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Beachhead sätze (in englisch)

  1. That will leave less than one battalion on the beachhead.
  2. In effect, we are seeing a financial beachhead being formed.
  3. Perhaps Patton, who was preparing to take a field command after the beachhead was established.
  4. Therefore, to the east and west they put a containing ring of steel around the Normandy beachhead.
  5. Sorry lads but its no longer viable or realistic we will consolidate the areas that we now have and the beachhead.

  6. In his mind, murder was an intrusion from the outside and murderers were invaders to be thrown back at the beachhead.
  7. There’s a beachhead about ten miles north of our house, a not overly pleasant collection of sand and silt and beer-bottle shards.
  8. It is possible that they will try to establish a beachhead in the Southern Hemisphere, but then they would need surface craft to transport the troops here.
  9. On the assumption that a beachhead could be established on British soil, Raeder stated there was a danger that the Royal Navy would cut off supplies to German troops, isolate them and force their capitulation.
  10. For some reason they had cast us off in front of the wrong beachhead and as we are rowed in the Turkish sentries spot us and open fire so by the time we land on the beach they have whistled up support and raised the alarm.
  11. Assuming that they did establish air superiority and a beachhead in Southern England, there was still a considerable British force waiting for them, and a quick powerful counter-attack supported by the Home Fleet was a real possibility.
  12. Let them do all the hard dirty work of establishing a working colony on foreign soil… and then, yawn… after years of toil and killing and strife, why the Royal Crown can take walk in and take over the established beachhead, and claim another successful English colony has been created and reap all the rewards of their labor and treachery and evil.

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