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    1. She cudgels her brains, searching for any reference at any time during her childhood to the fact that she was one of twins … surely, there must have been something, some comment or allusion

    2. I am referring to his allusion to dunking basketballs and running one hundred yard dashes that seemed rather transparent if not racist

    3. He also made allusion to the fact that the local people did not allow the revolutionary forces of Mao Tse Tung, in 1949, to destroy the first Chinese Buddhist temple, the Baina (White Horse)

    4. Dr JJ Russoo, failing to grasp my allusion, gawks at me

    5. He wondered whether her allusion was about the Lord or him, and dared not hope in spite of her apparent courting

    6. Origin: The allusion is to putting a real or china egg onto a hen’s nest to encourage the hen to lay

    7. In Revelations there is an allusion to this

    8. In Psalms another allusion to nets;

    9. In 1 Peter we witness this allusion to fire

    10. ” He looked Feltus in the eye in order to see if his visitor had caught the allusion to the Jackson family wealth

    11. Marilyn reddened with embarrassment at this allusion to the Bronze Star bravery medal she had won during the air assault landing in Ambon, in the Dutch East Indies, in 1944, but found nothing to say in response

    12. “Yes, I can talk,” he replied with some annoyance at the allusion to his previous conversation with his colleague earlier in the morning

    13. It was very unusual day, from the early morning; everything appeared shadowy and nebulous, even there was a dark circles in the rays of Sun, which was as the allusion of something bad sinister

    14. Except Losira, and it was her fault that the story was in his head, having made an allusion to the story earlier in the day

    15. Though the compliment pleased her, the allusion startled her

    16. She understood the allusion well, and wondered what it was that so soured the

    17. “Was that an allusion to penis size?” Amy says, hands tightening on the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turn white

    18. Theceremony of the awards is made the occasion of an imposingfestival, whence the allusion in the

    19. o estaría ——, it must have been fated (allusion to Bible "it is

    20. An allusion to Philip's suspicion of Doña Isabel's guilt in theaffair with Villamediana

    21. los Guzmanes en Tarifa: the allusion is to Alonso Pérez de Guzmán,called el Bueno (1256-1309)

    22. An allusion to the world-wide superstition that he who is luckyat love is unlucky at cards

    23. Then I expressed the astonishment I felt that she had not at once recognised me, and after hesitating a moment she said that I had been making too many faces; and so with infinite delicacy did we avoid all allusion to those ten unhideable years

    24. {97-2} víctimas; this paragraph is a sarcastic allusion to the irreligiousway in

    25. It is also 1/10th of 360 and thereby a symbolic allusion linking the Ten

    26. beasts have seven heads as an allusion to and as an unequivocal symbol of the Seven Spirits of Evil

    27. This is also a direct allusion to other gold/molten images and idols in the

    28. the conceptual midst of astrological and star related symbolism, is a direct allusion to sidereal hours, which are 1/24th of a sidereal day, hence15-degrees on the 360-degree Zodiac

    29. allusion to the end of the prophecies because all of the prophecies used days to denote years as part of the process of sealing (encoding) them until the ending of the times when this activity was

    30. As a direct allusion to Baal/Bel, it draws the link to Mystery Babylon

    31. This is a direct allusion to the fact the Creator is described as

    32. Furthermore, falsehood and ignorance are aspects of the earth and this is a direct allusion to false

    33. Lake is also an allusion to its use as a visualization metaphor in various forms of meditation, which

    34. Lake is also an allusion to its use as a visualization metaphor for a calm mind in various forms of

    35. allusion to the Ten Horns, which are the Ten Commandments that are used by the Great Red Dragon to deceive the nations

    36. This is also a direct allusion to lunar calendar systems such as the Jewish calendar

    37. allusion to the dragon

    38. “There should be time no longer” also refers directly to the end of days, as a specific allusion to the fact that the requirement to use symbolic codes such as days and years to encrypt wisdom and

    39. Another more obscure reference encoded within this cover design is the direct allusion to the

    40. direct and purposeful allusion to the Egyptian tale of Isis and Osiris

    41. (though expertly hidden) allusion to Maat, hence to Truth and Justice as the underlying laws

    42. Accordingly, the number seven is a purposeful allusion to the seven spiritual-

    43. Thereby, the allusion to two like-minded witnesses would also refer to a like-minded

    44. The 12 stars are an obvious allusion to the 12 houses of the zodiac, emphasizing the

    45. Maat and the winged sun is also an obvious allusion to angels and to their source

    46. constellations is a direct allusion to the zodiac, cyclic time, and related symbology

    47. The soldier would then be an allusion to a Templar, purposely illuminating the

    48. Another mysterious symbolic allusion from the Book of Daniel is the Ancient of Days

    49. an allusion to a predatory philosophy

    50. And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven , clothed within a cloud : and a rainbow was upon his head , and his face was as it were the sun , and his feet as pillars of fire : Now also look at verse 1:7 above and notice the mention of clouds, hence an allusion to a

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