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    1. approved and official recognized by heaven

    2. Synopsis of relevant acts are given as and when they are approved

    3. Having shown that the Bible authority is established by direct command, approved

    4. selected by the elders in carrying out any obligation of the church, that obligation growing out of that for which there is approved example, necessary inference or a direct statement

    5. Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know: Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain: whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it

    6. During this time Kate finally relented and admitted the truth to herself; she was pregnant too! She told Jake first, who approved loudly, and then laid the news on Daniel

    7. She had a vague and hazy image in her head of one of her early ancestors running his opponents through with a large sword, and in her more candid moments she secretly approved of this approach

    8. She approved and asked what she could do to help facilitate their ‘surprise’

    9. "Heymon approved my fabrication request

    10. Presenting and Getting the Charter Approved

    11. To get the charter approved you need to maximize buy-in from stakeholders in the community you will serve

    12. Tarak looked at the knife and approved; “she will be very impressed with the blade,” he laughed, “she collects blades from all over the galaxy

    13. “And I believe you approved a lot of fabrication to try and verify his results

    14. She said nothing about the movement in his pants, but the motion of her hips told him she knew and approved of it

    15. Approved medical practices, done with the best

    16. approved of this approach

    17. He approved idea of me staying in Den, will arrange necessary care

    18. All goods had to be specifically approved by the Board of

    19. wouldn’t have approved, but that’s the reason students liked him the best

    20. Harry knew their tasks intimately and approved of their handiwork when offered an opportunity to inspect a newly completed rod

    21. pistol with both hands in the approved manner, and squeezed the

    22. That was a shady time for him I think, I don’t remember him doing many approved projects at the time

    23. “Ah, the black, magenta and blue,” approved the tailor

    24. All male children exempted according to an approved criteria, or beyond school age up to the age of eighteen years, not currently apprenticed or otherwise gainfully employed, shall henceforward be required to provide bi-annual proof of employment to this Council at the commencement of Autumn school term and at the end of Spring school term

    25. Female children exempted according to an approved criteria, or beyond school age up to the age of eighteen years, shall have the option to assist in the education of those younger than themselves, or to provide for their own education as their family deems fit

    26. Sionn himself approved it just for such an emergency

    27. This will be their first meeting but her visa has been approved already and she is now preparing all the papers she needs to submit at the American consulate here in Hong Kong and then for her interview

    28. We will continue to update the recordings, however, as the Sovereign has approved and authorized them for future Robot-Students

    29. By the way, how is your application for transfer to the Western Region or Korea? Any news about it?? Open will be approved

    30. It was approved on May 9, 1984 so nearly 2 months now since it has been approved

    31. The fiancé petition, which was approved on May 9, 1984, was indeed forwarded to the United States Consulate Gen

    32. I had two interviews at the same time because after the interviewer handed my papers to the head of the visa section who approved all the visas I was called also to his office for some questions

    33. Every ingredient has to be approved by the government

    34. The premises where food handling takes place has to be approved and licensed

    35. So courts would have never approved this music and I could have never heard it

    36. Grimes reckoned there was little difference between them and approved of neither, for every time they harangued one another, his Harvest Festival Poster flapped around the window in sheer terror, leap-froging less sensitive Government notices who stayed sublimely cool, obviously they had heard it all before

    37. approved by all parties, because the one, which does

    38. she approved of the place

    39. Although your product needs to be approved before you can sell it on

    40. approved of my ways

    41. Mary and Joe were good people who were leading lives that were fully approved and wholly acceptable by the society in which they were enmeshed

    42. Conference" approved a revised Statement of Faith to allow for Conditional

    43. I did not have any emotional sense of being approved of, thought well of, or anything like that

    44. This proposal was approved of by the council

    45. It was in any case barely out of prototype stage, something retrofitted by a technician friend, but approved by the standards board (the usual prerequisite to commercial production)

    46. In every age and country of the world, men must have attended to the characters, designs, and actions of one another; and many reputable rules and maxims for the conduct of human life must have been laid down and approved of by common consent

    47. approved or not, and some thought this was

    48. Field-tested, PUA APPROVED!

    49. them back and approved it

    50. that the delegates who approved the Constitution probably

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    approved sanctioned authorised certified allowed affirmed endorsed permitted legalised legalized ratified validated passed upheld