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    1. happened!” We affirm our healing, prosperity, salvation of our chil-

    2. illnesses, the bad things that continue to affirm for you the

    3. statements and give them the opportunity to affirm or negate your interpretation of their

    4. For example, instead of ―asking‖ the universe to handle something for you, you would instead affirm that you KNOW that it will turn out in the most positive way possible:

    5. overwhelmingly bad – but you could affirm the fact that you are being given a new chance to take better care of your body; or that overcoming the illness will help you and your loved ones to become stronger and closer

    6. Harry had to affirm the observation, he was made well aware of his distinct status nearly from his first days in the Hundred, sometimes favorable, often eliciting some degree of initial jealousy, though soon overcome and banished

    7. If this be true, for I pretend not to affirm it, it is as if a corn farmer expected to defray the expense of his cultivation with the chaff and the straw, and that the grain should be all clear profit

    8. it is made of, and what entity created it, but to affirm that it represents a continuum

    9. However we can affirm with certainty that our universe was born from a creation the size of a playing ball where time and space were quite different from what we now experience

    10. Constantly affirm where you are headed and

    11. But the cruellest of our revenue laws, I will venture to affirm, are mild and gentle, in comparison to some of those which the clamour of our merchants and manufacturers has extorted from the legisiature, for the support of their own absurd and oppressive monopolies

    12. The scant “clues” that we have inherited don’t allow us the pleasure of positive confirmation, but all of history succeeding that time seems to positively affirm that the “traditionalists” went on to eventual extinction, or at least their ideas did, as Man’s next best guess expanded toward the more powerful forces seen within climatic disturbances

    13. all easily affirm, yet when we are in the midst of the offense, it is dif-

    14. He touched his face to affirm that it was no dream

    15. The Justices to whom Dean Koh refers affirm, in their own words, that this is their intent

    16. Ironically, the drumbeat tactics the regime adopts to prevent the Tea Party from telling the truth simply affirm how alien to America, and how fascistic, their beliefs and programs are

    17. He was going to tell her it was just an old age companionship sort of friendliness—of which he himself was trying consciously to affirm in his own mind

    18. Written sources, previously treated with some reserve, affirm that during the Roman period Jews had been present in Metz (mid fourth century), Poitiers (late fourth century), Avignon (late fourth century), and Arles (mid fifth century)

    19. And consciously affirm this unity

    20. Therefore, we affirm that both opposites themselves and the art of

    21. subject of study within the field of Cosmoartistic Anthropology, we wanted to affirm

    22. It seems correct to me to affirm, on the basis of the statistics at our disposal today,

    23. If, instead, we affirm that only within humanity, and not within the being, it is

    24. We can affirm some principles based on these reflections:

    25. These pathways both affirm and activate the ability of men and women to be born,

    26. Through them we want to affirm that all the pain that is contained within the

    27. it uses what theologians affirm in their definition of God: the ability to love

    28. The first law, therefore, that we want to affirm here, says that to learn to

    29. At the same time I can affirm that after years of work and experience,

    30. Here it is important to affirm this distinction, but without giving joy more

    31. And it is correct to affirm, as Renè did, that this illness begins in our

    32. To the contrary, I affirm that human beings have the ability to love,

    33. Now, if we affirm that it is possible to possess the mother or father

    34. I affirm that when the body expresses its needs, which include having a

    35. Therefore, it is wise to make this distinction and to affirm the needs of

    36. expresses a deep need; but when he or she demand to be able to affirm this

    37. dimension, as it seemed that Freud wanted to affirm

    38. We cannot affirm today that we have finished this work and reached this

    39. With this we intend to affirm the following principles:

    40. affirm love and creativity rather than violence and hatred

    41. affirm proudly that they were right

    42. They affirm that we would convert all men into enfeebled specimens of passive nonresisters who would soon perish from the face of the earth

    43. The test would that affirm or deny

    44. Twentieth-century secularism tends to affirm that man does not need God

    45. Everyone please raise your right hand and affirm that you will maintain secrecy on all further business of this meeting

    46. want to affirm things that you want to have or experience in the future


    48. your heart that you already have that which you affirm

    49. “I affirm only the best for myself and others

    50. So no matter how much you desire, dream, or affirm, etc

    1. “Yes, and on around to the top,” affirmed the guest

    2. Kaitlyn affirmed she could not

    3. Olivia affirmed her guess aloud and with a slight disappointment that her ruse was unsuccessful she went to sit down and watch the continuing game

    4. re affirmed the policy of the zero tolerance

    5. affirmed by the miracles they performed

    6. independent commission affirmed the fairness of the election, and the squatters in the square eventually went back to their homes and jobs

    7. Even Admiral Hylensia, usually affirmed in the resoluteness of his orders, could only recommend ‘by any necessary means’

    8. ashamed‖ after having affirmed his or her Guilt

    9. although once (its) singular characteristics have been properly ratified and affirmed by majority opinion…

    10. Basically 2(d) affirmed the Church’s historic and current doctrine and practice in relation to human sexuality (i

    11. Giggling with delight as the first chomp affirmed what his leader had shown, he grimaced his victory over the others who had been slower to comprehend

    12. Conciliarism (the theory that a pope is subject to a council), however had been affirmed at the synod as it would be anew at the Council of Basel (1431–1449) which in 1439 deposed Pope Eugene IV (r

    13. Coast affirmed to us that God was not finished with us in Kansas

    14. We closed this step and we affirmed that the Virtual Coin has bigger utilization power than the physical coin, because any organization (creditor) utilizes the received monetary resources in its production in the services rendering way for the Coordenational Structure in any country, without there is conversion for physical money or acquisitions in definitive properties

    15. She began singing herself, but then she perceived that Elior now neither sang nor affirmed the Light

    16. He affirmed that they were subjects of the Khanate of the Green Mist, although they had never been bothered by them before

    17. He had asked the Chosin healers about the plague and they affirmed that they were familiar with it

    18. “There is no way, or nothing you can say my Queen that will alter my mind” Ishvara affirmed

    19. On the contrary, from Mirabeau to Robespierre, the revolutionists, it has been noted, were mostly of the bourgeoisie, and their key pronunciamentos affirmed

    20. During a two-day retreat, its board affirmed its goal of “empowering the poor”:

    21. 59 After about one hour passed another confidently affirmed saying "Truly this man also was with Him for he is a Galilean!"

    22. And I said "Because sir I never spake a true word in my life but have ever spoken cunningly to all and have affirmed a lie for the truth to all; and no one ever contradicted me but credit was given to my word

    23. International agreements reached at the Geneva Conference (1954) affirmed the boundaries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

    24. affirmed her mother’s predictions

    25. was affirmed to me by Senator Dirksen who told me that Reuther* was probably the most powerful man in American Politics

    26. This is true not because a philosopher affirmed it, it is true because there is a

    27. affirmed that everything is becoming and nothing is, we still cannot get out of the

    28. lines when I affirmed that Sophia-Analysis creates a new way of being, of

    29. being and becoming, and they affirmed one while negating the other

    30. where everything was affirmed as true and everything was negated as false,

    31. this is the union of the two, which was affirmed here by Mireille and Claude’s

    32. from Plato, who affirmed that there is the hyperuranium beyond the Universe,

    33. its future can either be affirmed or negated

    34. A few millennia ago the Bible affirmed that GOD is the father of

    35. This is what we affirmed

    36. They've had the case for 2 1/2 years and people that came to D/R a year after me have already had their convictions affirmed

    37. Most parents would probably have the opposite reaction, affirmed in their knowledge that children imitate aggressive behavior they see on television

    38. -Don’t trust him! - The Genie affirmed – it has the shape of a cat but is one of Zoroastro demons, The Lord of the Shadows

    39. “You wil see him,” my mother affirmed

    40. A year later, after buying, selling, investing, speculating, a great deal of travel, entertaining and living the life of a playboy – affirmed by the occasional newspaper clipping, his fortune at the age of forty-four amounted to five-thousand dollars

    41. The motion had a duel meaning; it was one of understanding but also one that outwardly affirmed her inner decision

    42. It consisted in what he did and in what he affirmed

    43. The new gospel affirmed that human salvation is the revelation of a far-reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of the endless service of the salvaged sons of God

    44. The entire group of models on the show affirmed that, as young girls, they were actively pursued by older men

    45. Implicitly he affirmed his

    46. also implicitly affirmed his power to judge

    47. He recounted no less than five different times when the Master had affirmed he would rise again and at least three times when he alluded to the third day

    48. We have honor,” Monique affirmed

    49. “We had come to the same conclusion,” Justine affirmed

    50. He affirmed my order by nodding his head and smiling

    1. Affirmative prayer is one of the more empowering types of prayer because you are affirming to the universe your belief that all will be well, instead of ―asking‖ for it to be so

    2. If this is death, then it’s okay by her … a sunbeam touches her hand, its gentle warmth affirming

    3. A belief, on the other hand, is predicated on intuitive impressions that, although not factually proven or supported by (observable) evidence, nevertheless provides Reason sufficient grounds to advance faith-based assumptions affirming its truth

    4. Specious arguments advanced by women affirming their (legal) right to have an abortion on the (plausible) assumption that it is their body to do with as they please is arguable from the standpoint that a woman, or a man for that matter, is at liberty to jump off a bridge if she or he is so inclined (laws prohibiting suicide notwithstanding) provided that such quizzical decisions are of consequence to themselves, only

    5. Intra-Societal conflicts must inevitably produce unintended consequences respecting legal precedents affirming that no one individual or group of individuals is above the law

    6. To understand what we are affirming, see the following example: Make the surveying and valorize all the products that are allocated in million organizations and the residences, such as: computers, stationery, patrimonial goods, domestic utensils, vehicles, money and installations

    7. She continued affirming the good, while she grabbed her bow and an arrow

    8. “It’s funny” which was a lie, the show had been ok to watch affirming in her mind that their truth was no way close to the surface of the worlds eye

    9. *It can’t be overstated how wonderfully affirming to a Christian this whole scene is

    10. I am affirming the principle that it is possible to speak to a child in the womb just as one would speak to an adult, and that this is a sign of respect for the Person that is

    11. I am affirming the principle that if the mother does not violently impose her needs

    12. She returned on the intercom a few moments later, affirming what Pon had just enquired about

    13. Then Nathaniel appealed to his own personal experience with God, and that Rodan allowed, affirming that he had recently had similar experiences, but these experiences, he contended, proved only the reality of God, not his personality

    14. The Master in his answer, though positively affirming the fact of the survival of mortal creatures by the technique of the resurrection, did not in any sense speak approvingly of the Pharisaic beliefs in the resurrection of the literal human body

    15. when we explain reality, it also means that we are affirming our

    16. Now, in addition to affirming the above (that affiliate sites can rank well in search engines), it is also important to emphasize that you should limit the scope of your site insofar as it is practical

    17. After passionately affirming their testament to surviving and the sanctity of life, Kim fell exhausted on the bed leaving Wren to wonder how his elders could continue to do this at their age

    18. Affirming - this is about providing positive reinforcement of

    19.  It specifically focusing on affirming and SMALL actions -

    20. By affirming this desire to keep children safe, you will then be caught inside the snare of the

    21. Running his hands through his hair and eventually calming himself by repeatedly affirming it had all been a dream, he wiped the beads of sweat from his face then remembered the horrible events of the previous night when he was in the middle of that storm searching for his troubled wife

    22. They entertained contradictory views about the eating of the animal slaughtered without mentioning the Name of Al’lah over it although there are many reported sayings affirming that such as: “slaughtered animal should not be eaten if man did not pronounce the Name of Al’lah over it intentionally or negligently

    23. A basic way of affirming uniqueness is to gain attention of others

    24. affirming their existing notions in Aristotles work

    25. In fact, I have your signature affirming my authority to restrain non-compliant ship personnel, which includes you

    26. Garcia nodded, affirming the hand shake gesture with a squeese

    27. Affirming his OBC status, Modi accused Priyanka of insulting his caste identity

    28. "The said Nicholas Ridley affirms, maintains, and stubbornly defends certain opinions, assertions, and heresies, contrary to the Word of God and the received faith of the Church, as in denying the true and natural body and blood of Christ to be in the sacrament of the altar, and secondarily, in affirming the substance of bread and wine to remain after the words of consecration

    29. Affirming out loud, “I'm going to find a way

    30. For example, if one desires to become a medical doctor, one attaches their Hope to that desire by affirming every day that they will become a doctor

    31. Candy affirming whisper was kept from others earshot,

    32. fascinated me to the point of affirming I was

    33. affirming; state of being

    34. What are you affirming, believing and committing yourself to in this

    35. All power that anybody can possibly use is within man, only waiting to be brought into visibility by his first recognizing it, and then affirming it as his, working it into his consciousness until he becomes one with it

    36. of negative phenomenon: affirming negatives and non-affirming

    37. an affirming negative is a negative phenomenon real-

    38. Now, in addition to affirming the above (that affiliate sites can rank well in search

    39. Let’s now take some steps through anxiety producing thoughts and how to counter those thoughts with affirming messages

    40. " Continually affirming establishes the belief in the

    41. When will the Universe confirm its incorrectness by affirming Newton’s

    42. When will the Universe confirm its incorrectness by affirming

    43. When will the Universe confirm its incorrectness by affirming Newton’s obvious correctness? If they had to admit that Newton was wrong, the most intellectual science then had to admit they had nothing to show for all their minds brilliant work

    44. When will the Universe confirm its incorrectness by affirming Newton’s obvious correctness? When will the cosmos come clean and prove Newton correct

    45. Was Lea affirming that this was the ultimate site of delight for the sight of the male?

    46. Affirming she should proceed,

    47. Jonathan Edwards expounds 1 John chapter 4, the whole thing, and we haven’t got time to read through it—read through it when you go home—but here’s how he differentiates between the genuine and the false: One, does the preaching in the movement affirm the historic Jesus as the crucified and risen Messiah? Is it Christ-centred? Two, does it oppose sin and worldly lusts? Three, does it awaken respect for Scripture by affirming its truth and its divine source? Four, does it awaken an awareness of the shortness of life and the coming of judgment? Five, does it awaken genuine love, both towards God and one’s neighbour? Six, does it produce converts with good fruit in their lives?

    48. "� The becoming self simply acts out a profound sense of the ends principle and the moral sphere wherein the self speaks the "yes" of affirming meaningful life

    49. affirming spiritual inspirations), which is why they are symbolized as the seven heads, seven

    50. “No,” came the affirming answer from within

    1. the believer, affirms his testimony and brings joy to the lord and

    2. meditation, because it connects you directly to the universe and affirms your

    3. and affirms your belief in the outcome

    4. Natural Law, as prescribed by our Creator, affirms the Equality of Humankind within the Eternal Order of Things

    5. Determinism is a philosophical proposition that basically affirms that every human motive or design or action, for that matter, is ―the inevitable consequence of antecedents that are independent of human will

    6. prayer in action, which affirms the necessity of obedience to the Lord

    7. My heart affirms the same to me,

    8. The Lord again affirms His covenant to the Jews, and His commitment

    9. In displaying the work of his few thousand, topped by only a few dozen, Murray affirms Lukacs’ view of how fragile civilization is

    10. Lago affirms, without quoting any study, that “the victims of a new war would be infinitely more numerous than the dead in the Twin Towers and more than 80% will be

    11. ‘X is not an illusion’ affirms illusion and ‘x’

    12. Colossians affirms this in the first chapter when

    13. The Eastern way of thinking that affirms that only being is and becoming is pure

    14. non-contradiction, which affirms that A is A and not B and vice versa

    15. The group touches on the problem of love and affirms that love solves

    16. affirms that this man begs her to help him, and he says he feels better when

    17. The ideal of perfection does not kill one’s Being, but it affirms non-being in

    18. affirms that it is not the gods and their whims that cause human beings

    19. poor or needy – rather what it affirms is that someone must pay for the cost of the service

    20. "The moon-god affirms that we will survive

    21. When he affirms, tell him that you changed your mind about it

    22. ‘Let’s be clear, if there was no Advani, Modi would have lost his chief ministership at the Goa national executive in 2002,’ one senior BJP leader affirms

    23. "The said Nicholas Ridley affirms, maintains, and stubbornly defends certain opinions, assertions, and heresies, contrary to the Word of God and the received faith of the Church, as in denying the true and natural body and blood of Christ to be in the sacrament of the altar, and secondarily, in affirming the substance of bread and wine to remain after the words of consecration

    24. anger is wrong, but as Mathew 5:22 affirms when there is a cause, it is

    25. affirms and confirms His instructions/desires for us with witnesses - and two people told

    26. ” Besides, it further affirms that: “Such of Our revelations as we abrogate or cause to be forgotten, we bring (in place) one better or the like thereof

    27. On one occasion the Prophet teaches that the reward for good is paradise (3:136), but on another he asks (55:60), “Is the reward of goodness aught but goodness?” He affirms that everything proceeds from the will of God, who knowingly leads men astray (45:23), but in a latter chapter, he says the opposite: that every man is responsible for his own acts and deed

    28. The Bible affirms God is light meaning light impulses or light encased in love impulse, to set forth knowing

    29. Krishn affirms that only men of perfection can see God

    30. That explains why he affirms, for the fourth time, at the

    31. But Krishn affirms that

    32. surprisingly affirms that neither has anyone known his cosmic manifest-

    33. This affirms that the cupping operation should be applied only before breakfast in the morning

    34. And Krishn now affirms that man is naturally endowed with the qual-

    35. But, whereas Krishn affirms in the chapter that God

    36. And he, too, Krishn affirms in the seventeenth verse of Chapter 9, is "the bearer and preserver of the whole world as also the giver of rewards

    37. Such being the case, it is valueless and affirms no fact, and therefore we do not heed or take into consideration what it warns us of, while we listen carefully to the absolute and serious speech and take our precautions to face the troubles it cautions us of

    38. What affirms the meaning we have mentioned is the order which God gave to His noble Prophet (cpth) when He says: “you, give no heed, ”: that is: “I bid you, My dear, to turn from him since he has been guided, and to try to save My straying obedients

    39. ‘He often affirms that he’s not a sex machine, but that’s exactly the image he projects and how the women perceive him – as someone good for a while to have fun with in bed but who is unable to commit to anyone emotionally or to move forward in his life

    40. The noble verse which affirms this saying is: "No! the Hour is their appointed time

    41. What affirms that which we have said is God's saying:

    42. Here Ulysses affirms with conviction that neither Circe nor Calypso can stop him from continuing to believe in his goal of cultivating his relationship with Penelope

    43. Homer instead affirms, and Cosmo-Art along with him, that Ulysses exists and suffers so he can create the immortal beauty that becomes possible when there is concordance between an I and a You, as well as concordance between the I and the Personal SELF and the Cosmic SELF

    44. However, when man awakens to the truth and affirms his oneness with all Life, he finds that he takes on the clear eye, the elastic step, the vigor of youth; he finds that he has discovered the source of all power

    45. The Bible affirms that “man does not live on bread

    46. affirms that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent – there is

    47. It affirms the value of the

    48. Each born with his divine providence, his fate and luck prescribed at birth, as the Muslim religion affirms

    49. � It affirms them and their power over us as a self because our violation stems from our surrender of responsibility for our acts to conformist institutions and the domination that its law represents

    50. We have seen examples of systematic and nonsystematic physical, psychological and spiritual abuse in many cultures and societies as an outcome of perpetrators ignorance, arrogance, fear, paranoia and hatred exacerbating the hysterically blind following of misinformation and propaganda that affirms one’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings manifest from the mix of one’s intellect, cognitions and emotions interacting with one’s base desires

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