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vileness, his one over-riding wish, above all else,.
accuse her of vileness which never could have occurred in her.
Maybe it is such who mitigate some of the vileness of the world.
man was full of smiles but the vileness and despicable of that man had not escaped 499.
Back in their room Peteru and Uretep showered again to rid themselves of the odour of vileness.
Her mind shied away from the potential for widespread devastation, the utter vileness of the idea.
I liberated that miserable woman — liberated her from her own vileness, trapped in that withering flesh.

O God, grant that in his presence I may rather see my own vileness, and behave so that he too may benefit.
This light that exposes my vileness, exposes the sin and error of my existence, to show me the perfection of God.
Tell them of sin, its guilt, its consequences, its power, its vileness: you will find they can comprehend something of this.
Morrison and acknowledge all her vileness; tell her how wrong she had been, ask her forgiveness for her rudeness, beg her for pity, for help, for counsel.
But he sensed here a cosmic vileness transcending mere human degeneracy—a perverse branch on the tree of Life, developed along lines outside human comprehension.
Thus, it will be as though he is clothed in a garment made of all the worst of human characteristics: abject depravity, dishonour, vileness, cowardice and stinginess.
The Egyptians kept on revolting and rebelling… even being found slaughtered by their own mercenaries: who could not stand the effeminate vileness of their own paymasters.
She crossed herself, bowed low, and when she did not understand, in horror at her own vileness, simply asked God to forgive her everything, everything, to have mercy upon her.
and such a marriage is not a vileness, as you say! And even if you were right, if I really had determined on a vile action, is it not merciless on your part to speak to me like that?.
Its sound as well as its import filled Yasmela with a shuddering horror so intolerable that she writhed and twisted her slender body as if beneath a lash, as though to rid her mind of its insinuating vileness by physical contortion.
For what has he done to deserve such random cruelty? What did he do to he born into such a hell? Where is God in all this vileness? And, in its usually perverse way, the universe answers the puppy's plea for clemency with more pointless cruelty.
But how can I, an insignificant mortal, show His omnipotence, His infinity, and all His mercy to one who is blind, or who shuts his eyes that he may not see or understand Him and may not see or understand his own vileness and sinfulness?’ He paused again.
The American War was filled with so much inter-family racial hatred that no historian dares speak of the true vileness of what went on as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers killed each other, hated each other, and burned each other’s houses, and stole each other’s properties.
But why does he argue for a “sorer punishment?” Does he not know it prostrates his own position to the dust? Has he not given us numerous examples of this same event and proved its severity and mildness by the people of Israel, who through vileness and idolatrous associations were destroyed, and refused to return, making their faces harder than a rock? Has he not shown what he understands by the words “consume,” “destroy,” “perish,” etc.
What is astounding is that he did not massacre the Poles in retaliation even after the atrocities the Poles had committed were dug up and the mass graves exposed and documented and shown to the entire German Nation, even after the photos of murdered German children and German women and girls and innocent German citizens were discovered that showed just how bestial and monstrous and inhumane the Polish hatred and vileness had been, how the bodies of innocent Germans had been burned and slashed and tortured and butchered.
But what eye-openers the end chapters of the Gita were to me; what a vile creature I was, I came to realize from these verses - Make all vile, rude guys all / Vainglorious ’n haughty too / Besides being indignant / No less are they indulgent; Gives as virtue man freedom / Keeps him vileness in bondage; Pride ’n lust, long wish list / Vile in conceit live impure; Seeing life as one to gloat / Vile by impulse go to lengths; Seek vile creatures ever shortcuts / On way to wants, they ill-get wealth; Think all vile, in like terms- / This is mine so let me keep / Why not have I more of it, Foe this mine I’ve truly floored / Won’t I tackle the rest of them / Sure I’m Lord of mine own world; Note all vile, gloat as such – / Besides wealthy, I’m well-born / Won’t I give and enjoy too, To their hurt in illusion vile / End up slaves of joys of flesh.

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