bemuse sätze

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Bemuse sätze (in englisch)

1. Wonder why life had let fate withdraw its model brand well before its expiry time; but the lament in the obituaries about the loss to the society on account of those, who had long ceased to contribute amuses me; would the lack of meaningless hyperboles in them mean any disrespect to the departed? What about the living legends; the psyche of these spent forces makes an interesting reading; used as they were to adulations in their heydays, they tend to bemuse themselves at sundry events as the organizers eulogize them to add value to their own endeavors, and as if they came out of their oblivion, they head home to savor a peg or two to buttress their fantasy of falsity.

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1. He looked at me bemused.
2. He took a bemused step back.
3. She seemed like a bemused.
4. He shakes his head, bemused.
5. Kirk gave me a bemused look.
6. Carolee gave me a bemused smile.
7. He was very perplexed and bemused.
8. John sat there with a bemused look.
9. Around him, he sensed the bemused.
10. Derek stood there bemused by it all.
11. With a bemused smile, Theoton obliged.
12. Underhill stood bemused by what he saw.
13. She looked bewildered and then bemused.
14. Bemused, Rafferty stared at his sergeant.
15. He walked slowly, looking almost bemused.
16. Paul was bemused but wrote it down anyway.
17. I do not follow, Hanor said, bemused.
18. He looked bemused at their sudden shyness.
19. First Army Corps, gave her a bemused look.
20. I fully intend to, he mutters, bemused.
21. She almost laughed at his bemused expression.
22. There is one thing, Hanor said, bemused.
23. George's forte, I was informed by a bemused.
24. The adventurers looked at one another, bemused.
25. Creasey came in with a bemused look on his face.
26. Bemused eyes watched as Lazano connected the tube.
27. I was amused and bemused, and her enthusiasm was.
28. The stick stopped prodding; Pastel looked bemused.
29. He seems as bemused by the whole affair as we are.
30. A bemused expression appeared on his handsome face.
31. Our bemused friends resented the slander of their.
32. The whole school was bemused upon the kind of theft.
33. Where are they? Daniel asked, a little bemused.
34. Beneath this was a post script that stunned and bemused.
35. And trolvid? The shaman inquired, somewhat bemused.
36. With a slightly bemused shake of his head, he continued.
37. Gavin chuckled and shook his head in a bemused sort of way.
38. The lone corporal manning the desk gave her a bemused smile.
39. The Chairman gazed at Assemblyman Adams with bemused contempt.
40. Everyone was staring at her with a bemused look on their faces.
41. Mark soon returned from the privacy, a bemused smile on his face.
42. Kathy was confused, bemused, and unsure of her standing with Joel.
43. The doe turned its head up, watching him with a bemused expression.
44. Scott leaned forward and watched the exchange with bemused interest.
45. He then ran back in his office, leaving a bemused Reeves facing Nancy.
46. Kruse’s role in this meeting? Necchi said, looking a bit bemused.
47. I was not sure if he knew what to say just a bemused look upon his face.
48. Both the mysterious man and the hot girl watched, bemused, as the stupid.
49. He carried on for ten minutes, leaving me and the audience a bit bemused.
50. Alex sat back into the sofa, his face bemused, but he did not interrupt me.
51. Alan was examining the theirops bones, bemused that they were made of wood.
52. They climbed aboard the carriage a bemused Lemoss looked at Beauty steadily.
53. Bemused enrapture captures casual intricacies throughout the days leisure in.
54. Don’t you know about the Number Four reactor? she said with a bemused.
55. She shut the pink phone and thrust it back into the hand of her bemused friend.
56. Each soldier stared at dissected pieces, his features locked in bemused horror.
57. He led a bemused Reginald into a large, empty dressing room and closed the door.
58. I’ve never had so many invitations to go out,’ Nicky said, looking bemused.
59. I’m sorry? replied the man shaking his head a little, somewhat bemused.
60. Bemused, Wilson’s eyes widened as he stared at two large bags of white powder.
61. Thank you, Donna mused and stepped outside, still looking bemused and pale.
62. Felix stared back at the machine with a bemused look on his face, and then nodded.
63. Surprised to see you here, came the slightly bemused response from the steward.
64. That is quite a story, young lady, she said with a bemused look in her eyes.
65. Fortnum, bemused, scanned the wrapper a moment then dropped it into the wastebasket.
66. For a bemused instant the apparition seemed part of the dream she had been dreaming.
67. Hilsith with her tray was grinning, Nemia looked bemused, and Talia looked mesmerized.
68. Nicky, however, was smiling, watching her friends’ expressions with a bemused smile.
69. Gavin turned and looked at her over his shoulder and regarded her with a bemused look.
70. Hello Mohamed, what can I do for you? still bemused as to how the Sheik had found.
71. As I approached I saw that he was without any customers and was beaming like a bemused.
72. His expression bemused but grave as he looked between me and a fast approaching Brandon.
73. Some stayed rooted to the spot, glaring or looking bemused, as if she’d lost her sanity.
74. E-mail! he chokes, bemused, raising his eyebrows with a slightly sick look on his face.
75. Circling at a bemused distance so as not to singe my wings, I knew it in my bones even then.
76. Three women and a man were also gazing with bemused half-grins of ill-concealed appreciation.
77. A comical indentation of a bemused man was left, as he slid down the wall, falling to a slump.
78. Where did that bloody thing come from? asked a bemused Spock, now staring at the holy box.
79. He took off down the trench, and I stared at his back, bemused by this strange and bizarre sight.
80. He was still bemused and weary, and was still in shock and felt weak, so he was glad to be in bed.
81. I straighten and stare at him, and he’s watching me as if I might bolt, gray eyes wide, bemused.
82. And you still haven’t called any of these people? Boney asked, a bemused smile on her face.
83. The door opened and there stood Marcus, a bemused grin on his face as he closed and locked the door.
84. For a moment Uncle Hobart looked bemused, then he coughed twice, turning to me with raised eyebrows.
85. Bemused that so many possibilities should fall into his lap at once, Rafferty glanced at Mary Galvin.
86. What are you doing here? Bryony recovered from her shock to fix the Captain with a bemused stare.
87. In ones and twos the does, utterly bemused and scarcely "Then get these does down there," said Bigwig.
88. She at first listened to the tale of Jean Kosciuszko and Tom Roberson with a bemused smile on her face.
89. Mildly bemused, John said, Not that I’m complaining, but I really thought we were done with… this.
90. His words made no sense to Maggie or Nicolas, and they glanced at each other, a bemused smile on each face.
91. Taking in her bemused expression, and feeling inexplicably touched it, Joel found himself wanting to kiss her.
92. Isin and Senta rose, and following the rest of the company, led a bemused Elf off the bridge and to the galley.
93. Her eyes took on a bemused look, though her expression never changed, Then again, maybe it wasn't you, after all.
94. The software programmers looked bemused at the screen, but the two old professors and their sons looked in amazement.
95. Candy took hold of Byron’s face and kissed it quickly, stamping their ownership before the slightly bemused Teresa.
96. I could see that I was not the only one who was surprised as many of the people had bemused expressions on their face.
97. The gendarme watched the small group enter the bank with its chests before exchanging a bemused glance with his comrade.
98. Too bemused with terror to be fully aware of what was going on, the girl suffered herself to be led across the dizzy span.
99. Jai watched her flounder, bemused, while holding his own breath for minutes at a time in perfect, long-practiced stillness.
100. Both women present were bemused by the situation, more so Eileen Cauldron who for all her hardened years seemed almost in shock.

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