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    1. Gem did her best to bury her smirk, finding the comment to be a polite acquiescence to the fact that Rapheal had bested him

    2. Sexual preferences do not require the ratification of public opinion whose ―consent‖, in any event, would (merely) constitute formal acquiescence after the fact

    3. He turned quickly on his heel, appearing to accept her look of troubled acquiescence, as well as her move toward self-proclaimed temporary custody of his prisoner

    4. What was not acknowledged was the settlement’s reason for acquiescence in the taking of personal vengeance upon those whose only sin was to be posted as lookouts for the tribe’s winter encampment

    5. The Romans, they feared, would use an uprising, any disturbance of their dictatorial status quo, as they had many times in the past, to upbraid their truculent subjects additionally, in their sullen acquiescence to the rule of this abhorrent “invader

    6. ” What would the consequences have been, he wonders, had the Pilgrims consulted “Ye Olde Weather Channel” about the climate of New England before they set sail for America back in the year 1620? What if they had shivered on the dock in submissive acquiescence to the forces of nature and sold the Mayflower for kindling wood? The earth as your mother, Steyn snorts, “is eco-babble

    7. After a time any who might still be inclined to protest are worn down to acquiescence one by one through what one observer termed a kind of “slouching fatigue

    8. Then, gripping the boy’s small fingers and sensing his instinctive acquiescence, he walked through, with what he could only hope was a near-confident stride

    9. Some developed an attitude that was at the same time one of acquiescence and of

    10. Jai thought for a moment, then nodded in acquiescence and pulled the swing back as high as his chin

    11. Appeased by her acquiescence thus, he yearned for fulfillment

    12. " When Peter heard this declaration, coupled with the fact that Jesus continued kneeling there at his feet, he made one of those decisions of blind acquiescence in compliance with the wish of one whom he respected and loved

    13. " (And all ten of them signified their acquiescence in the Master's words

    14. Your acquiescence will be taken not simply as a sign that you are giving

    15. Wickland could not help but smile as he watched the man’s expression change from that of plain haughtiness to one of humble acquiescence at this stranger’s presence

    16. A Violator needs the acquiescence of a Poor Me in order to create the energy sucking polarity he craves

    17. So whole-hearted was his (Moses’) acquiescence to God’s

    18. Rhone leaned back in acquiescence on the steed"s

    19. “Mmm,” he mumbled in acquiescence through his steaming coffee, “yes, keep it

    20. His friend nodded once in acquiescence

    21. He nodded in acquiescence as his eyes studied every inch of her figure

    22. Galvanized by her acquiescence, he laced her from behind and caressed her midriff that sent her into a rapturous trance

    23. his acquiescence in, or even instigation of, press censorship and the

    24. hands held up in silent acquiescence

    25. I entered Binz in a state of moody acquiescence

    26. And her training in acquiescence and distrust of herself was very complete, and back in her home would she not at once bend into the old curve again? Was it possible, would it ever be possible, in her father's presence to disassociate herself from his points of view? What his view of Herr Dremmel would be she very exactly knew

    27. For she was becoming definitely religious; she was ceasing to criticise or to ask Why? She would sit for hours contemplating the beauty of acquiescence

    28. Fathers and husbands were not prepared for anything but continued acquiescence in one so constantly acquiescent

    29. He then proceeded to shut the eyes that were gazing up into his, and the surprised parted lips, with kisses, for he had discovered that gentle, lingering kisses hushed Lucy quiet when she was inclined to say, 'But----' and brought her back quicker than anything to the mood of tender, half-asleep acquiescence in which, as she lay in his arms, he most loved her; then indeed she was his baby, the object of the passionate protectiveness he felt he was naturally filled with, but for the exercise of which circumstances up to now had given him no scope

    30. If it were not for the acquiescence of the public tyrants could never take their nations into war

    31. farming, and took the daughter of the local chief as a hostage to extort Powhatan’s acquiescence to

    32. Loofah nodded in acquiescence and smiled weakly

    33. saluted the high lord and nodded his acquiescence

    34. death acquiescence and he realised that Tom had at last come to his rescue

    35. time ever I was completely existent in the present moment and the effect of acquiescence on

    36. In my tube world I noted that my acquiescence to birth produced

    37. envelopes me with its inconceivable potency, in the moment of my acquiescence I shall

    38. Our teaching should carry with it a natural acquiescence to Nature's own plan, rather than any outward expression of our own mental philosophy toward it

    39. Defarge looked gloomily at his wife, and gave no other answer than a gruff sound of acquiescence

    40. After a moment's recollection, therefore, concluding that prudence required dispatch, and that her acquiescence would best promote it, she walked silently towards the table, and sat down

    41. conversation would not yield the acquiescence of the pastor the three got up and

    42. Butterfield was almost permanently distressed by his own acquiescence to Nixon’s request that they use a Secret Service agent as a planted spy in Kennedy’s security detail

    43. "Their demand was fair, and the chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence

    44. The Delaware gravely bowed his acquiescence to what he knew to be false, and

    45. Magua affected to consider the expedient, which he well knew proceeded from distrust of himself, as a compliment, and made a gesture of acquiescence, well content that his veracity should be supported by so skillful a marksman as the scout

    46. David nodded, as much to signify his acquiescence with the terms; and then Hawkeye, casting another observant glance over his followers made the signal to proceed

    47. His grip loosened, but more out of shock than acquiescence

    48. Freddy Malins, who had listened with his head perched sideways to hear her better, was still applauding when everyone else had ceased and talking animatedly to his mother who nodded her head gravely and slowly in acquiescence

    49. I said I could manage it,—would manage it,—and he was so very much pleased by my acquiescence, that I was pleased too

    50. "In that case, sir," rejoined Madame de Villefort, "I will leave you overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness at your prompt acquiescence to my wishes

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    acquiescence assent agreement concord consensus permission concurrence acceptance