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    1. This fact is attested, not only by the accounts of Windsor market, but by the public fiars of all the different counties of Scotland, and by the accounts of several different markets in France, which have been collected with great diligence and fidelity by Mr Messance, and by Mr Dupré de St Maur

    2. Even now two days later, frequent yawns attested to his underlying fatigue

    3. I couldn’t help thinking what a good and fertile land this was and Frank told us that this was attested to by how many times it had been fought over

    4. The lit windows of the neighbourhoods attested to something; the fact that everyone was busy with their own little lives

    5. The strident chirp from the front wheels of the grey Honda sedan attested to the pressure he felt

    6. The place was perhaps a tad more deserted than usual this morning, a few bleary-eyed coffee-drinkers in the food court and several other ritual strollers attested to the normality of the day

    7. The absence of any other family or personal snapshots attested to Cousin Jerry’s solitary existence

    8. The agitation that this caused is attested to by an occasional reference in the writings of the Apostles, especially in those writings of Paul and John of Revelation, concerning the anti-Christian attitude of the Jewish leadership in various places and times

    9. And also, there were the wars that had been encouraged by the weakness that followed the many cripplings as attested to in the following:

    10. The Exodus According to G also tells how this might have been at least partly aided by a natural catastrophe as attested to by geological and archaeological discoveries

    11. that could not have been attested in the excavations or that were not mentioned by the

    12. So the next morning, our grandmother ordered a dig straight away and it seemed rather unusually that although Charlotte Polidori had strongly attested that she had dug much deeper, it appeared that the books were pushing themselves up to the surface, as if they themselves were praying to be discovered”

    13. “botillo”, not only in winter, but even in summer, as can be attested with an occurrence that involved him, Héctor Blanco Terán and wife Charo in a well known regional restaurant

    14. I did have a facility with numbers, as attested to by my eventually earning a night school MS in Management from RPI (really an MBA when combining USM and RPI courses)

    15. That attested to both its difficulty and the large number of unaccredited, night law schools in the state whose “graduates” were allowed to sit for the exam

    16. government behind the scenes has been attested to by many

    17. It attested to the huge size of the chore that Moshe had taken onto himself

    18. It attested to the huge size of the chore that Moshe had taken onto

    19. The use of “spirit” in the sense of “wrath” is well attested in Judges 8:3; Ecclesiastes 10:4; and Isaiah 33:11

    20. been described and attested to by persons of unquestionable integrity Pope

    21. “We did not win it freely, My Friend,” the Sentinel attested

    22. Both Alistair’s and Bob’s comments attested to their culpability in a conspiracy to illegally export munitions, murder and attempted murder---as in my case

    23. His normally serene face had become pinched, a nervous tic twitched at his left cheek, dark skin around his eyes attested to insufficient sleep, and lassitude infected his being

    24. We have studied your CV very comprehensively and are most impressed by the fact that you attained Senior Officer rank comparatively early, during your period of compulsory Military service, during the Apartheid years… as attested by the glowing Letter of Reference which specifically mentions your flair for organising and leadership, from the then Chief of the Army - I see that he wanted you to join the Permanent Force? - well, his loss is our gain!……we’re inviting you to become a member of the “Inner Circle Group”…

    25. They had inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards in this vicinity, and that they were wealthy was further attested by the fact that they could afford a private burial tomb on their own premises

    26. occur as attested by physicians

    27. Brown’s death certificate, attested to by consuls and foreign ministers which bore witness that on June ninth last he had been run over by a fire engine in Chicago

    28. The trouble is that Laplante is not married and certainly never had children, something attested by her military medical records

    29. And this was attested to by Dmitri and our auditory

    30. With his mouth moving in unison with the pastor as he read from the familiar Scriptures and with his clerical attire that made him seem quite fitting to the occasion, Preacher Cooper stood with his hands folded gently before him next to the grieving family of the deceased, but strangely he never made any effort to make eye contact with them or to offer any small gesture of consolation in their time of great anguish, which perhaps attested to his traditional Southern upbringing and the ideologies instilled in him

    31. His sandy hair and thin face were highly familiar to anyone who had seen his picture in magazines and newspapers on several occasions that attested to his exploits in Hollywood and, most recently, aviation

    32. The once-grand fountain intricately carved in marble was covered with vines and broken in several places, long devoid of water that had once added a soft, relaxing sound to the setting and attested to the family’s wealth

    33. The tuxedoed valets attended to the numerous Jaguars, BMWs, Lexuses, Lincolns, and Mercedeses among other luxury cars that lined the parking lot and further attested to the type of clientele who frequented the establishment

    34. Regarding the actual tangible, Biblically attested power of God

    35. Jazz attested that had she been more attuned to her duties rather than the comforts of a hot bath and a bottle of wine Yvonne Barns would have been alive today

    36. She had attested

    37. eron had attested to the fact that they were both down there

    38. Nanny could have attested to its effectiveness had she survived it

    39. His scarred fists attested to the fact

    40. Running is one of the best ways of losing weight, as attested to by many

    41. Once the children become aware of the importance of our family philosophies as attested by their level of understanding, appreciation and the willingness to comply and really take active part in the implementation, then we can be assured that they are prepared for higher learning insights leading to becoming productive, self-reliant individuals with their own goals and vision of what needs to be done

    42. Anne’s stomach fell when she attested the mean-tempered grin crawl across the fatty mouth once

    43. The only betrayal of his beauty, and of his traumatic past, a three-inch scar down the side of his face that he attested to be the result of a boating accident

    44. She knew without a doubt that she easily could; the strength of her feeling attested to that

    45. She did not know what this meant, but she assumed it attested to his great experience

    46. Attested copies of the photograph of the blind person

    47. miracles which had attested the truth of their doctrine

    48. “Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God with mighty works and wonders and signs which God did through Him in your midst

    49. This is consistently and invariably attested to in the wisdom texts of the Old Testament, Dead Sea Scrolls, and in Gnostic, Hermetic, and eastern philosophies

    50. This is clearly attested to by Egyptian stories of “Thoth”

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