aspire sätze

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Aspire sätze (in englisch)

1. You aspire to financial ruin.
2. On what wings dare he aspire?
3. Aspire to be so thin you look.
4. The idea that we should aspire.
5. You have to listen to life to aspire.
6. We do not aspire to your intellectual.
7. To do the things I still aspire to do –.

8. Is that really as high as you’re able to aspire?
9. His mother told him that he should instead aspire to.
10. The Concierge position is the focal point of the Aspire.
11. The most prestigious literary part I could aspire to was.
12. You look up to the money people and aspire to be like them.
13. It is a character trait all Thais aspire to but few attain.
14. Every good quality that we can aspire to can be found in him.
15. To learn everything is impossible, but you should aspire to it.
16. Everyone of us can, therefore, aspire hopefully to the ultimate.
17. By performing actions alone one should aspire to live here for a.
18. If they aspire towards thinking of themselves as a ‘caring’.
19. What do your customers aspire to do and have? How would they use.
20. Certainly, to learn everything is impossible, but you should aspire to it.
21. People I respect, and aspire to accomplish a fraction of what they have….
22. And this is that highest perfection, to which, as to the highest good, men aspire.
23. It suffers in vain because, for reasons mentioned above, it is unable to aspire for hope.
24. It does not aspire to anything that is higher than (itself) because nothing higher exists.
25. Humans, unlike the animals in nature, have the ability to aspire to whatever level they wish.
26. I am confident that animals do not go to heaven because they do not, cannot aspire for heaven.
27. So many aspire to leadership but are not willing to take the responsibility that comes with it.
28. A spiritual man raises the consciousness of others who are aspiring or who are about to aspire.
29. And much more information for those, who follow the spiritual path and who aspire to be Human!.
30. Then people will try to aspire to these values inspite of the fact that it may not come from within.
31. Kingdoms of our God–Populations that aspire to and live by truth and justice and the Seven Spirits.
32. Love is the ultimate emotion to which man can aspire and the salvation of man is through love and in.
33. Such a person, too, though he cannot aspire at being a proprietor, will often disdain to be a farmer.
34. Do not aspire to be more than that, for in being a servant of God you have achieved the highest thing.
35. A portent to aspire to, but one’s own hands—not the hands of Pat in close-up doing Vanna’s thing.
36. Now, if you hang these achievements on the wall, it invites more of the recognition that you aspire for.
37. But this is an ideal to which you may want to aspire with regard to structuring your option-selling portfolio.
38. Pike stated that after World War III is ended, those who will aspire to undisputed world-domination will provoke the.
39. The honor he was blessed with was indeed so great he could have never thought it possible, much less aspire to be given it.
40. It is appreciating that we always aspire for change – and that change happens from your willingness, your initiative, your.
41. You may not aspire to live his life, but you can resolve to live your lives even as, and by the same means that, he lived his.
42. God’s teachings, examples, and life on earth through Jesus are something good for us to copy, follow, achieve and aspire to.
43. I was just telling you about Kulai, but the home we live in is what I always wanted but didn't dare aspire to, even as an Angel.
44. Although a source of frustration for many, there is much humans aspire to know that must remain concealed until the proper time.
45. Cultural equality born of the idea of spiritual equality, made people aspire to the highest religious and secular equality there was.
46. But if you have ever wanted to be rich or if you aspire to great wealth one day, then please listen closely to the message in this chapter.
47. The spirit of commercial monopoly she has so pertinaciously manifested, proves that her ambition craves more than her means can aspire to.
48. Maybe in the psychology of the emigrant it was better to grasp what they had, than to aspire to something they could probably never achieve.
49. They desired nothing and were at peace; they did not aspire to knowledge of life as we aspire to understand it, because their lives were full.
50. That is, they hope and aspire for having a look of their Provider: that supreme Provider whose bounty and comprehensive favor have no end nor limit.
51. Where Self can aspire to the goals that are personally constructive including intra-personal and interpersonal reconciliation, patience and tolerance.
52. What about your property rights? If you aspire to millionaire status, this means that you are attempting to accumulate property and expect to retain it.
53. I have paid this rent for the last two hours, and I aspire to get rid of it; but there is a sort of history attached to it, and I don't know where to go.
54. For me, the athletes of Special Olympics have been great teachers of how to face such moments—great role models of self-acceptance who I can aspire to emulate.
55. With that great honor I already sit about as high as any player can aspire to, and a worthy prize it is, so for now I am the unofficial champion of The Game of Status.
56. Listen to me, Porphyrius Petrovitch! To use your own statement, you have against me nothing but psychological sentiments, and yet you aspire to mathematical evidence.
57. The entire array, moreover, clad in burnished steel, and with plumage nodding over their bright morions, had a brilliancy of effect which no modern display can aspire to equal.
58. The doctrine of Christ guides men by manifesting the infinite perfection of the Heavenly Father, to which it is natural for every man to aspire, whatever may be his shortcomings.
59. Lacking are the traditional principle standards and values that encouraged young people to hope, to aspire, to rise above the lowest common denominator of their immediate environment.
60. An ideal archetype, to strive towards, mediated through the fog of human imperfection and experience, as an ideal ahead on the horizon, as a place to aspire and perhaps one day achieve.
61. Once he was gone, was I going to keep aspiring to be my father? Or should I actually aspire to be a version of my Aunt Eunice on the issues of brain disease that mattered to me the most?
62. When we stably aspire toward the realization of a certain Goal, we choose rotation Cycles that lead us to the Formo-systems of Worlds where this Goal is accomplished to one extent or another.
63. If your first instinct was to think that Nigerian scammers are stupid, perhaps you have been convinced, as Cormac Herley was, that this is exactly the kind of stupid we should all aspire to be.
64. But though, formed as we are, we cannot attain perfection, we ought, in imitation of a divine example, to aspire to it, and endeavor to preserve in purity the great Magna Charta of our country.
65. Big houses, fast cars, private jets, fine wines, expensive watches, and more are worshiped as signs of success among traders, and are offered up as the ideal of what successful traders should aspire to.
66. An animal can never hope to aspire to Wisdom because such efforts imply a certain insight into the underpinnings of conscious designs, not merely their outward expressions but all that lies hidden and beyond.
67. It was an endearing feature for such a delicate elfin figure that Emily drank tequila like a champion, but tonight she had driven them there and Byron had made the uninformed decision to aspire to her quantity crown.
68. It was bitter for Mrs Muspratt; she was not an ambitious woman; something very much less grand than Brideshead would have contented her heartily, but she did aspire to find some shelter for her children over Christmas.
69. We can aspire to climb the ‘rocky’ mountains and overcome these obstacles and move towards the goodness of love and forgiveness for Self and others as being the spiritual and psychological implements to use to achieve our goals.
70. The need to adhere to a particular faith and belief is also predicated on human beings’ innate ‘spiritual’ desire and quest to aspire to and achieve that which is true and right driven by the Self’s need for potential immortality.
71. These efforts will require skilled-based education/training for individuals entering the workforce and remedial training for (more) mature populations caught in transition, should either group aspire, (especially the latter), for higher paying jobs.
72. Do not hesitate to aspire to the highest possible attainments in anything you may undertake, for the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will in the effort to crystallize its highest aspirations into acts, accomplishments, and events.
73. But unlike wily Pamela Andrews, I was an Honest Whore and no Hypocrite! I sold my Body freely, but not my Mind! Whereas the Wives of Great Men, or those who aspire to be the Wives of Great Men, sell e’en their Minds and account themselves blest into the Bargain!.
74. And it’s all because they believed that the concept of inherent fairness was still alive in Americans, that here in America they could aspire and succeed, and that their children could aspire and succeed to levels that could not have happened anywhere else in the world.
75. But to what end? Was he looking for promotion? The archbishop was ill – he had been carried into the church – but surely Philemon could not aspire to that post? It was something of a miracle that the son of Joby from Wigleigh should have risen to be prior of Kingsbridge.
76. Lago aspire that the United States reach that level of conversation with terrorists that show utmost contempt and absolute scorn for the life of innocent people, with soulless protagonists of such acts of savagery, with assassins without conscience that have promised killing.
77. And, in fact, we ought unwearyingly to repeat to ourselves that at such and such a time and in such and such circumstances nature does not ask our leave; that we have got to take her as she is and not fashion her to suit our fancy, and if we really aspire to formulas and tables of rules, and well, even.
78. Are you ready to sacrifice any of the mentioned above, right now, without hesitation, at the altar of the Goal to which you aspire? Is your Goal worth such Sacrifice or the Sacrifice-choice is too high, too costly both to your principles and to your Goal? That is the question! And you must answer it for yourself as soon as possible!.
79. And we have next to consider the corruptions of the philosophic nature, why so many are spoiled and so few escape spoiling--I am speaking of those who were said to be useless but not wicked--and, when we have done with them, we will speak of the imitators of philosophy, what manner of men are they who aspire after a profession which is above them and of which they are unworthy, and then, by their manifold inconsistencies, bring upon philosophy, and upon all philosophers, that universal reprobation of which we speak.
80. What will you, we, I do with love? How will love feel? Will we still desire it? Will love be a core organizing principle for creating social well-being? What love will we conceive; what love will we will; what will be the affects and effects of our x-loving towards y- goal? To what extent will we value love? Is it the pinnacle of human experience and social interaction? Is it the ideal we aspire towards in all aspects of existence? Or is it an attribute of a certain style of living; is it sexual companionship; is it humane rearing of the nation’s children – is it only personal; is it a mere accessory to a life that requires much more than love and where love, itself, in other than certain designated areas, is inappropriate and undesired?
81. But when a man's pulse is healthy and temperate, and when before going to sleep he has awakened his rational powers, and fed them on noble thoughts and enquiries, collecting himself in meditation; after having first indulged his appetites neither too much nor too little, but just enough to lay them to sleep, and prevent them and their enjoyments and pains from interfering with the higher principle--which he leaves in the solitude of pure abstraction, free to contemplate and aspire to the knowledge of the unknown, whether in past, present, or future: when again he has allayed the passionate element, if he has a quarrel against any one--I say, when, after pacifying the two irrational principles, he rouses up the third, which is reason, before he takes his rest, then, as you know, he attains truth most nearly, and is least likely to be the sport of fantastic and lawless visions.
82. Then for the joys of lawful wedlock I aspire,.
1. Adrian was an aspiring writer.
2. First stage is having an aspiring heart.
3. Mel Maderazo is an aspiring Filipino author.
4. In short, I did what most aspiring writers do.
5. These great aspiring spirits, that should be wise:.
6. Imagine again that you are an aspiring high wire acrobat.
7. We run an internship program year round for aspiring traders.
8. Aspiring bourgeoisie men wore black gloves: not white gloves.
9. He ought to explain to them that it is not worth aspiring to.
10. The aspiring lilac bushes with profuse purple or white flowers.
11. Such were the bonuses of sixteen-year-old aspiring couturiers.
12. In effect, they told aspiring analysts such as you: Don’t bother.
13. Krishn says that they who follow him, even though aspiring for accom-.
14. It was with this kind of wisdom that earlier men aspiring for salva-.
15. This is the strategy I think most aspiring contrarian traders should use.
16. Such, at the least, must have been the recommendations of one aspiring to.
17. For an aspiring DJ to appear on any kind of video without having to pay up.
18. He then rolled his eyes when Lucas mentioned that he was an aspiring writer.
19. The aspiring Mage of Coermantyr extended his hands in a gesture of acceptance.
20. Chances are that you already know this, being an aspiring DJ and all, so the.
21. In the course of the interview, Roger learned she was also an aspiring novelist.
22. Affect: An act of aspiring to do something and having an influence and effect on it.
23. Other Qualifications: Aspiring psychologists who are interested in direct patient care.
24. Always guard the purity of your aspiring, never let your desires pollute and degrade it.
25. There are other products and services that aspiring internet marketing masters will need.
26. He has counseled aspiring and young entrepreneurs, teaching on motivation in entrepreneurship.
27. But it was the grey hairs of Khanna and Manian that gave substance to the aspiring lobbyists.
28. Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing experience, something all aspiring mothers need, but it also.
29. A spiritual man raises the consciousness of others who are aspiring or who are about to aspire.
30. The target audience of this program can be the aspiring and established child care entrepreneurs.
31. A simple, humble, contented and aspiring (having desire only for God) life can add to your happiness.
32. I think it, however, necessary to put you on your guard against the sanguineness of an aspiring party.
33. A fair number of aspiring and practicing value investors may indeed have devoured The Intelligent Investor.
34. There is a magazine cover that appeared in April 2000 that merits the attention of an aspiring contrarian trader.
35. Well, the aspiring authors too went along to provide vicarious pleasure to the Western readers by negating India.
36. His name is Luke! He's this aspiring actor who grew up in LA and came back from college for vacation a few days ago.
37. Currently, there are 5 of the most sought after web sites being used by aspiring applicants on the web when job-hunting.
38. I have talked to young girls aspiring to be video vixens because the girls wear nice clothes and get a lot of money.
39. In any event, if accurate, a failure rate of anywhere north of 90% is a pretty daunting prospect for the aspiring trader.
40. Rather than aspiring to spiritual purity and obedience: Europeans aspired to mimic the richest most successful aristocrats.
41. Many aspiring bodybuilders are hoping that this is the year that their bodies will transform into the bodies of their dreams.
42. He recalled her memory with ardent, tender love, and hopeful aspiring to the better world; where he doubted not she was gone.
43. The track season was winding down and with baseball next the aspiring young athletes were showing symptoms of hit and run fever.
44. It is probably inevitable in the course of karmic law that one who is aspiring shall be brought into contact with someone more.
45. The Modi–Joshi feud has a chequered past but is highly revealing about the man who was now aspiring to be the next prime minister.
46. Caesar wrote The Gallic Wars as an unchallenged reporter, for his own advantage as both victorious general and aspiring politician.
47. Hurley and Chen posted ads that requested aspiring female models in the Los Angeles area to upload their personal videos on YouTube.
48. And me secretly aspiring to sanctity! What an everlasting life! And remember, honorary Children of the Night, what I said about telepathy.
49. And it may further be safely said that, by placing books within the reach of 37,000 aspiring people which they were anxious to obtain, Mr.
50. If you’re an existing or aspiring short trader, the additional notes should make sense without you having to think too deeply about them.
51. When she would go to cocktail parties, she would put on the act for all to see, said Jerry Eidelman, an aspiring actor who knew Marilyn.
52. He asked the information department of the building, the door keeper, about the aspiring young lady hypnotist and was told of the surprising.
53. Allcock, true to his promises, had forwarded the required reading for aspiring College entrants, which he acquired from the University directly.
54. Father saw the Company perform on his last visit, a couple of years ago, and inquired about their training of aspiring young actresses and vocalists.
55. This year it was to be a plantation of sun flowers, the seeds of which cheerful land aspiring plant were to feed Aunt Cockle-top and her family of chicks.
56. God's perfection is the asymptote of human life, toward which it is forever aspiring and drawing nearer, although it can only reach its goal in the infinite.
57. Many aspiring traders spend years trying systems and methods which never work, and result in them losing confidence, to say nothing of their financial losses.
58. That one alum provided the critical learning environment for aspiring traders, but the school fell short in providing students the necessary training to trade.
59. The adoption processes are endlessly difficult unless the aspiring parents have large sums of money and the fortitude to wait out all the bureaucratic processes.
60. Here are two common refrains that I hear repeated from aspiring traders: I don’t have the money for a good coach and good coaching is not worth the money.
61. Have a positive outlook in life - Although life can play tricks on you, it should not stop you from dreaming of a better future and aspiring to become a better person.
62. Apparently (that I have witnessed), some aspiring authors fail to realize that each time they post their words to the internet, for one thing, those words live forever.
63. James Voskuhl had been an aspiring musician who had floated on the edge of the music scene in Seattle, finally hooking his way into representing a couple of upcoming bands.
64. At some point he saw an interview with Marketocracy CEO Ken Kam on CNBC, who explained that his web site offered aspiring money managers a virtual million-dollar mutual fund.
65. Is there some book with which aspiring lovers instruct themselves? The Spanish men say the same things, but their gestures are more practiced, and so a little more convincing.
66. Soon it was not fields sliding across the tinted windows, but large detached houses, aspiring mansions set in opulent gardens protected by high walls of laurel and copper beech.
67. Yes, I hate to disabuse you aspiring jocks in the audience, but this broadcast booth is nothing but a hedge, a layer of glass protecting you from the horror show that is other people.
68. Some of the ladies present—all models and aspiring actresses—were willing and able to give themselves to any of the male guests since most of them were power players in show business.
69. Once he was gone, was I going to keep aspiring to be my father? Or should I actually aspire to be a version of my Aunt Eunice on the issues of brain disease that mattered to me the most?
70. It had just never occurred to him that such a time would come rather later in his career, right before he would be about to be rotated to an easier life of teaching young aspiring officers.
71. To Nathan, this hit him hard; the aspiring young man he met the summer before their freshman year, the guy who practically couldn't be more stable, flirted with cynicism and constant despair.
72. I was told that the father of this child is a school dropout and aspiring hardcore rapper who performs in nightclubs and other less-than-desirable venues where gang fights and shootings are commonplace.
73. They believed this would be a win-win proposal; aspiring models would want to gain the attention from having people watch their videos, and conversely, people would actually want to watch videos of these women.
74. It was the Master's personal commission to those who were to go on preaching the gospel and aspiring to represent him in the world of men even as he was so eloquently and perfectly representative of his Father.
75. Known as a tireless recruiter, the first question he would often pose to aspiring high school players was a simple one, Do you love to play? All of course said yes, but how they answered was often telling.
76. An aspiring writer can read all the books on writing he wants, and write until his fingers bleed, but without being run through the meatgrinder by a serious editor I don’t see how he can learn to write successfully.
77. I am simply exaggerating to make a point, which is this: where or at what point along the evolutionary dominance of African American Athletes become completely taken for granted that aspiring White Athletes need no longer apply?
78. To the fantastic writer organizations such as Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America and Romance Writers of New Zealand for all the help, support and encouragement they offer new and aspiring writers, including me.
79. In addition, in time of war, many did not believe that it is logical to elect a senator who in 1971 vilified, with unfounded allegations before Congress, the armed forces of the country he was now aspiring to govern as commander-in-chief.
80. But when this Something becomes stronger in aspiring to reach the soul, without paying any attention to the storms of the ocean, and it pushes through the thickness of the waters into the bottom, having given up fear, then it finally reaches this gateway.
81. Oh, trebly hooped and welded hip of power! Oh, high aspiring, rainbowed jet!—that one strivest, this one jettest all in vain! In vain, oh whale, dost thou seek intercedings with yon all-quickening sun, that only calls forth life, but gives it not again.
82. Too frightened to lose the smell of cinnamon bread-pies and the laughter of the young and innocent children, before they too became in essence obedient slaves, aspiring to nothing more than a long life of toil and harsh, bitter pain and misery as if it was the only right thing to do.
83. Morrel obeyed; the count arose, and unlocking a closet with a key suspended from his gold chain, took from it a little silver casket, beautifully carved and chased, the corners of which represented four bending figures, similar to the Caryatides, the forms of women, symbols of the angels aspiring to heaven.
84. His was the profession, at that era, in which intellectual ability displayed itself far more than in political life; for—leaving a higher motive out of the question—it offered inducements powerful enough, in the almost worshipping respect of the community, to win the most aspiring ambition into its service.
85. I met Mary Kay and I asked her what advice she could give a young, aspiring, international speaker and she said, ‘Everyday, write down the six or seven highest priority actions you can do that day that can help you fulfill your dream,’ so on an index card I wrote them down every day and I did what she said and kept the cards.
86. That’s nonsense! Even ministers would find that assumption idiotic! At best! Master Olom would have you scrubbing the horses for a week for even pondering such a connection! I do mean, scrubbing! Flayed brush and murky water for a week! Grooming a horse is no occupation for an aspiring Curator, mind you! And especially the horses’ parts where.
87. It is not possible to know how far the influence of any amiable honest-hearted duty-doing man flies out into the world; but it is very possible to know how it has touched one's self in going by, and I know right well that any good that intermixed itself with my apprenticeship came of plain contented Joe, and not of restlessly aspiring discontented me.
88. Each of the aspiring Tournament competitors, four with wives in attendance, had been settled comfortably in their bungalows and informed of their dinner arrangements at Mandy Hill's, whose dining rooms opened at 6:30 for dinner guests; the saloon adjacent the dining hall was of course almost always ready to entertain customers, though only remained open until midnight.
89. The city of skyscrapers and famous museums, of theatre, jazz and classical music, Harlem, Times Square and Central Park, of Italian gangsters and Jewish diamond traders in traditional garb, long unkempt beards and merchandise worth millions in their pockets and a dozen other nationalities and the artists and aspiring authors in the cafés and bars of Greenwich Village.
90. The first requisite for a really good use of wealth by the millionaire who has accepted the gospel which proclaims him only a trustee of the surplus that comes to him, is to take care that the purposes for which he spends it shall not have a degrading pauperizing tendency upon its recipients, but that his trust shall be so administered as to stimulate the best and most aspiring poor of the community to further efforts for their own improvement.
91. They fed her by their own hands and washed her: he would hold her while his perfect wife changed the soiled linen beneath her without voicing a single word of complaint or disgust; in fact she did it willingly and with good grace, yearning for the reward of the Almighty as Mohammad Amin had developed her under his illustrious tutoring which implanted supreme principles in her spirit: loving God and seeking Him, aiming at the Afterlife, not at this world, aspiring to Paradise through carrying out good deeds which make one draw nearer to Al’lah.
92. He might say, for example, that Greece and Rome had forms of free government, and that they no longer exist; and deducing their fall from their devotion to liberty, the conclusion in favor of despotism would very satisfactorily follow! He demanded what there is in the nature and construction of maritime power to excite the fears that have been indulged? Do gentlemen really apprehend that a body of seamen will abandon their proper element, and, placing themselves under an aspiring chief, will erect a throne to his ambition? Will they deign to listen to the voice of history, and learn how chimerical are their apprehensions?
93. We, who do not believe what these women believe, but who, like them, live by faith,—we have never been able to think without a sort of tender and religious terror, without a sort of pity, that is full of envy, of those devoted, trembling and trusting creatures, of these humble and august souls, who dare to dwell on the very brink of the mystery, waiting between the world which is closed and heaven which is not yet open, turned towards the light which one cannot see, possessing the sole happiness of thinking that they know where it is, aspiring towards the gulf, and the unknown, their eyes fixed motionless on the darkness, kneeling, bewildered, stupefied, shuddering, half lifted, at times, by the deep breaths of eternity.
94. Becoming a contrarian trader • learn by doing • start small • a word to young readers • put yourself in the line of fire • my experience as a postcard trader • investment vehicles for contrarian trading • the advent of the exchange-traded fund (ETF) • investment goals • no need to be perfect • an example from the boom and bust 1990-2002 • tax issues • CTS #1: don’t speculate • why this is really a contrarian strategy • CTS #2: avoid big mistakes • inoculate yourself against crowd contagion • CTS #3: Contrarian Rebalancing • underweight when a bullish crowd develops • overweight when a bearish crowd develops • an example • best strategy to follow for the typical aspiring contrarian trader • suggestions for more aggressive contrarian trading strategies • an aggressive stock market strategy • look at bonds, commodities, stock market sectors, and individual stocks • it’s harder to track the crowd in such situations • the bandwagon strategy • the danger of trying the short side of a market • the odds favor the stock market bulls in the long run.
95. When you’re an aspiring DJ struggling to throw even one or two events a month,.
1. But he aspired to a.
2. Here was a man I always aspired to be.
3. Ashat aspired to be a great leader like his.
4. They aspired to the culture of all higher classes.
5. I aspired to see the zeal of his younger days, those.
6. She’d always aspired to make the world a better place.
7. Business-women they had aspired for, business-women they had achieved.
8. Mari Sandoz is the best known historian to claim Custer aspired to be president.
9. Then it had not been merely the stars to which he had aspired on that June night.
10. Kami and Yania discerned that their brothers and sisters aspired to have them help.
11. Mohammed understood, though, that richness was not the thing to which his soul aspired.
12. It was everything that Tamarlan aspired to be, and perhaps has become while I’ve been away.
13. So Joseph guilelessly accepted his minimum wage salary as he aspired to become a creative maverick.
14. These disadvantages had nothing to do with the fact that I never aspired to the healing profession.
15. Emotions break the order of God aspired steps for that golden key that opens the palace of eternity.
16. Beginning in childhood, he aspired to self-cognition, and first he was guided by natural human desires.
17. Plant life aspired to nowhere near its full potential and was never lush, but always brown and stunted.
18. It was by deputizing in an early lineup of this group that my Dad had aspired to penetrate the London scene.
19. Here was the Wilkes pride in the dust at her, the house where in futile dreams she had aspired to be mistress.
20. Sygoss had accomplished what the scientists of Z’va Prime had aspired to do – create the final stage of evolution.
21. He also had his aspirations, he aspired to carry her away out of these deadly futilities of pronunciamientos and reforms.
22. Then there were those who aspired to such a lofty perch sans the lofty deeds, such as this were some of the Caesars of Rome.
23. Rather than aspiring to spiritual purity and obedience: Europeans aspired to mimic the richest most successful aristocrats.
24. He who was there aspired to happiness; life smelled good; all nature exhaled candor, help, assistance, paternity, caress, dawn.
25. There is however, another area of research in which I have always aspired to contribute, also in the field of particle physics.
26. All my speculations and hopes are as nothing, and like the archangel who aspired to omnipotence, I am chained in an eternal hell.
27. So Rawson was now the CO (commanding officer), albeit temporarily, of a fighter squadron; a position for which he had always aspired.
28. At fifteen years of age Blackthorn looked up to Oak and Oak realized that he was his mentor, the person whom he aspired to be most like.
29. He had studied her a bit, knew she aspired to a certain level of culture and guessed where she would go to kill a few hours before her ship departed.
30. After reading The Holy Qur’an fourteen times the same year, my desire increased greatly and, in my curiosity, I aspired to read any book available.
31. Maybe subconsciously that was the reason why he aspired to be a man of medicine, instead of a confused soul, who had sustained the devil's vicious burn.
32. The United States, which had aspired to become the dominant world power, has in fact been smarting for years under British military and economic dominance.
33. She timidly laid her hand on his dear breast, and put up a prayer that she might ever be as true to him as her love aspired to be, and as his sorrows deserved.
34. In his autobiography, therefore, Proctor provided evidence that he aspired to achieve the higher, second stratum that he called the heirs of the missions schools.
35. In addition to the outbreak of the war there were princes of war who aspired to gain supreme influence over the state, so they had their own, lesser battles to fight.
36. This will no doubt be welcomed by those Nationalists in the Province, who have long aspired to such an outcome, but may, at first sight, be thought to be abhorrent to the Unionists.
37. He couldn't not be aware that God had raised him very high among orators, so high that, had he chosen to take his gift into politics there was no position he might not have aspired to.
38. Well, really, when I consider that she has turned her back—I will not say upon me, but upon so much that many have aspired to without success—I can hardly explain it in any other fashion.
39. Johnnie Babcock remembers that in the early stages of building his broadcast empire my father had him accompany him on visits to large banks, where he aspired to secure credit and negotiate loans.
40. For example: Senator Kerry, who aspired to be the Democratic president, stated at the beginning ot the Iraqi conflict that the United States should do nothing until we receive approval from the U.
41. By the 1960s television was well on the way to becoming a major part of Western domestic life, even among poorer people, and it was one of the main consumer goods that people elsewhere in the world aspired to.
42. Montparnasse was a child; less than twenty years of age, with a handsome face, lips like cherries, charming black hair, the brilliant light of springtime in his eyes; he had all vices and aspired to all crimes.
43. One look at Jesus, face to face, was enough to convince even Pilate that this gentle and weary, but majestic and upright, man was no wild and dangerous revolutionary who aspired to establish himself on the temporal throne of Israel.
44. While something in me, he went on, is acutely sensible to her charms, something else is as deeply impressed with her defects: they are such that she could sympathise in nothing I aspired to—co-operate in nothing I undertook.
45. My folks read the personnel list and found the names of the entire generation of jazz musicians that my father had aspired to join when he traveled to London in 1951 with just his trumpet and his reputation as Birkenhead’s only bebop player.
46. He demonstrated this quality with which Prophets and their companions, and all true believers who have been illuminated by God’s Light are characterized, and which raises their high position to an even higher level, the one to which the Angels eagerly aspired.
47. Early association with country solitudes had bred in him an unconquerable, and almost unreasonable, aversion to modern town life, and shut him out from such success as he might have aspired to by following a mundane calling in the impracticability of the spiritual one.
48. His rendition of “Need Your Love So Bad,” with its superb short opening solo that was the only guitar break I ever aspired to memorize, was my first acquaintance with the orchestrated blues of Little Willie John, an idiom most gloriously explored by Bobby “Blue” Bland.
49. There existed, then, in the place of happiness, still greater joys—another love beyond all loves, without pause and without end, one that would grow eternally! She saw amid the illusions of her hope a state of purity floating above the earth mingling with heaven, to which she aspired.
50. Radio Soul was a shameless imitation of one of those mythical Bruce Springsteen songs from The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle that I’d written in my semipro days, despite lacking either the instrumentation or expertise to carry off something that aspired to be Rosalita.
51. The oppressors, that is, those who take part in the government, and those who are benefited by oppression, the wealthy classes, do not constitute, as formerly, the élite of society, nor does their condition suggest that ideal of human prosperity and greatness to which formerly all the oppressed aspired.
52. The state to which that part of the nation which is called the bourgeoisie aspired after the shock of 1830 was not the inertia which is complicated with indifference and laziness, and which contains a little shame; it was not the slumber which presupposes a momentary forgetfulness accessible to dreams; it was the halt.
53. Without her maritime strength, would she have aspired to balance the scales of power on the Continent? Would she have become a party to the infamous conspiracy of Pilnitz? Would she have wantonly plotted the dismemberment of France? Would she have broken the peace of Amiens whence her present dangers arise? Certainly not.
54. So as a measure against destroying Self and each other, and as a guide to real truth, real love, real mercy, real justice and real compassion, improving on, reflecting on, and practicing living life with unconditional love, as is described and expressed within the messages, teachings and letters witnessed throughout the New Testament, can be behaviour aspired to.
55. As to his ever making anything tolerable of them, nobody had the smallest idea of that except his mother; she, indeed, regretted that his part was not more considerable, and deferred coming over to Mansfield till they were forward enough in their rehearsal to comprehend all his scenes; but the others aspired at nothing beyond his remembering the catchword, and the first line of his speech, and being able to follow the prompter through the rest.
56. These (human) restrictions, however, do not preclude the exercising of Free Will (or an individual‘s inherent capacity to make informed or independent decisions) that remain (the) necessary requirements for self-sufficiency and determination; whose absence would reduce Humankind to scripted characters in a play lacking moral and intellectual substance (or spiritual awareness) that otherwise elevates an individual beyond ceremonial customs to aspired spiritual ideals.
57. Have I the right to disarrange what it has arranged? What do I ask now? Why should I meddle? It does not concern me; what! I am not satisfied: but what more do I want? The goal to which I have aspired for so many years, the dream of my nights, the object of my prayers to Heaven,—security,—I have now attained; it is God who wills it; I can do nothing against the will of God, and why does God will it? In order that I may continue what I have begun, that I may do good, that I may one day be a grand and encouraging example, that it may be said at last, that a little happiness has been attached to the penance which I have undergone, and to that virtue to which I have returned.
58. I lingered at the gates; I lingered on the lawn; I paced backwards and forwards on the pavement; the shutters of the glass door were closed; I could not see into the interior; and both my eyes and spirit seemed drawn from the gloomy house—from the grey-hollow filled with rayless cells, as it appeared to me—to that sky expanded before me,—a blue sea absolved from taint of cloud; the moon ascending it in solemn march; her orb seeming to look up as she left the hill-tops, from behind which she had come, far and farther below her, and aspired to the zenith, midnight dark in its fathomless depth and measureless distance; and for those trembling stars that followed her course; they made my heart tremble, my veins glow when I viewed them.
59. You’ve always aspired to write, but you keep voicing out the same,.
1. He will get whatever he aspires for.
2. That is the station to which he aspires.
3. He aspires to the hand of the proud Eugenie.
4. We have only started and he already aspires to be.
5. He has two sons, neither of which aspires to be archers.
6. And on his place, Ether aspires, which coterminous with it.
7. Today the city has been completely rebuilt and aspires to.
8. Ether, coterminous with the place where the destruction is, aspires there.
9. Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.
10. A mind conscious on peace aspires higher things, grows rich but pleasure brings it down.
11. The final end may be the same, but in this case the seeker aspires to fruits and desires something in return for his labour.
12. Alex is well satisfied with this life and has no plans to change it, unlike Droog Georgie, who aspires to a more conventional criminal.
13. She says that she aspires to do Shakespeare and that she will pay Lee [Strasberg] to coach her in Shakespeare as his only student for one year.
14. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive.
15. The unhappy wretch who aspires to deliverance finds means sometimes without tools, sometimes with a common wooden-handled knife, to saw a sou into two thin plates, to hollow out these plates without.
16. What is indeed evident, with certainty, is that the author tries to show equilibrium and clarity as someone who teaches openness and aspires to provoke a disposition to snatch a lesson from life.
17. In the Sermon on the Mount Christ expressed the eternal ideal to which mankind instinctively aspires, showing at the same time the point of perfection to which human nature in its present stage may attain.
18. With such deeds he aspires only to two things: one of them is money; the second, which is the most important, is to make people turn away from their love and appreciation of God, so as to make them glorify him instead.
19. Yes, and deems, and is bound to deem, himself honoured by the lot, and aspires but after the day when the cross of separation from fleshly ties shall be laid on his shoulders, and when the Head of that church-militant of whose humblest members he is.
20. But their knowledge was higher and deeper than ours; for our science seeks to explain what life is, aspires to understand it in order to teach others how to live, while they without science knew how to live; and that I understood, but I could not understand their knowledge.
21. This is for her good and yours! You are an adult who aspires to be a knight! In the years ahead you will likely see the horrors of the battlefield, and the greater horrors of the surgeries! I once had to deliver the child of a woman who was impaled upon a spear, and if you cannot control yourself and your emotions at the sight you are faced with now, you will be of little use at times like those! Sit down!.

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