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    1. Another version says he will

    2. This is like the alcoholic version of eating all the Skittles at once

    3. The fastest he could do was the pony version of power walking

    4. He had a bushy beard but a thin nose, squinted eyes and a hearty smile, a huskier, rougher version of Kulai

    5. It was about that time that the idea presented itself to place what he calls his “Moral ABC’s” - a complete version of this is now available in book form - on a label

    6. She was an earlier version of herself

    7. It was about fifteen seconds altogether until a voice connection was established and a slightly huskier and slower-talking version of Ava was in the room with them

    8. square root of our own experience or by accepting that there is an absolute version of

    9. That was version one

    10. Version two had introduced the partial binding, whereby the device and the host's mind could inter-operate without the bother of typing or talking or displaying images on a screen

    11. Version three had introduced trans-volitional search, whereby the device would immediately seek and discover throughout the connected universe whatever topics had entered the host's little mind

    12. Tig checked his version of the integrated capacitor discharge control system one more time

    13. Dressed in my soiled and tatty towel and shirt, I guessed that I must look like a comic book version of a shipwrecked mariner

    14. will help us to create the version of reality that we really, really

    15. in my parent’s version of my success, I’m married with kids,

    16. Turns out my version of success is way different than theirs

    17. What was out there before Big Bang? The question is answerable only by an apparently endless circling of the square root of our own experience or by accepting that there is an absolute version of an almost impossible conceptual device; nothing

    18. Although neither Kara nor Iain had seen anyone suspicious lurking around the place, his version was somewhat different

    19. A thonga is a lower, wider, eight legged version of what Alan always pictured a 'cow' would be like

    20. She’d dragged a detailed version of my adventures in Italy out of me when I’d been too relaxed to resist and has no illusions about the very real dangers attendant on this quest of mine

    21. She didn't want to pull the standard, 'no I don't' either, so she told him the short version

    22. But down around the port, came a more thriving version of life in shiny, tiled kitchens, and white lace curtains flapping a gentle hint of an incoming breeze that would help to keep the flies at bay

    23. Yarin told a very short version of Luray's tale, not naming names, but Desa recounted how she'd heard the long version

    24. "Give me the short version at least

    25. I give him a potted version of the conversation I just had with Katie

    26. The sound grew slowly, repeating refrains and phrases in a growing, circular pattern, quite unlike the recorded version, until the volume and intensity of these paradisiacal sounds overwhelmed them both completely

    27. He caressed an oblong-shaped crystal and continued, “A newer, smaller version yes, but nonetheless, pure Ogatu

    28. It was a smaller version of the one he had come on so many years ago, but it was exactly what he needed

    29. if she re-drafted it and sent a second version, why did she keep this copy? It looks as though she spilt something on it, several of the words are smudged

    30. Don’t see Dave in the role of whatever the masculine version of ‘arm candy’ might be either

    31. every time a new version is released

    32. She had to relate an edited version of the whole thing

    33. Dave had mentioned that Chris was very like him but it’s weird seeing a female version of the man I love standing in front of me

    34. For a PDF version of Heart Resonance book click here:

    35. He vaguely remembered hearing some version of this in the news at the time

    36. Mum – looking different with her hair long and unpermed – an older woman, an older version of Mum … it must have been one of the few times Gran came round before she moved in with them …hearing a conversation going on over her head as she busied herself with bricks on the carpet

    37. Dave feels bad about the clichés, but as the saying goes, at least Dave's version of it, if the past is another country then the present is Southend on a wet bank holiday

    38. ‘What do you think about his version of events at the hostel, Inspector?’ Sergeant Williams asked

    39. She listened to the story as attentively as she could, believing his version of it much more than Enjteen’s

    40. Chrissie, apparently asleep, looking young and vulnerable; Mary, an older, less polished version of the same features to some extent, looking older than her years

    41. That computer screen is the latest plasma version with a strange contraption attached to the back of it, why do you think that is? Odd

    42. drink that stuff? I think the answer was yes, only a thinner, toned down version of

    43. Something from nothing more than a larger version of the personal mini-eyes that had been all the fad a few decades ago

    44. because the word processor on mine is the 1976 version

    45. went through the crowd—some distorted version of the wave at a baseball game

    46. I'm giving you the abbreviated version

    47. warped version of a cowboy, living through high noon without a second thought of

    48. 'Been right here with Desa since I first grew up' was the short version

    49. This tale, in a different version, was included in the first edition of Kinder- und Hausmärchen (1812)

    50. All biblical references taken from the Modern King James version unless otherwise noted

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