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    1. Sarah’s very wise teacher obviously agreed

    2. think this conversation is wise?” as I had images of being met by friendly armed police units at the station

    3. It is always wise to test the soap out on a small section of the plant to make sure it will not harm the plants

    4. “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has

    5. Be Wise with Money

    6. · It is said that a wise woman puts a grain of sugar in everything she says to a man but takes everything he says with a pinch of salt

    7. While DE is safe to use, it would be wise to follow a few safety rules:

    8. Hesitating, I reach out unsure whether it is a wise move on my part to answer it or not

    9. Liz looks rebellious, probably because she has sussed that we none of us think it wise for her to be in the house on her own

    10. the affairs of the church in the absence of elders it is wise for the preacher and other

    11. It was not wise to admit failure, especially up front

    12. It would seem the wise and safe course for the congregation to be allowed to suggest

    13. increasing needs of the church, a new building seemed a wise choice

    14. An eldership will be wise to have meetings with the men of the congregation and sometimes the ladies to get some input on certain issues but even then care must be taken to keep the meeting above

    15. Keeping a congregation informed of decisions is a wise choice by an eldership or a

    16. A word to the wise is enough

    17. "What don't you believe in, there was a man called Jesus Christ who had some friends who wrote down some wise words he preached? Are you convinced that man is the true son of God?"

    18. Your Inner Wise Self has all the answers to what you really,

    19. What other deities are wise as our God is wise? What other deities have given and continue to give wisdom that affects time and eternity? Rocks do not speak

    20. He uses that which is foolish to confound the wise

    21. His wisdom is considered foolish to those that are wise

    22. The Alderfolk was an elderly wise Jodechian

    23. They knew he was wise

    24. “Is that wise Mr Marshall? Can we trust them” asked Didiera

    25. and with a script full of wise one-liners,

    26. and with a script full of wise one-liners and back chat

    27. “Ah, are you challenging me woman? It would not be wise,” he said smiling at her lovingly

    28. ): “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

    29. “The Queen is all knowing, every wise and a carer of all things

    30. Jeffery asked Wolf if he thought a frontal assault was the wise thing to do

    31. “Alakar knew of the First and his success; so he thought it wise to send for help

    32. Surprised he felt himself rising to the situation, and he grabbed her hand, “Stop! Please, it would not be wise

    33. Yet again, I wonder if it is wise to take the step of trusting a man again … but Simon is not Nigel

    34. “A wise decision my Queen,” Tarak laughed and then cleared his throat; “Now, as to this Duncan Wayside; he has a reputation of being his own man

    35. And this was, as our dear and wise old Queen knew very well, the whole point

    36. ‘I think you’re wise to hang on to it

    37. He was wise and powerful, and it was said that he always knew how to give the best advice, even in the middle of the greatest of hardships and miseries, and so, over a mint julep or two by the side of the old man’s pool, the young man and his princess told him about their problem

    38. When the wise old publicist heard their story and thought about everything they had told him, he turned to them both and said, “Journey to the four corners of the world

    39. His new wife also stopped short of her final insult and gave these wise words some serious consideration

    40. ‘Sally - I think we’d be wise to separate the furniture

    41. giving you a yes answer, you would be wise to check

    42. A wise man is a blacksmith to what he knows

    43. Listening an old proverb goes: “A wise old owl sat on a perch

    44. Why can’t we be more like that wise old bird?”

    45. suited for the posts they hold; I can tell the wise ones from the

    46. a movie once where a wise teacher told his student,

    47. addictive that Betsy Windsor, our wise old Queen, called all of her

    48. And this was, as our dear and wise old Queen knew very well,

    49. 42And the Lord said, who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall

    50. He was wise and

    1. I finally wised up and stopped thinking there was

    2. Hopefully Vegas restaurants have wised

    3. author here wised up in recent years and stopped buying

    4. today's ski schools have wised up to a system of letting the stu-

    5. They set up their seaport-forts: always having a chance to escape in case the natives wised up to them

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