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    1. newly beloved husband, teasing him in her withdrawal from physical contact

    2. Prathayara or Withdrawal of the Senses

    3. I felt rejected and I was sensitive to it because of withdrawal

    4. She wondered how much of her mood was her own withdrawal from yaag

    5. He settles for a full tactical withdrawal and goes back to thoughts of Maggie and Jock

    6. Ed looked as if he were in the throes of withdrawal

    7. a little of those things, but more than anything it’s because of withdrawal

    8. Now he had to prepare for the withdrawal and evacuation of close on one and a half million beings

    9. After water's withdrawal, the goddess

    10. "It is like you are undergoing withdrawal

    11. "I'm undergoing withdrawal from life," Alan said, "I don't have a life here, on this expedition I mean

    12. Complete withdrawal from infinity:

    13. won’t last for long – with the latest happenings, the withdrawal of

    14. • Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) - controlled withdrawal of the senses from their objects and limiting focus to a single object of attention

    15. Washington on his excursions against the French and was with him when he attempted to negotiate the withdrawal of the French garrison in the name of King

    16. Anyway we will be returning to the Company in five minutes this raid is a wash out and there is no point in attacking again now they know were here so get yourselves ready for our withdrawal

    17. accelerate his withdrawal from Petersburg and attempt to join

    18. During the withdrawal, Maximilian, while trying to

    19. The Generals had ordered a tactical withdrawal to the docks in the hope that the boats would see their plight and come to collect them

    20. Fortunately, the doctor had declared his illness the flu, rather than guessing drug withdrawal, and that was the diagnosis Sespian gave to the parade of faces passing through to check on him, each offering condolences, sincerity levels varying

    21. “If the others ask about this, can we pretend it was the alcohol withdrawal that made me nervous?”

    22. The reason being that your money is not really kept in a safe somewhere and given back to you on your request called a withdrawal or transfer of funds in real life! In simple terms it is mixed with the rest of the tens of thousands deposits and loaned out to whoever or invested wherever

    23. ) Fact is he paid every single withdrawal

    24. Representative of the conservative element of the Cubans, the breach was serious, and only the withdrawal of Shafter and the appointment of General Wood averted further disorder and a threatened rupture

    25. ironically because a complete withdrawal would have cost a lot of black jobs

    26. The withdrawal from Angola had huge political consequences inside South Africa

    27. Following this massive withdrawal, a rapid decline in innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes (and moral) purpose become apparent

    28. These opinions were not lost, however, on savvier Liberals who (privately) regarded her withdrawal as a lost opportunity in pushing the Court further to the left

    29. Some analysts noted the drop in attacks fit with the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, that attacks supposedly once used to kill terrorists were actually being used as artillery against targets in Pakistan, targets that US planes could not have bombed without an international incident

    30. His withdrawal had a ripple effect, with several other nations pulling out their troops

    31. After all these years, Frank had finally made a withdrawal from his payback fund!

    32. The combination of intense pain and withdrawal from crack cocaine lifted simple paranoia to dizzying new heights

    33. Withdrawal, I decided

    34. I was having withdrawal symptoms

    35. It took until 2007, five years later and two years after most of the public opposed the war, for her to finally vote for a bill calling for a timetable for withdrawal

    36. Lewis made the call to Susan as to what had happened and began to prepare a closing report to her ready for the closing of the operations and their planned withdrawal from the site

    37. Although the loss of committed congregations of the calibre of St George’s Tron, Gilcomston South and Holyrood Abbey is a very real loss and should certainly not be underestimated – not least for the large amounts of money that these congregations have paid into the Kirk’s central funds – their withdrawal does not compare proportionately to those who “went out” at the time of the Disruption

    38. Other important point of the power of the international capital or accumulated money in the Banks is its rapid locomotion for application or withdrawal

    39. If you go back to the words of Bleuer, when he said the following,‖autistic withdrawal of the patient to his fantasies, against which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance

    40. wanted—the withdrawal of airbases from Turkey, and a promise not to interfere with

    41. the withdrawal stages as fast as possible and achieve a state of freddom

    42. The confusion of the forced rapid withdrawal, and the devastation to their number caused by it will give us an opportunity to slip you back into your realm unnoticed,” was his response

    43. prevented her from exercising her job responsibilities, the withdrawal of meaningful

    44. Rick Rieser, an eventual fat cat banker, won the counting contest (with 40), but I won the “dare” to tell Kitch at a Spring wine mess that the reasons why 1) most of 1L had missed his Friday afternoon dull ass class and 2) we were sunburned lobster red was 3)that we had all been at Wrigley Field because his class sucked and we were suffering withdrawal from Harry Kalven’s beloved Cubbies

    45. It is not a withdrawal from life, but a plunge, a deeper involvement, into it

    46. “In response to Cardinal George of Chicago’s reflection that it would be necessary for the church to end its financial support for an immigration ‘rights’ group that sought legalization of same-sex-marriage --- eight Illinois lawmakers recently published a statement that included their belief that the threat of funding withdrawal ‘was not worthy of the church we know, love and respect’; and further claimed that the Cardinal was using “immigrants and those who seek to help them as pawns in a political battle

    47. I was not at my alcoholic bottom, I did not suffer withdrawal that I know of, and liked how I felt

    48. Any hesitation on the her part could quite easily have been interpreted as doubt, not only in her ability as a leader, but also in the prophetic Word of God, but there was no hesitation, no shock or withdrawal at all in Deborah

    49. In the west, north of Italy, the withdrawal of Roman legions from the areas north of the Rhine River (see map V) led to a power vacuum

    50. Consequently, true pacification requires the withdrawal of tolerance before the deed, at the stage of

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