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Wino в предложении (на )

  1. Then I approached the wino.
  2. Wino, what is it that you have to tell me.
  3. And yes, it was a stinky wino who spoke with.
  4. I may be a wino but I still have good eyes and ears.
  5. As soon as I was firmly set on the ground the wino.

  6. I grinned at the wino and then walked to a corner to a.
  7. On our way there a wino tried to open up a conversation.
  8. Wino here, I present to you the amount of one thousand.
  9. The wino shed many tears, thanked me and then kissed the.
  10. The wino staggered back from the hands reaching out to him.
  11. Although I sympathized with the wino I wasn’t ready to give.
  12. Jennifer seemed agitated since the incident with the wino and.
  13. An old wino and a mad dog or something, Hartle told the cat.
  14. Gee, thanks, Mister, the wino said, looking down at the hun-.
  15. In all honesty, there was a part of me that felt really bad for the wino.

  16. The wino appeared to ignore everything that I said; focusing on my bottle instead.
  17. Two paramedics exited the ambulance and headed straight to the wino Id knocked down.
  18. A short while later the wino, visibly alive but barely able to move was placed in a gurney and taken to the ambulance.
  19. BLESSED ARE THE POOR IN SPIRIT, Charlie recalls, as beyond the window a wino with a machete capers in the middle of Bowery.
  20. His appearance was of a board certified wino; clothes disheveled, unshaven, long hair plastered to his head and slightly unsteady on his feet.
  21. Although under normal circumstances my aim wouldve been off as a result of my intoxication, the wino was right in front of me and a couple of feet away at that.
  22. I swerved off into an alley and then curled up into a tight ball and sat still for roughly fifteen minutes until I heard a convergence of sirens heading towards Wino Park.
  23. It was the same wino who helped himself to the putrefied meat sitting in my refrigerator and I couldn’t believe my eyes that he was not only alive, but seemingly as fit as a drunken fiddle.
  24. The timeworn stubble-faced, dirty old wino has segued into the careworn, haggard mother trailing three or four tired, scared, hungry kids behind her as she searches frantically for enough payphone change, to find among the list of shelters in town, one that’ll take her supposedly non-nuclear family in out of the cold.

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