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    Используйте «verbose» в предложении

    verbose примеры предложений


    1. The deeds of assignment, like the conveyances of a verbose attorney, would be more cumbersome; but the thing assigned would be precisely the same as before, and could produce only the same effects

    2. There was instant talk about the association as Cruzel himself had been verbose in the denunciation of keeping women’s company ‘as a needless expenditure of time and effort’

    3. It wasn’t grand or verbose, the way I had been in the past

    4. -v indicates verbose i

    5. Everything’s opened to argument, enriching the foot dragging, verbose, sometimes illogical showmen who tread the boards in front of the bench

    6. Some writers are too verbose, especially those with a broad

    7. She asked what he used his computer for? Where did he get the software? Because his answers were instant and verbose, she asked what the password was

    8. discuss that brilliant dismissal with the verbose and erudite wicket keeper who by

    9. Every short answer of Sensei met an extremely verbose explanation of the advantages of their church and their

    10. It was still severely criticised as being either too verbose or not specific enough in its proposals, biased or evasive, or simply a useless document that said nothing worthwhile because the administrations in London and Hong Kong had no intention of doing anything whatever the outcome of the consultation

    11. He found the subjects of his future profession boring, verbose and

    12. verbose verifiable seal of authenticity that will be further validated in space-time

    13. From beneath the surface, the animal emerges, with just one purpose, to vent its fascinating anger verbose

    14. ' He apologised for being so verbose with his answers but he knew of

    15. His colleague was silent, having just before privately received a severe lecture about his emetic, so that this good Canivet, so arrogant and so verbose at the time of the clubfoot, was to-day very modest

    16. For example, instead of saying “tap Settings, tap General, tap Keyboard…,” I’ll use “tap Settings | General | Keyboard,” making it less verbose and easier to read and follow

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