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    1. over an assortment of tasty snack of sweets and savories

    2. year old muggers with their assortment of knitting implements and

    3. wild assortment of tasks and errands

    4. had not previously come across; these included an assortment of

    5. same assortment and were not bad at al ,

    6. In the following pages, I outline an assortment of ways that allow you to easily select a niche very quickly, in minutes even, that will stand the test of time

    7. He pushed an assortment of debris on to the hearth

    8. To buy in one market, in order to sell with profit in another, when there are many competitors in both; to watch over, not only the occasional variations in the demand, but the much greater and more frequent variations in the competition, or in the supply which that demand is likely to get from other people; and to suit with dexterity and judgment both the quantity and quality of each assortment of goods to all these

    9. seated around it, an assortment of some of the most bloodthirsty assassins, hitmen, murderers-for-

    10. Later Elrith and the other three women returned with trays of freshly baked breads with an assortment of cheeses

    11. After an assortment of injuries to his legs and his stomach and having had both sides of his face opened and drained from fights in battle, we knew we had to face this dilemma

    12. ” Lydia did and she had no problem finding an assortment of discreet friends for extended “sessions”

    13. I was very far behind in a huge truck that transported the field hospital with dozens of beds, mobile operating rooms, an assortment of devices and stretchers

    14. On the waist-high table was an assortment of medical-looking equipment

    15. But as she twitched her coat, I caught a glimpse of the bulky butt of a gun and the hilts of a nasty-looking assortment of bladed weapons

    16. experience an assortment of emotional and physical chal enges which affect their

    17. an assortment of emotional and physical

    18. He turned and waddled towards the incredibly long series of illuminated showcases in which his varied assortment of handguns was displayed

    19. Badgers, Deer, Stoats, Ferrets, and an assortment of creatures, pulled fallen branches to the entrance of the Gateway

    20. Elizabeth picked out an assortment of pots, pans and cheap metal plates, cups and eating utensils

    21. A wizened old man was hunched over an over-sized book, while around him an assortment of various books, scrolls and maps lay strewn around at random; candles had been lit and left in precarious positions with or without holders, hot wax dribbling profusely

    22. It was octagonal in shape, each side playing host to an assortment of bookcases and glass screens, filled with seemingly pristine books of various sizes, accompanied by many objects that were possibly more than mere decorations

    23. I didn’t, but I did intentionally choose unfamiliar words, for an assortment of reasons

    24. She had a very large assortment of steak knives, and other steely sharp things tucked into every drawer, a few bordering on being instruments of torture

    25. He reached over and took a tray that was neatly packed with an assortment of

    26. hanging over an assortment of units and containers

    27. the large closet and found an assortment of stylish clothes in her

    28. She showered and looked over the large assortment of

    29. was much smaller and less intrusive, Judge Robert Jackson identified the growing threat to liberty: “With the law books filled with a great assortment of crimes, a prosecutor stands a fair chance of finding at least a technical violation of some act on the part of almost anyone;’

    30. Most of them do not know either of you personally, but you can expect an assortment of practical and decorative items such as any young couple will need for their first home

    31. odd assortment of houses and buildings built along the

    32. The room was filled with all sorts of sporting paraphernalia as well as an assortment of heavy-duty raincoats and Wellington gumboots

    33. red, and he had an assortment of freckles that coloured his face

    34. down to a vast assortment of vice presidents, wives and husbands

    35. assortment of firearms and weapons were stored in pouches,

    36. Using long-lasting silica boards overlapping to fan out replaced brick and every other assortment – even the flowing mortar style, and following patterns

    37. " So, He walks over behind the big ass wall of this HUGE assortment of

    38. We took the assortment of crutches with us on a trip to Juneau and donated them to the local Salvation Army

    39. added coffee, milk, and an assortment of staples and other

    40. Whatever the cause, by five o'clock twenty relaxed and increasingly frisky strangers of both sexes between the ages of thirty and fifty in a bizarre assortment of “twenties” style beaded, fringed, low waisted skimpy frocks, dinner suits and tails were sipping cocktails in the drawing room, served, like Katherine Mansfield’s somewhat more literary crowd, by a nude butler and, unlike Mansfield, two maids in nothing but frilly aprons

    41. Xavier headed straight to 'the church', his hideout spot where he usually did his thinking and also where a nice assortment of guns were stashed

    42. Armchairs were arranged around the circular bed, and a complex assortment of lighting and cameras, both video and still, huddled around the other

    43. I made Harriet an owl candle holder, praying hands, and an assortment of woodland creatures that I had seen while at the camp

    44. He filled the garage with an assortment of board games and the bagatelle game that all the children liked

    45. The desk was covered with an assortment of recorder print outs, production logs and used, stained drinking mugs

    46. have at least a placeholder profile up on an assortment of

    47. pictures up that presented her in an assortment of looks, so

    48. ” Alex prepared in silence the drinks while Wicki removed from his knapsack and assortment of bags filled with powder, plants and pills

    49. and an assortment of other employees from the plant

    50. Hatch waved him on and he placed a large tray, with an assortment of breads, cold meats and fruit, on the desk

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    assortment categorisation categorization classification compartmentalisation compartmentalization miscellanea miscellany mixed bag mixture motley potpourri salmagundi smorgasbord variety accumulation set multitude collection series store