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    1. You allude to a view of the world to which I am not wholly unfamiliar, 'the wall is not just for the thief and the tiger, but for honest men'

    2. His colours, by which I allude to the colour of

    3. They will allude to the ‘right’ temperatures for particular chemical reactions and stable molecules, but always lurking in the background are the physiologist’s counterfactuals that give the right temperature meaning

    4. When he was nearing the close of a deal, he would allude to “getting down to the short rows,” a farm expression about plowing a field

    5. Subsequent to the baptism of Jesus and the forty days in the Perean hills, it is hardly proper to speak of these seasons of communion with his Father as prayer, nor is it consistent to speak of Jesus as worshiping, but it is altogether correct to allude to these seasons as personal communion with his Father

    6. There are a number of correlated facts to which we can allude, although we are hardly competent to undertake their interpretation

    7. Although Andrew did not directly allude to the vision of the night on the Sea of Galilee wherein Peter claimed to have seen the Master coming to them walking on the water, he said enough to betray to all present that he had this incident in mind

    8. This new phrase isn’t necessary, but something that doesn’t allude to a present tense would help keep the tenses overall consistent

    9. because different authors allude to it in different ways

    10. easy matter because different authors allude to it in different ways and there are two

    11. Some media commentators, without being specific, also allude that you are basically a fake and could not do what was claimed publicly

    12. What I in-fact allude to above is that the Bollobanes were told

    13. mystics, although the latter often allude to love between Jesus and his faithful

    14. And indeed, the Scriptures allude to the “rest of the dead” being

    15. And indeed, the Scriptures allude

    16. And indeed, the Scriptures allude to the

    17. In fact the person who did this was not human, therefore it was incorrect to allude to him or her by using the words “human being”

    18. For as science and Scripture allude to; ‘God’ and the Creator is perhaps:

    19. The straight sides allude to the shortest path to truth

    20. Note also that the word temple just happens to allude to the head, brain, and mind, hence the

    21. As a quick insight, the three groups of seven angels and seals purposely allude

    22. The symbolic style used to allude to Maat also symbolizes a group with a

    23. element” and the “twelfth star ,” both of which allude to the realm (dimension) of the Creator and

    24. I am ashamed to allude to such a supposition

    25. and then refer in the margin to Horace, or whoever said it; or, if you allude to the power of death, to come in with--

    26. I didn't mean it! It was so wicked, so untrue and ungrateful, how could I say it! Oh, how could I say it!" He was very kind, forgave her readily, and did not utter one reproach, but Meg knew that she had done and said a thing which would not be forgotten soon, although he might never allude to it again

    27. "Princess," exclaimed the nurse, "we cannot tell what you allude to without more

    28. Duncan, who understood the Mohican to allude to the fatal rifle of the scout, bent forward in earnest observation of the effect it might produce on the conquerors; but the chief was content with simply retorting:

    29. On his side, however great Franz's desire was to allude to their former interview, the fear of being disagreeable to the man who had loaded him and his friend with kindness prevented him from mentioning it

    30. "Oh, my brother does not allude to its value, although it has been estimated at 100,000 francs; he means, that the articles contained in this purse are the relics of the angel I spoke of just now

    31. "You are deceived, Lucien, I assure you," replied Madame Danglars; "and what I have told you is really the case, added to the ill-humor you remarked, but which I did not think it worth while to allude to

    32. You prohibited my mentioning my father's name to her, but perhaps "Count," said Albert, in a low tone to Monte Cristo, "do allow the signora to tell me she will allude to him of her own accord in the course of the recital, and you have no idea how delighted I should be to hear our name pronounced by such beautiful lips

    33. "To what do you allude, monsieur?" said Danglars; as if he were trying in vain to guess at the possible meaning of the general's words

    34. Did either openly allude to their racial difference?

    35. I would rather never allude to the past, for it is very painful to me

    36. "Excuse me if I allude to that which is painful to you, but I have no alternative

    37. He hadn’t expected Fern to allude even indirectly to those “pragmatic considerations,” and he suddenly found himself wondering if he might not have been wrong when he’d assumed he’d been summoned to this meeting simply to hear the Council’s decision

    38. It just crossed her mind, too, that he might have a faint recollection of his tender vagary, and was disinclined to allude to it from a conviction that she would take amatory advantage of the opportunity it gave her of appealing to him anew not to go

    39. This was so singularly the case that it had presumably much to do with the fact as to which, at the present day, I am at a loss for a different explanation: I allude to my unnatural composure on the subject of another school for Miles

    40. She sang him his favorite songs, showed him her album, making him write in it, did not allow him to allude to the past, letting it be understood how was the present; and every day he went away in a fog, without having said what he meant to, and not knowing what he was doing or why he came, or how it would all end

    41. The lawyer had, accordingly, begun with an explanation as to the theft of the apples,—an awkward matter couched in fine style; but Benigne Bossuet himself was obliged to allude to a chicken in the midst of a funeral oration, and he extricated himself from the situation in stately fashion

    42. Some say there is enjoyment in looking back to painful experience past; but at this day I can scarcely bear to review the times to which I allude: the moral degradation, blent with the physical suffering, form too distressing a recollection ever to be willingly dwelt on

    43. Long since you ought to have crushed it: now you should blush to allude to it

    44. No such time as you allude to will ever come

    45. Of cases of changed habits it will suffice merely to allude to that of the many British insects which now feed on exotic plants, or exclusively on artificial substances

    46. But in making these and the following remarks, I am compelled to allude to subjects hereafter to be discussed

    47. I allude to the neuters or sterile females in insect communities: for these neuters often differ widely in instinct and in structure from both the males and fertile females, and yet, from being sterile, they cannot propagate their kind

    48. I allude to the wonderful manner in which certain butterflies imitate, as first described by Mr

    49. And speaking of the differences between the life on Mars and terrestrial life, I may allude here to the curious suggestions of the red weed

    50. But the captain, for some unknown constitutional reason, had refrained from mentioning all this, and not till forced to it by Ahab's iciness did he allude to his one yet missing boy; a little lad, but twelve years old, whose father with the earnest but unmisgiving hardihood of a Nantucketer's paternal love, had thus early sought to initiate him in the perils and wonders of a vocation almost immemorially the destiny of all his race

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