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    1. I have included them to help you develop a feel for blending your own organic materials

    2. blending in with the shadow cast

    3. blending with the discord of Tavener’s shining

    4. A blending of skin

    5. The two writers asked him if he thought the syntax was just perfect? They asked for his opinions on all manner of things, and particularly whether he thought the blending of fact, interpretation and style created the most stunning and persuasive of arguments? Then they showed him the latest section of the report, which was hot off the printer, and Sir John could do nothing but open his eyes wider and wider

    6. ” Never feel as though blending in is a bad thing

    7. Conformance and blending in is not the same thing

    8. particularly whether he thought the blending of fact, interpretation

    9. Half the time, all Mike and Andy have is a vague scribble on their running order of what the key is for an item, but they always come in perfectly, blending their line in with whatever else is going on

    10. Brice turned, though the spy was nowhere to be found, his pale flesh blending with the many ragged faces of the crowd

    11. They’re blending into their hive mind distinct personalities, or spiritual egos if you prefer

    12. now, she’d traced Odysseus's path all the way from Troy to Ithaca, blending his ordeal with her own

    13. It seemed like a slightly misjudged way of blending in to this northern latitude, as if after studying the language and culture they had overlooked the more nuanced variations of human physiognomy

    14. kept the estuary at bay with its gardens blending into the shore

    15. Their strategy of blending the themes of fear, adventure, and hope had been given much more airtime than the narrowly pitched UK campaign

    16. Nature was at her peak, blending the wild blooms with various shades of green

    17. Inter racial and ethnic marriages in recent years, however, have gradually erased such distinctions or genetic dispositions and environmental influences, by blending hereditary characteristics and socio/cultural factors that may otherwise enhance or (diminish) performance

    18. Amidst confusion and hysteria, I managed to brush my teeth, salty tears blending with the toothpaste

    19. These are just some of the potential causes of delaying the integration or blending of step-families

    20. She looked all around carefully as if trying to spot a sly ninja blending in with the blacktop of the parking lot

    21. One could have said that things were ticking along with military precision if it wasn’t for Steve who was roaming the stands making lewd gestures, not being able to hold his water like a grown-up should, making faces and obscene gestures at passers-by, and generally blending in seamlessly with the rest of the fair-going crowd

    22. caring substance that was blending with his inner being

    23. Decaying buildings line every street, each structure blending with the other

    24. There is a blending requirement from the federal government that our gas must contain 10% ethanol (The EPA is recommending that be increased to 15%)

    25. Buonarroti foresaw “the establishment of that sublime worship, which, by blending the laws of the country with the precepts of the divinity, doubled, as it were, the force of the legislator, and armed him with the means of extinguishing

    26. comparing them, and by blending them, we create in our minds complex ideas

    27. The blending of our skills is a revolution in such endeavors

    28. In the courtyard of Tregannon’s fortified home, the cane had spoken to him, its voice blending with the song of the emeralds and the colours hidden in the scribe

    29. Johan scrambled to his feet and attempted to breach the barrier a third time where the thickest glut of stories flowed, their greens, reds and browns blending into gold

    30. blending across the flat lands into the mountains where

    31. She’d almost passed him by, the shadow of the trees blending with the light grey of his cloak where he lay curled up on the ground

    32. At once, she could feel his mind moving and blending with hers, the sweet splash of melded colours which always made her blink

    33. A dangerous blending but one so familiar to the scribe that it made his blood sing

    34. The cheese too was potent, a local blending, he assumed, not one he recognised, but every village he had ever travelled through always prided itself on the distinctiveness of its own local cheeses

    35. It was as if all of this place, the history of the mountains, and the timeless nature of their being were blending together, but without threat and suffocation which had happened before

    36. “Increasingly programs are incorporating technology and blending it with face-to-face communication,” says Diaz

    37. Barrad stood in the front rank of the shield-wall anonymously blending in amongst his troops

    38. While smiling, she started to light their hands on fire, their magik essences blending together

    39. They could be blending in under some kind of believable cover story

    40. race, which brings in intuition and wisdom, blending all that is best in the

    41. The livingroom walls were painted the color of the café latte he’d drank that morning, blending perfectly with the honey-colored accent wall leading into the bedroom

    42. Theirs was a composite concept of God, consisting in a blending of their older Mesopotamian ideas and the Most High doctrine

    43. We want to accentuate that distinction to help us stop blending the character we play with the actor playing the character

    44. The ceiling and walls gave an optical illusion of blending together as one

    45. blending with each other

    46. (A) There are many things that can come from the blending of genetic material of two beings that come together for the purpose of creating the human form

    47. It had a smell that was similar to a blending of jasmine and

    48. upholding and blending the charm and the charisma of the pop art of 50s, people still loves it

    49. These image editors have facilitated this task by blending the power of art and technology

    50. This is the chapter I wrote last, since it’s the result of the blending of a chapter on health and another on vitamins and drugs

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