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Atom sätze (in englisch)

1. Take a look at an atom.
2. Atom newsfeed, and RSS 2.
3. It is a 12 gateway atom.
4. Memory Capacity of an Atom.
5. THE C atom in IRON forms an.
6. What Does the Word Atom Mean?
7. From within the lightest atom.

8. Shall meet one atom that was you.
9. It is also assumed that an atom.
10. A SPRING with another atom of metal.
11. Blomkvist did not like it one atom.
12. Just as impossible as the atom bomb.
13. In every atom he perceives the whole.
14. As well as it is atom and your health.
15. An atom is a microcosm of the Universe.
16. It is the power that vibrates the atom.
17. I no longer had any atom of fear in me.
18. The separation of the atom causes energy.
19. Where Your sun is whirling in every atom:.
20. Ah, the carbon atom of western swing again.
21. In the centre of every atom is singularity.
22. As with the splitting of the atom, so one.
23. Deep inside the atom is the nucleus, which.
24. Every oxygen atom has its own unique weight.
25. No atom is more creative than any other atom.
26. The Carbon atom ( C ) has 4 valency electrons.
27. It worked on the principal that every atom in.
29. In the great city she had been but a human atom.
30. He said he did not wish to go one atom beyond Mr.
31. Atom is truly inexhaustible in the sense of Energy.
32. Every quark, every atom, every molecule is sacred.
34. On the one hand, all shadow; on the other, an atom.
35. Is the universe really reflected in every atom?
36. We will now enter an atom of the element ‘iron’.
37. Recall that translation of the "Atom" is "indivisible".
38. In fact, if every atom making up the earth was carbon.
39. There is an atom bomb loose somewhere in the country.
40. It’s come, the atom war, the end of the world!.
41. Then came the atom bomb… then came a nuclear build-up.
42. Any other man with an atom of commonsense or compassion.
43. Smaller than an atom, trapped and split in two many parts.
44. As such, the nucleus of the atom would measure no larger.
45. Another name for the Consciousness of the Atom – is Akasha.
46. No atom has the same weight at any two given moments of time.
47. The helium atom has exactly two protons and two neutrons in.
48. The neutron is also stable, as long as it exists in the atom.
49. An atom of mercury is 300,000 times heavier than an electron.
50. Atom bombs do not press the blood out and leave it in a lake.
51. There are phenomena smaller than the atom that are dictated by.
52. How much information can an atom store? Scientists have written.
53. No oxygen atom has the identical weight of any other oxygen atom.
54. The speed of an electron orbiting around an atom is also constant.
55. Why is it so creative? Because the Carbon atom has a weight of 12.
56. Much like when you split the hydrogen atom to create an explosion.
57. As you know, there is no way to tell an atom apart from any other.
58. There was one for each particle in each atom that he had entangled.
59. That which spreads through and is present in every atom of the uni-.
60. Including by being an atom in you and me thousands of miles away.
61. I am but a poor creature, a beggar, an atom in the scale of humanity.
62. Some may wonder how it is that we can see a single atom Based on the.
63. An electron deflects away from an atom for very good logical reasons.
64. Let us assume that each marble is AN ATOM & the empty space in between.
65. The Triality of the oxygen atom balanced in-between two hydrogen atoms.
66. It became pure tool knowledge, without one ounce, one atom of humanity.
67. Those are examples of the most important creeds invented in the atom age.
68. Reuben had not reached the point where she could laugh at atom bomb jokes.
69. The C atom which is almost getting squeezed out of Ferrite, has NO where.
70. Each atom, in terms of the space it occupies, is also mostly empty, the.
71. When an atom moves the size of the atom must shrink to compensate for the.
72. The heart of it was an atomic-scale snowflake with the central atom missing.
73. The Second World War ended with the invention and explosion of the Atom Bomb.
74. Where are these men, these men who drop atom bombs on innocent children?
75. The human psyche is symbolic of the nuclear atom whose essence we do not know.
76. A cesium atom in an atomic clock that beats over nine billion times a second.
77. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.
78. Helium is basically a dualistically balanced atom with 2 protons and 2 neutrons.
79. My regret is that since Israel had a hundred atom bombs, why did we only use one.
80. Every atom is a Black Hole that in a massive group is a Black Hole in the making.
81. And the Atom in her book – it’s likely the Atom of physicists and chemists, i.
82. Using every atom of mind control he could muster, Fin sent the command to his leg.
83. That crystal had to have some form of intelligence inside the atom for it to work.
84. The lightest known atom is hydrogen and this is 1,700 times heavier than an electron.
85. Quaid grew up in the generation that hid under its school desks in atom bomb drills.
86. Any elementary particle – is an Atom, truly indivisible Elementary Unit of Genesis.
87. On the scattering of the homogeneous rays and the number of electrons in the atom.
88. I sat in silence, afraid to disturb a single atom of this still and heavy atmosphere.
89. The properties of an atom depend on the number of protons in its nucleus, related to.
90. From the tiniest atom to the mightiest planet all things are in a state of vibration.
91. And try to explain the fact that the universe is reflected in every atom of your body.
92. It avoids hitting the atom by intelligently going around it instead of crashing into it.
93. If the Universe were the size of an atom and the mass within that Universal atom could.
94. This makes the nitrogen’s nucleus unstable and a positron emits to stabilize the atom.
95. From there on, the universe contains about one helium atom for every ten hydrogen atoms.
96. Holon - a "whole" which is also a "part" such as a whole atom which is part of a protein.
97. Protons and neutrons which form the nucleus of an atom also consist of smaller particles.
98. The atom has to reach zero energy and will stop moving all atoms can’t do that luckily.
99. It works out that if the operator of the experiment strongly believed that the atom will.
100. With the entire Universe being as big as a Neutron, the Universe was the size of an atom.

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