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    1. He began by advising her to moderate the rigor of her mourning, to ventilate the house, to forgive the world for the death of José Arcadio

    2. Ants, termite ventilate the soil for good planting and they grant human being many other benefits, so it is Haram (forbidden) to kill any ant

    3. , to ventilate; to make clear, to have out, 113,

    4. “They seem to have been of a most interesting character—dummy bell-ropes, and ventilators which do not ventilate

    1. He opened the only door and emerged into a high ceilinged open room, well-lit and ventilated

    2. They dressed in crowded, poorly ventilated dressing rooms under the stage with scant assistance

    3. The scientists had monitored this process all the way through and glared at a transparent body with all the organs in perfect condition, blood started to flow through the body, being pumped by a healthy heart with the lungs being ventilated through a small ventilator

    4. The bedroom should be well ventilated so old energy moves out of the room

    5. space that is clean, ventilated and quiet

    6. (x~700) and this can easily replace normal air in poorly ventilated areas leading to

    7. • Always use liquid nitrogen in a well ventilated area, especially when filling a warm

    8. ventilated area, wear a mask and take breaks whenever possible

    9. Certainly a dry, well ventilated home free of nasty, unhealthy, floating contaminants and irritants in the air is a much nicer and safer place to live in

    10. shop is well ventilated

    11. Whoever embarked on a policy of the sort, he said, and ventilated the matter thoroughly would confer a lasting boon on everybody concerned

    12. Slowly, umami develops in the pieces, and the flavor is concentrated as the liquid dries, or rather is ventilated away

    13. Summer meant long school days sweating in tightly packed, poorly ventilated classrooms learning to recite ayat s Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner from the Koran, struggling with those tongue-twisting, exotic Arabic words

    14. The thing was well ventilated for me

    15. All shelters MUST be adequately ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and allow moisture to escape

    16. Animal fats: These can also be used with a wick in a suitably ventilated tin to make a stove

    17. A vile wind that has no doubt blown ere this through prison corridors and cells, and wards of hospitals, and ventilated them, and now comes blowing hither as innocent as fleeces

    1. They couldn’t leave the ventilating tube in any

    2. systems, installation of heating, ventilating,

    3. From the frigid Scandinavian northland, ventilating from the fresh frozen minds of the Nordic Council’s International Conference on the Pollution of the Seas, a challenge to the vitality of reason and the scientific method is sweeping across Europe

    4. She took a seat on the same couch where I was and with the entertaining tone that the servitude members usually use when ventilating the dirty secrets of the owners, dropped:

    5. Ziggy tugged his shirt, ventilating his chest

    6. In any event, every morning we sanitize the ship by ventilating it in the open air

    7. In one fire-bay the colonel stopped to give instructions regarding a ventilating machine which had been used to keep the trench clear of gas after each attack

    8. For several years, however, they have desisted from such vain attempts, and have taken advantage of the facility afforded, by the existence of this fire, for ventilating the mines, in the following manner:—They opened a passage from their present, to the old deserted, works; this they can open or shut, by means of a close door

    9. The only difference in the accommodation in each case is that, in the “flat,” the rooms are accessible to one another without the use of stairs, while in the “tower” six flights of stairs in all are used, constituting in the aggregate a ladder, as it were, of about a hundred steps; also in the fact that in the “tower” the owner has to manage his own heating, ventilating and hot-water supply apparatus, while in the “flat” this work is done for him; that in the “tower” wooden staircases and no elevators are used, while in the “flat” fireproof staircases enclosing elevators are provided; that in the “tower” the main partitions are often of wood while in the flat they are of brick a foot thick and each “flat” is separated from its neighbor by a brick wall a foot thick and all the floors are completely deadened against the transmission of sound; and finally that in the “tower” no external fire-escape is provided, while the “flat” has convenient external fire-escapes of iron

    10. ” If we figure, however, for the same style of lighting, heating, ventilating and fireproofing, and provide an elevator and outside fire-escape, the cost could not be put below $40,000

    11. We admit that our ancestors in the profession designed beautiful castles, magnificent cathedrals and lovely châteaux, but we remember that these castles, these cathedrals, these châteaux were planned without any comfort; that they had no plumbing devices, no methods for cooking, no systems of heating or ventilation, and no way of getting light but the miserable taper; while to-day the architect, besides being a thorough artist, who knows how to design and to color, besides being thoroughly up in the history of his art, must know how to plan for comfort, to construct for strength and stability; must understand all the details of boilers, machinery, dynamos, electric-wiring, heating and ventilating systems, plumbing and sanitation, and lastly must be able to manage the complicated finances of large undertakings

    12. Now, architecture, you see, is primarily an industrial affair, a method of covering men in from the rain, and admitting light into their protected interiors, and of warming those interiors, and in a few rare cases of ventilating them, and in providing a variety of apartments, communications, and the like for the varied requirements of a complicated existence; and it need not put on any artistic character at all

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