the future.
  82. The beautification money from the government that was forcing us to remove our most productive billboards should have been used to upgrade the boards.
  83. Finally, there will be a discussion of upgrade strategies and real-world troubleshooting techniques to help you improve the performance of your own network.
  84. He reported to the hotel manager that the firmware upgrade he had just made to the router, would speed up the broadband connection, and then left the hotel.
  85. A continuous increase in profits proved that the company was on the upgrade and promised still better results in the future than had been accomplished to date.
  86. Remember that many systems come in several versions; you can start with a basic version and upgrade as you grow, but make sure the upgrade process is seamless.
  87. For example, if the system is intended to support real-time video conferencing over the web, the buying organization may need to upgrade its current network 150.
  88. Early operating systems such as DOS were monolithic—that is, the entire OS consisted of a single functional unit, which made it difficult to upgrade and modify.
  89. The country’s transmission system that transports the energy harnessed from wind to urban areas is in need of a major upgrade along with the associated power grid.
  90. Alan, still in shock, told how he’d recently paid tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade his system after the company had had problems with industrial espionage.
  91. He is injured if he hears another offered a praise; every one must pay attention to him; he looks upon words analyzing to see upgrade admiration, lacking confidence.
  92. The bottom line is that in most cases it is possible to upgrade a 100Base Ethernet backbone to Gigabit Ethernet without completely replacing hubs, switches, and cables.
  93. Examples are news about an upgrade in software or about a new trading partner in Africa or new legislation that has benefited the company and other businesses in your industry.
  94. On a LAN, when you want to increase the bandwidth available to users, you can upgrade to a faster protocol or add network connection components such as bridges, switches, and routers.
  95. Some of the Fast Ethernet NICs manufactured today are combination devices that support both 10 and 100 Mbps operation, making it possible to gradually upgrade an older Ethernet network.
  96. How much is a life worth? I’ve saved his on several occasions and gave him a tip once that paid off in the purchase of several yachts larger than this one, if he wanted to upgrade.
  97. Shifting the odd tenner here and there, which is what we have been doing, is never going to worry a bank sufficiently to convince them that they need to upgrade their encryption systems.
  98. If I was to hazard a guess I would say that the property company is looking to upgrade or redevelop a large part of the city into something spectacular and make a huge killing on the profits.
  99. If you end up with a severe late collision problem that requires an expensive network upgrade to remedy, your boss isn’t likely to want to hear about how reliable the 5-4-3 rule usually is.
  100. Rather than spending $5,000 on a be-all and end-all system, a trader can buy a well-equipped PC for under $2,000 (not including displays), upgrade in two years, and still be ahead of the pack.
  1. The cost of upgrading was.
  2. He took the liberty and honor of upgrading.
  3. Gateway, while simultaneously upgrading the Pa Nun.
  4. Engine, weapons, and the cargo holds all need upgrading.
  5. The job involved upgrading the stations for safety reasons.
  6. Clearly someone spent a lot of money upgrading those ships.
  7. Upgrading computer memory is a low-cost way to speed up your PC.
  8. You’re upgrading the interceptors? They’re vulnerable?
  9. For those that want to start off slow, before upgrading to the more.
  10. It’s definitely worth upgrading and getting a butt-load of credits to start with.
  11. In the race to gain the upper hand the enemy were constantly upgrading and adapting.
  12. But there is a more serious problem that results if we buy into this plea for upgrading.
  13. Silver Members interested in getting the PLBC, should consider upgrading to Platinum VIP.
  14. They came a couple of weeks later, and as I was hoping he asked again about upgrading his.
  15. It looks like Sigma is upgrading the unmanned T-90 tanks that it operates by remote control.
  16. NOTE Remember, when upgrading cabling, all of the network components must be rated at the same category.
  17. The building and equipment therein were minimal and in need of upgrading, but she managed with what was there.
  18. Upgrading a desktop workstation to full duplex will probably not provide a dramatic improvement in performance.
  19. I was about to instruct the Grays to proceed in upgrading the warp drive, making this ship capable of transwarp.
  20. The company was also shifting its capital spending from upgrading old plants to automating its distribution centers.
  21. Hawke said they were upgrading the rockets because their electronics were vulnerable to Sigma’s computer virus.
  22. Since the value of these old boards was so low, repairing or upgrading anything became a difficult logistical problem.
  23. The upgrading of Coast Guard air and sea assets (the Integrated Deepwater Systems Project) became a federal priority after 9.
  24. In the 1990s, after years of real-time use, refinement, and upgrading, the service was rolled out as the newest William O’Neil + Co.
  25. All of this was a heavy drain on the bottom line, but the plant was slowly becoming more presentable, even if most of the upgrading was cosmetic.
  26. The expenditure was incurred in making improvements of a private nature to Mr Zuma's Nkandla residence at the time of upgrading security at Mr Zuma's residence.
  27. Collins has been credited with enhancing the morale and cohesion of Team Coast Guard, and upgrading the technology, facilities, and air and water platforms of the service.
  28. That is why a panmensional cloud-cortex is the preferred physical link; it allows for constant programming and upgrading without damaging the integrity of the emergent mind.
  29. If you are aware of these issues while you are implementing or upgrading or optimizing your EMR, you will help your staff and patients have a more accurate and helpful EMR system.
  30. In the years leading up to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, the government spent hundreds of billions on upgrading everything from the mass transit system to sports stadiums in the urban centers.
  31. The oven first created a young native woman, who turned out better than expected, as Theory and the oven’s artificial intelligence had been constantly improving and upgrading their own programmes.
  32. Slowly but surely the national tobacco companies who had come back to Park Outdoor in Scranton after the massive upgrading we had done in the plant began to expand with us in our central New York markets.
  33. The whole production unit, including both lines and chemical storage facilities, is in dire need of upgrading, not to mention basic maintenance, but they can't afford to close even one small part of it to do the necessary work.
  34. Because all of the Ethernet variants operate using the same basic principles and because the high-speed Ethernet technologies were designed with backward compatibility in mind, upgrading a standard network is usually relatively easy.
  35. Moreover, we are capable of easily upgrading reactor-grade plutonium to weapons-grade or produce weapons- grade material from low-enriched uranium by laser separation or simply through the use of large, commercially available centrifuges.
  36. As I said, while we had poured $600,000 in capital improvements into Scranton, I had the foresight to invest some of the additional money in refurbishing and upgrading the inventory in New York, so it was in much better shape than the year before I had returned.
  37. Really? His three state-owned houses may be national key points (that is, sensitive from a national security perspective) but I still have to find a reason why this man's private residence is a sensitive security installation deserving of a R238-million upgrading.
  38. In Chapter 5 I stick with the theme of upgrading infrastructure in the United States and abroad, as more mind-blowing statistics are revealed along with a slew of investment ideas to take advantage of the new stimulus packages implemented by both the United States and foreign countries.
  39. It is curious to note that the 9 planets and 47 moons in the Kroonum system owned and operated by The Upgrading, Expansion, Keeping Up of and Maintenance of Kroonum Civility, Order & Peace Agency were by far the most plagued and violently crime filled planets and moons that had ever existed anywhere… ever.
  40. Rationally optimistic views on emerging markets can still be based on a view of ever narrower spreads for the asset class (with capital gains augmenting the carry advantage) or of countries systematically going through the emerging markets rite of passage and gradually upgrading from frontier markets into developed markets with narrower spreads.
  41. In cases where the client is open to upgrading their platforms, we work with our partner companies to introduce open source ERP and BI reporting platforms which even integrate with existing Tally systems, therefore allowing transparency to existing accounting processes, but giving the client real value for their money with automated reporting on a whole range of aspects of their businesses.
  42. Persheron 8 is one of 9 planets and 47 moons in the Kroonum system whose sole purpose is law enforcement, jailing, detainment, execution, rehabilitation, law writing, law re-writing, finding of outdated laws and updating them, finding of updated laws and outdating them, covert undercover operations, and the seemingly never-ending creation, integration and upkeep of more branches of The Upgrading, Expansion, Keeping Up of and Maintenance of Kroonum Civility, Order & Peace Agency.
  1. Just upgraded the place a year ago.
  2. Jaden, your ship has been upgraded to the 3.
  3. With the exception of the crew that had upgraded.
  4. The OTO is ridiculously inexpensive; upgraded members.
  5. Editor and COrrector, the program had been upgraded by.
  6. LP replied Hopefully, the power grids have been upgraded.
  7. He’d assumed it was a weapon or upgraded defense device.
  8. Windows 98 also upgraded some of its security features and.
  9. Or maybe the new upgraded version of Nathan did laundry now.
  10. As the money became available he upgraded his electronics and.
  11. Jaden’s ship has been upgraded from generation 2 to generation 3.
  12. But it’s clear that most of the people want the ring road upgraded.
  13. Looks like you have upgraded a lot of things since I’ve been here.
  14. After you've upgraded your feeds and speeds calculations beyond what is.
  15. Humanity upgraded from the strength of the body to the power of the mind.
  16. And so I turned down a second, but this time upgraded, offer from my father.
  17. Since those earliest days I have continually upgraded to the latest version.
  18. Jaden returns to Earth in his upgraded EIS, eighteen years later by Earth time.
  19. Sam and Donna rode in Sam’s new upgraded BMW; Richard took his black Mercedes.
  20. The Walf has upgraded the security so that it is virtually impossible to escape.
  21. Seven has the right faith combined with heaven and rapture of the upgraded spirits.
  22. Upgraded members are allowed to add color to their text ads, have banners, and more.
  23. Just the year prior, the town had finally upgraded its water-tower to a modern one.
  24. They have also upgraded the hotel and are hoping to achieve 3 star status this year.
  25. The days passed by quickly as one by one the drainage canals were repaired and upgraded.
  26. It is only your conventional forces who are withdrawn and your homeland security upgraded.
  27. I think we’ve established the ships were upgraded, but where does that leave us?
  28. In many cases, existing UTP networks upgraded to 100Base Ethernet without pulling new cable.
  29. The Sault (Soo) locks have been upgraded in several major reconstruction projects since 1855.
  30. And since his new residence required a longer commute, he had upgraded his mode of transportation.
  31. A bolt in the side wall that held the chain to her neckpiece was shiny new — obviously upgraded.
  32. Also, the machine you buy as well as the software should not have to be upgraded every few minutes.
  33. I’ve slowly upgraded it with the decades as more modern items became available, but it’s my sanctuary.
  34. As telephone companies have upgraded their T1 and T3 lines to fiber-optic lines, so have DSL speeds increased.
  35. How could you know they were upgraded, aside from seeing the damage they inflicted on the Phoenix? asked Shen.
  36. Also since slum tourism is high, reporters will wish to report on the progress of the upgraded slums and the controversies.
  37. A young lady came and got my order of coffee and as I stared out of the window the bad weather upgraded into a gale force storm.
  38. They had only recently upgraded from a one bedroom flat to a modest two bedroom terraced house with a little garden out the back.
  39. The pistol was as simple as they came, but the rifle was thoroughly upgraded and boasted much more firepower than what marines packed.
  40. His pack was huge and heavy, as heavy as the old television she once carried back into her bedroom when her parents upgraded the family tube.
  41. This enables existing 100Base Ethernet networks to be upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet without pulling new cable or changing the network topology.
  42. Get your eyes upgraded; Why was GD still receiving advirts after the reprogramming? See only the real and shoot dead eye what you see.
  43. As the political situation and economy improved along with the local stock market, the countries were upgraded to the category of emerging markets.
  44. They concluded wrongly that the police weapons were then empty, but the police had since upgraded to the fifteen shot Beretta 92F (M9 in American).
  45. We have replaced every satellite three times, and have upgraded the current software to push the technology beyond what was thought possible-.
  46. Through the pricelessness of Making the world ya' nigga', we cannot redeem our MasterSlave card rewarding ownership points for an upgraded planet.
  47. Once the oil is recovered, sand and impurities need to be removed and the oil upgraded before it can be sent by pipeline to refineries throughout North America.
  48. Hubs and switches will need modules supporting the protocol, and networking monitoring and testing products may also have to be upgraded to support the faster speed.
  49. Other historic and upgraded lights include the Racine (Wisconsin) Harbor North Breakwater Lighthouse (built in 1910) and South Breakwater Light and Wind Point Lighthouse (1880).
  50. As a result, negotiations on both issues which were stalled for years have now restarted, with the Iranian influence significantly upgraded as a result of Mr Rouhani’s charm offensive.
  51. By the way, the Israelis seem to decidedly have little love for you: they upgraded their arrest warrant in your name, to include in it the charge that you murdered two of their security officials.
  52. But the School board had stood firmly behind her and she had remained in post, security for the school was of course soon upgraded for the board had to show action of some sort, even if a little late.
  53. Just over 90 percent of the world's lemur species were upgraded by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, to Critically Endangered, Endangered, or Vulnerable, with 2 species classified as Near Threatened.
  54. By the way: The computer I work on has been upgraded too many times and, as a result, it breaks down every now and then: Sometimes the screen turns black, or the program fails, or the printer doesn't work properly and so on.
  55. Students: please be aware that you can also access the Room-of-Doors if you know you were once in a past life with either me or Dan, then you can help, these records are ongoing, that means they are continually being upgraded, so you can access them anytime.
  1. Very interesting upgrades.
  2. He just allowed the upgrades to happen.
  3. These are optional upgrades but worth it.
  4. Margaret's Bay suffered little in the way of upgrades.
  5. Then there had been something about equipment upgrades.
  6. Another thing to keep in mind when making the upgrades is to.
  7. Here is where repairs to the avionics and upgrades are made.
  8. According to President Jacob Zuma, he did not ask for the upgrades.
  9. The Gray upgrades were only to the shield, then? Garcia asked.
  10. Our programmers were, in fact, working on all these upgrades, anyway.
  11. Once you have more cash you can splurge on the additions and upgrades.
  12. Tammas, when we added the upgrades to your implant, you told me you would.
  13. This is not to say, however, that some hardware upgrades will not be necessary.
  14. TFTP is used in the Cisco world to perform IOS upgrades and to save configs to a TFTP.
  15. Why? Because technology keeps evolving and there are constant upgrades and improvements.
  16. The cost of upgrades should be evaluated if they aren’t covered in the maintenance contract.
  17. His ship is too well maintained for there not to be some sort of paper trail, for parts or upgrades.
  18. The way they are marketed, produced and sold, we are led to believe that upgrades are frequently needed.
  19. He hadn’t paid for the software upgrades yet that would allow the buyer to customize their home assistant.
  20. Roddy suggested various upgrades for the computer as a Big Present, but I think he had half an eye on his own.
  21. Once that is complete, we can make that station operational and begin upgrades so it will be ready to receive us.
  22. It was a lie; Super Man, while always officially a D model, had undergone upgrades that had effectively made it an E.
  23. Investing when the industry was in a down cycle made his cost upgrades less expensive than investing during up cycles.
  24. In addition, the mowers visit the lawnmower repair shop to get upgrades and pay there with their bitcoin earnings as well.
  25. Your body is the same, only there haven’t been any major upgrades over the past few years – you still need that warm-up time.
  26. Though their starting performance was poor, mercenaries could constantly refit the ships with upgrades as they worked their way up.
  27. They’ve even agreed to pay for the necessary infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the exponential increase in traffic and utilities.
  28. If the goal is to gain exposure to the domestic infrastructure upgrades proposed by President Obama, PKB could be the best investment choice.
  29. It was a huge place, larger than a dozen Star Fleet vessels, and with the recent upgrades he had installed, it would meet all her physical needs.
  30. Among the findings were that Zuma unduly benefited from the upgrades to his KwaZulu-Natal homestead, and that he should pay back a portion of the money.
  31. In three years, along with earning a BS in Management, he upgrades his ‘product’ and develops a high-priced call girl network throughout Southern California.
  32. I soon found out she was still in existence! And yes! Doing the same job, although she had been through numerous changes and upgrades she was still the same personality!.
  33. Pim has made upgrades to each of our ships that will allow the helm, com, and scanners---even fire control---to be marginally controlled from each vessel's Captain's chair.
  34. Virtually every aspect of the 100Base Ethernet protocol’s physical layer specifications was designed to facilitate upgrades from earlier technologies and, particularly, from 10Base-T.
  35. The roots of this factor would become evident to us whenever our methods of living initiate forward upon the image of this notch that upgrades our nature forms into a new sphere over 54.
  36. Traditionally, Microsoft has released regular updates to the Windows products in the form of service packs, which contain numerous fixes and upgrades in one package, using a single installation routine.
  37. The gratuitous statement was given simply to comform one to the reality that they were being violated, internally searched, and that any hutechnic upgrades would be disabled during one's stay at the treatment center.
  38. The roots of this factor would become evident to us whenever our methods of living initiate forward upon the image of this notch that upgrades our nature forms into a new sphere over the gradient of this current mode.
  39. The upgrade is currently the subject of an investigation by public protector Thuli Madonsela, although a public works department report on alleged abuse of public funds during the upgrades found no signs of wrongdoing.
  40. Many of the officials in the committee are from the state and local level and are seeking money from the federal government because they are not able to keep up with the demand for infrastructure upgrades in their communities.
  41. Towards the end of 2009, the department was already spending money it had not secured -- it was following instructions from the Police and the Defence Department for extensive and expensive security upgrades to Zuma’s private residence.
  42. Six glass recon drones, little changed except for Matilda’s software upgrades from the initial production run half a century ago, launched to Homestead to survey the planet and determine how much damage had been done in the recent occupation by the Swordsmen.
  43. Thursday afternoon arrives, and how about that? Terifly beats the street, and the stock is up a whopping 10% in after-hours trading! Yes! On Friday some analysts place upgrades on your new favorite company, and you go into the weekend with a winner: $52 per share.
  44. This is in marked contrast to other high-speed technologies such as Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), for which upgrades can require extensive infrastructure modifications, such as new cabling, as well as training and acclimation for the personnel supporting the new technology.
  45. Advocate Madonsela found that Mr Zuma, directly or via his architect, gave instructions to Ministers of State, state officials as well as the de facto project leader of the Nkandla upgrades (who happens to be Mr Zuma's personal architect) to unlawfully divert taxpayers' funds to build the aforesaid private structures at his Nkandla residence.

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