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    1. She could lay back in it and bask, Tdeshi could never do that

    2. content as he was, to bask in the splendour of this

    3. pieces on which swimmers could rest and relax on, or perhaps bask under the sun

    4. In the meantime, it was enough to bask in the sun, or rather the hot light of our trusty pole lamps

    5. If, on his own, he could break open a spectacular case such as this, with an important politician the likes of Gordon Edward at its core, all the glory and recognition long deserved would be his and his People’s to bask in

    6. Joseph turned to look at Giselle, was that a look of satisfaction? Giselle didn't bask in the accomplishment for she knew there was still much to do

    7. It was a moment of deadly silence in the booth, as the viewers were allowed to bask in the anticipation

    8. bask vi (in the sun) asolearse

    9. But for now bask in the glow of what shall

    10. have my pain taken from me so that I can be left to bask unfettered

    11. He always, but always, managed to take at least thirty minutes each day to bask in the sun and make sure his tan was in place

    12. As I continued to bask in the light of the moment, I found new solace in the truth of the thoughts I was experiencing

    13. The first Adam was placed in paradise; the last one will bask in Babylon

    14. He had the great good luck to bask in the glory of this being's living

    15. Never one to miss the chance to bask in another’s misery, the witch’s spirit appeared as well

    16. She had no time to bask in the glory; she wanted to know what was going on

    17. and in his brilliance she did bask

    18. Anyoo Bridget I bask in the glory of being in love with my girl Stacey and awaiting our first child together

    19. Even with all the time they spent at their studies and in training, they still found time to bask on several of the nearby beaches

    20. He didn’t want to be unable to hold her in his arms again, unable to bask in her beauty, to comfort her, to warm himself in her love

    21. he could bask in the sun

    22. Amy felt much better after that and relaxed into girly conversation, happy to bask in the reflected glory of it all

    23. For one week a year your neighbors would be jealous and complain about the congestion and you would bask in the reflected glory of your flower

    24. gate, I can’t help but bask in the perfection he exhibits with his physical

    25. for a minute, I bask in the aura of Aaron’s life-force, while he holds my

    26. admired and bask in the adulation of others

    27. They like to bask in the warm sun so why not have flat rocks about just for that purpose

    28. But I suspect we shall be left to get on with the shitty end of the plan, and they will bask in the political glory of it all when we’ve succeeded

    29. now elite black rulers, bask too long in the sun with their snouts in

    30. And you bask in false glory as a whiz kid of sorts, don’t you?’

    31. he opted to bask in the glory and adulation heaped upon him by others of his own

    32. I bask in the praise that belongs

    33. I bask in Your love, and don't want to leave You for a moment to write;

    34. Also in this case you will have freed his neck from another thing which is the torment of Hell-fire and moved him to bask in the gardens of felicity and paradise

    35. The lives of the people changed too, for they could now bask in safety, for he had restored the joys of life to them and brought a smile to the faces of their children

    36. bask in the residual glory created by the presence

    37. Thanks for creating yourself into a beautiful soul and letting me bask in the radiance of its love

    38. "Now let me bask in the glow of that last

    39. that financial independence is yours right now, and bask in the emotions

    40. ability to truly relax and enjoy the process of life, and bask in the

    41. After hauling up the pots and completing all of the most grueling tasks, the crew had begun to bask in their communal sense of accomplishment and good cheer

    42. that some day these children may bask in the limelight?

    43. It was the need to see her, to be with her, to bask in her sharp views and intellectual conversation

    44. was now able to bask in their reruns

    45. The wise bask in the glory of their own obscurity and inability to know themselves

    46. In the next chapter we’ll bask in the enlightenment delivered by grasping the truth about star and

    47. The point of the knife went deeper as Evette screamed, “You regret! Oh I’m sure you have regrets Papa, but me and mama aren’t one of them! For instance I’m sure you regret the absence of the golden temple that was to have been built on this very spot, from where you were going to lead a great revival, as you preached forth with great eloquence to the masses that came teeming to bask in the glow of your righteous zeal! The absence of that I’m sure you regret! Tell me papa why wasn’t it built? Was it because you let your little girl that you let be used as a common whore, escape? Is that the terrible retribution that you faced?”

    48. Feeling at peace I let the conversation flow around me, joining in only when required to, content to bask in the aftermath of victory

    49. Thèmen of my class', were heroes in the eyes of the girls, who never wearied of the exploits of òur fellows', and were frequently allowed to bask in the smiles of these great creatures, when Laurie brought them home with him

    50. There is another count put into the indictment against them by Plato, that they are the friends of the tyrant, and bask in the sunshine of his patronage

    1. Without the buzz of the light, the whooshing of the vents, or the babble of other passengers, he basked in the pure silence of the plane

    2. Serpent basked in God's great glory on golden wings

    3. Settling comfortably against the rock behind her, she closed her eyes and basked in the warmth of the sun, feeling it relax her

    4. Eve asked, as she basked in the glow of the Abel Berries, resting her head against the inner walls of the Impenetrable Cavern

    5. and we basked in the luxury of being their only guests

    6. Gheckos lay idly on the sunny sides, exchanging feet as they basked in the heat, watching, waiting

    7. As it rose higher and became round, Caroline closed her eyes, tipped her head and basked in its warmth allowing the rays to penetrate her very being

    8. Benny, noteworthy by his absence, probably basked in

    9. There was a faint chill in the air of the early September evening, so Anne had lighted her ever ready fire of driftwood in the big living room, and she and Miss Cornelia basked in its fairy flicker

    10. The titan was known to be liked by all the ladies of the Realms and even the ones on Earth and he basked in their attention

    11. I lay back and basked in the events that had just happened: the talk with my father

    12. He basked under the sunshine of their courtship

    13. Paul John Knowles who embarked upon a random killing spree in 1972, claiming the lives of at least 24 victims, declared himself to be “the only successful member of my family” and positively basked in the media attention after his arrest

    14. She basked in a glow of warmth encompassing a sense

    15. As they were eating breakfast, Chris basked in the afterglow of good sex, feeling tired, as his thoughts wandered

    16. In admiration he basked

    17. They loved her and she basked in the light of their affection

    18. Tony Gilroy and the executives from Universal that were present also basked into what appeared to be an overwhelmingly positive response from the critics and guests

    19. Terence Underwood, the wicked man who had ruthlessly murdered his wife then smugly basked in his own satisfaction with his deed, was now dead, obviously murdered as well by a force unknown, signifying that another killer, either human or supernatural, was possibly loose in the hotel

    20. There, basked in lantern light, was Ruth, looking like the

    21. Pigeons gathered on the window ledge and basked in the sun

    22. Like every male first year excitement over the freedom from parental supervision they basked in, if not all, the seven deadly sins

    23. The white hair priest lifted his head and smiled and basked in the light of

    24. Ultimately safety prevailed and the whole of his area again basked in security and tranquillity restored to people’s hearts

    25. of Anne’s curse-infested life as she gloated and basked in the sunshine of the city’s most eligible,

    26. Ultimately safety prevailed and the whole of his area again basked in security and tranquillity was restored to people’s hearts

    27. Rebecca basked in his praise

    28. The bucket filled and he basked beneath a pleasantly warm flow that got warmer and warmer

    29. Sue and I were in a similar position as we basked in each others

    30. Tanya Ulanova basked in the familiar feeling of turning every head as she scanned the room

    31. Even as Than travelled across the globe for souls day in and day out, he had not heard these insect sounds or felt the freshness of this air or basked in the heat of this sun

    32. He didn’t want to own to writing verse as in the sun he basked

    33. In spite of her excitement, Daphne still hadn’t decided whether she could forgive Cam, but for now, she basked in the moment

    34. Annelle’s pregnancy radiated throughout the dining room, and I basked in her soon-to-be motherly glow

    35. Those who chose to believe otherwise basked in ignorance

    36. All my pain washed away as I basked in the adulation

    37. I yearned for her, desired her and basked in her strange fixation for me

    38. I flirted with bald shopkeepers and portly porters and basked in their lavish compliments of my American-accented Italian

    39. Sarah nestled up against him and basked in the

    40. ” I responded at a lack for words, as I basked in the warmth of her presence

    41. Kerala bathed in the still waters of the lake and basked in the peacefulness of the surrounding

    42. He basked in the feel of the sea near him, its smell and its sounds, its

    43. His mouth covered mine, hard and insistent, and I basked in its roughness

    44. --While he basked in the warm sunshine of love, friendship also promised

    45. the season at that hour; a cane couch, with my work basked for a pillow,

    46. She concentrated on the salty fresh scent of the breeze and basked in the warmth of the sun on her arms and shoulders

    47. Thus brought up to the Goebbels’s standards, the house served as a venue for both intimate soirees and grand dinner parties for the Nazi elite and those who basked in their light

    48. Here I fell into a gentle breathing slumber, which stole upon my senses, as they fainted under the excessive heat of the season at that hour; a cane couch, with my work basked for a pillow, were all the conveniences of my short repose; for I was soon awaked and alarmed by a flounce, and noise of splashing in the water

    49. their paddock, and their smooth sides were already shining with their new, sleek, spring coats; they basked in the sunshine and lowed to go to the meadow

    50. Scarlett did not care for the caresses, but she basked in the compliments

    1. basking in the warmth of this unending season

    2. I preferred to lay under my towel within the safety of the shore, enjoying an ice cream and watching my uncle struggle with his wet suit before he curved into the sea like a dolphin only to reappear sometime later and regale me with stories of seals, gentle basking sharks, forests of stunning pink corals and walls of bright coloured jewel anemones he said he saw on his dives

    3. Apart from a few casual jobs that he managed to get during the summer season, when Britain’s residential masses poured out of their suburban homes to spend two weeks basking in the melange of weather systems that blow in across the great western seas, he spent most of the year fishing from beaches and rocky breakwaters, eking out a meagre living by selling sea bass to local restaurants and pubs

    4. Basking in the glow cast by his brief but perfect musical accomplishments the young man grew older living a quiet life in the countryside with his darling mother

    5. poured out of their suburban homes to spend two weeks basking in

    6. Basking in the glow cast by his brief but perfect musical

    7. Pneika and Alore were also undressed and basking in the attention on one side of the fireplace

    8. Find whiptail lizards basking in the sun, and geckos using their suckers to climb up wal s (local y named the

    9. closing her eyes and basking in the sunshine

    10. Basking in the misery of

    11. It was a beautiful fall and they were basking in the beauty of New England and it’s masterpiece of colors

    12. They had been lying in each other’s arms basking in their passions for some while after making love

    13. To Molo, it looked as if he was basking in the light of the suns, like the lizard he must have deftly caught with nothing but his knife

    14. The three stood, eyes closed basking in the warm

    15. through the tomato plants and marrows that were basking in the

    16. Standing up and basking in the warm sunlight, he felt a hand reach over and cup his own

    17. At the centre of the fountain's classical sculpture lies Pliny the Ancient, who adored basking in the Sun

    18. Close by, Dalia was sharing tearfully joyous hugs and kisses and words of farewell with her friends, while Yazadril and Nemia waited to her either side, as close to her as they could be without being inhibiting to her, basking in her presence, their expressions like Alilia’s

    19. A few feet away, Dalia was sharing tearfully joyous hugs and kisses and words of farewell with her friends, while Yazadril and Nemia waited to her either side, as close to her as they could be without being inhibiting to her, basking in her presence, their expressions like Alilia’s

    20. I would lay there basking in the glory of these revelations while still sensing His love emanating from Him standing next to me! Other times Jesus and I would read the Bible together, and He would expound on different Scriptures as I would read

    21. everyone trusted me, they would find themselves in heaven, basking in the glory of god

    22. the wonder of her captivating experience and basking in the glory of

    23. He nearly trod on a basking red-bellied black snake that set his pulses racing

    24. He spent all his time huddled over the oven, basking in the glow of the eggs

    25. The severed hand crawled to the base of the well, basking in the overflowing energy, and grew like a weed

    26. was basking in the exquisite moonlight, and the roaring

    27. He blushed, basking in her approbation


    29. I threw my head on the pillow, basking over the heavenly sensations

    30. Once more he joyfully ran through all the preparations, all in order, it was like reviewing the solution to a difficult equation once it had been finally solved, basking in the simplicity of it

    31. We strongly believe that Beck and some of his henchmen are somewhere in South Africa basking in the warm sunshine and enjoying the fine wine

    32. Feeling much better, he scrambled across the bunk and looked down on the village basking in a new fall of snow

    33. I joined Paul back out on the terrace where he was reclining on a sun lounger and basking in the late evening sun

    34. Not that JY wasn‘t interested—he would die for a chance to have a go at any of these wild things including the big reptiles basking in the sun or lying in wait barely submerged in weed choked shallows

    35. crowded hall basking in the adulation of his peers

    36. But to her eyes now, it resembled a cartoon painted village, basking in the mild spring sunshine, after the grey immensity of London

    37. The wind had suddenly died, basking them in a disturbingly

    38. He had spent a very pleasant night on the dark side of Callisto, basking in one of the better sauna clubs after meeting an agent from the Interstellar Agent Agency in a bar

    39. frogs were basking in full warmth

    40. fresh bed of snow while basking in the mild temperature created by the

    41. red hot fire, soaking up its heat, and basking in the glow

    42. red glow of the sun basking Shasta’s brand new white coat of snow as

    43. basking in the few sun rays not obscured by the clouds when I finally

    44. after he has disappeared, basking in the memory of his smile

    45. It’s one thing to be basking in the sun in a sports bra and pants,

    46. It was so weird how just 20 minutes ago I was on top of the world basking in my

    47. But Syd was speechless, basking in the warmth of Rebecca’s smile

    48. Basking in the glorious images he slipped his towel loose letting it fall onto the floor

    49. this, you are experiencing good health, the love of friends and family, and basking in the

    50. He was pretending and basking in bliss

    1. Nationally syndicated columnist Michael Barone observes in The Washington Times that, though he basks in the adulation of nearly the entire mainstream media, Obama “whines about his coverage on Fox News

    2. Vicki basks in the sunshine of a mother's love again, and never hears a cross word

    3. For ’tis in the Nature of distemper’d Lust to be insatiable, whilst the robust and loving Lover takes his Pleasure, then basks in the Satiety of a Thing well done, enjoying the Afterglow of Ecstacy as much as the Act itself

    4. He basks in the adoration—but his usual impatience and anger soon erupt

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