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Vocalize в предложении (на )

  1. The realization hurt to vocalize.
  2. Didn’t want to vocalize what had actually happened.
  3. I found it so disgusting that I would vocalize about it.
  4. They never have to explain or vocalize the circumstance.
  5. All either did was vocalize their thoughts in the hopes of correcting the situation.

  6. Daniel’s lips formed the word he wanted to say, but his voice refused to vocalize it.
  7. Where are the guards? Korah was the first to vocalize their suspected predicament.
  8. It was an extraordinary thing to hear him vocalize without a microphone or even a guitar.
  9. But for those who habitually talk or pronounce words as they read, how is it not to vocalize?
  10. I think they will be coming back, Telkit whispered, trying not to vocalize much and break his concentration.
  11. It was one of those breathless, silent screams for help, and it was coming from someone so caught up in fear that they were unable to vocalize it.
  12. It was more than a little disturbing to hear Graham vocalize many of the same questions that had been eating away at me ever since the EDA briefing.
  13. A great circle of Healers put their minds together and came up with a spell that cancels one resonance of my vocal cavity, and eliminates the effort of remembering which sibilants to vocalize.

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