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    1. Lord Tarak led Lady Rayne and First Kai along a walkway that angled past the Warrior Quarters, and overlooked what was obviously their training arena

    2. using the angled space on his hand between his thumb and index finger

    3. He angled his torch that way but saw nothing, if there was someone there he had darted out of sight

    4. The gaps were spaced five feet from one to the next and angled downward at a near ninety degrees, allowing defending archers a clear shot at the enemy directly below them

    5. Through the angled gap, Nathalia saw that Lord Rafe's garden was no longer green, but full of dull clad refugees waiting to stuff themselves into the palace

    6. • Stand with the heels touching and your feet angled out at 45 degrees

    7. I angled westward, and even though I had to dodge cars and freaks as I came across them, I was able to weave my way through the streets until I finally found an interstate

    8. He then looked at its angled panel, which was not visible to Scott

    9. The slope was scattered with loose rocks, some of which were debris from the crash, and was angled at almost forty-five degrees, although it got even steeper higher up

    10. It was too angled to be of much use to rest on, however it did have a protruding rocky nodule near one end

    11. “The main thruster jets will be angled towards the front of the ship, the exhaust passing over the top and under the bottom of the ship

    12. A squeak of surprise slipped out, but it quickly turned to a sigh as Aspen angled her head to deepen the kiss

    13. horizontal jib and others with an angled version

    14. Pat and Nobby were still running strands of wire along the angled wire at the front and back this wire was sited at an angle narrowing down

    15. She ducked the blade and angled into his body

    16. Keeping to the shadows, Amaranthe angled around the smelter

    17. The hull itself was and is oddly angled to deflect bullets and completely armoured against the AK47 and lesser calibers

    18. He shoved his paddle way out forwards, then gave a little sweep, with the blade held straight up and down, angled slightly

    19. His head angled down towards mine, his mouth so close that I could feel his breath

    20. The lead SUV made it through the roadblock behind us as the second one angled back toward the road ahead of us

    21. There were fresh magazines on angled pegs, and there was a date written on the tops of the drums in pencil

    22. The Baron's favorite chair was angled to receive the warmth, placing his back to the entrance of the room

    23. “What was that?” her eyes regarded him gaily with her angled head, shoulder, an arm and breast visible at the edge of the door

    24. He placed it in the firing cylinder, angled between two hand rails and lit the fuse

    25. Their path angled up sharply

    26. trays angled at 45 degrees

    27. ” she quietly requested, and when they stood together she set and angled the mirror at a distance that allowed them all to see themselves in it

    28. She then angled the

    29. “Well maybe, you should have someone tag along with you,” he angled his head toward her, not taking his eyes of the road, “just in case

    30. Taher locked eyes with Morgan, and then angled his head towards Leora, who was now standing beside Morgan since she had gone back to bound form

    31. In order to maximize the sensations and the contrasts between the sensations caused by the reflection of the two pieces, I will Translocate one of the pieces directly in front of you and just above you, positioned and angled so that the sunlight and your power are reflected directly onto your face, head and torso

    32. Two Caucasians, a man in his mid-twenties and an attractive lithe girl, slightly younger, angled quickly across the street in front of Wolf obviously intent on intercepting him

    33. they angled small streams such as this one

    34. Between the others, only the wagon tongues, angled high, acted as barriers

    35. The scariest part was the first incremental bank which angled thirty degrees upwards

    36. I angled my way around everyone else until I stood next to him as we slipped into our seats

    37. Neither did Katya, her emerald gaze locked on Chardonnay as she angled her claw slowly towards the chicken’s plump breast

    38. I had my truck angled in such a way

    39. The Magician ignored her comment and concentrated on the main course of his dinner, cutting with big precision the smoked little pieces of the roast, all in perfect squares angled in ninety grades, irreproachable, lying half-closed on the plate, without being mixed very much with the other appetizers

    40. The sun was sliding down the sky toward the west and in the angled light Chris saw traces of blue spots here and there on the glass

    41. angled point and hundreds of wavy lines extended along the length of the

    42. Lie on the bench with both feet on the ground, your lower back securely placed in the angled corner and your back comfortably resting on the bench

    43. She had angled these in such a way that should a visitor want to look into her front room from the garden, all that was visible to prying eyes was her front room ceiling

    44. Hyenas were known as bone-crushers for a reason, but as long as I could keep my fist and arm angled straight on into her mouth and acting as a wedge in her throat I hoped to minimize the carnage

    45. She nodded to two brocade chairs strategically angled in front of the desk

    46. Her hair was curled tossed back off her shoulders and her long legs were angled so that

    47. Then, Ishan angled himself so he could get through the narrow opening without disturbing the body dangling over his shoulder

    48. thighs are angled about 45-50 degrees relative to the floor

    49. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled

    50. Then release the arms to the floor, angled evenly relative to the

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