bodyguard sätze

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Bodyguard sätze (in englisch)

  1. He looked at his bodyguard.
  2. He would need a bodyguard.
  3. He was employed as bodyguard.
  4. The bodyguard was shocked at.
  5. He is the crazy one’s bodyguard.

  6. He signaled his bodyguard to relax.
  7. The bodyguard looked at Son and then.
  8. He had been a bodyguard for Al Capone.
  9. Here’s where my bodyguard sleeps.
  10. Just then Hurd's bodyguard became alert.
  11. The bodyguard drove her back to the town.
  12. He must be Princess Erika’s bodyguard.
  13. Hurd's bodyguard had been quick to react.
  14. Really! I would have guessed bodyguard.
  15. So they were General Armstrong's bodyguard.

  16. She had gone and found herself a bodyguard.
  17. Wilson and his bodyguard crawled in the back.
  18. One bodyguard for each band member, I said.
  19. No, she usually has a bodyguard following her.
  20. They ran past the bodyguard without spotting him.
  21. You, said Conrad, are not her bodyguard.
  22. The bodyguard came in a second after she went out.
  23. Considering there is a bodyguard on it now, your.
  24. Klok was a contract bodyguard for corporate sheiks.
  25. He showed the bodyguard the pictures on the screen.

  26. I think his here as Lilly's bodyguard Kate said.
  27. What do I want with a bodyguard? I’m the coroner.
  28. He was on the job as our bodyguard, and totally on edge.
  29. Jane’s bodyguard had followed her into the hotel lobby.
  30. With the impact of a train the Bodyguard flew backwards.
  31. Wolfie lowered the gun and handed it back to his bodyguard.
  32. No said Grimes My bodyguard has another assignment.
  33. He was probably a bodyguard, the man who would strangle me.
  34. He therefore appointed a bodyguard to be with her throughout.
  35. I didn’t want to have to hurt a bodyguard if I could help it.
  36. Doctor Schacter went along more as a chauffeur than a bodyguard.
  37. The bodyguard nodded and stood back as Son approached the throne.
  38. One bodyguard went down with a nine-millimeter hole in the throat.
  39. After his bodyguard escorts me up the stairs, the goon disappears.
  40. The driver of the private car was a bodyguard, and he was carrying.
  41. Everything that she had was due to her talents as a bodyguard, a.
  42. Grumbling in protest, all of them departed save for his bodyguard.
  43. Cloud, have you ever been a bodyguard? whispered Aerith, her.
  44. If she could make it downstairs to her bodyguard she would be safe.
  45. The Bodyguard of the Wood Mage of Arborea addressed his mage friend.
  46. His brother and Marco, the bodyguard, put their hands up instantly.
  47. The assassin was captured and the bodyguard was taken to the healers.
  48. He realized he required protection, constant vigilance—a bodyguard.
  49. It’d been a while since George had met his new bodyguard and he was.
  50. He was meeting his bodyguard outside Fettes Col ege, one of the UK’s.
  51. Son turned around to see the bodyguard of the old king of War with the.
  52. Watts was thoughtful for a moment while looking at his senior bodyguard.
  53. He may bring another bodyguard with him, Al Sorento, a very capable pro.
  54. I knocked out his bodyguard after he stuck a gun in my face, I said.
  55. He scattered the bodyguard, and pulled down Bolg himself and crushed him.
  56. He also wanted him to be the royal bodyguard to his son the Crown Prince.
  57. Philippa arrived with a lady-in-waiting and a bodyguard but without Odila.
  58. Really? I mean, my bodyguard and his mate seemed pretty civilized to me.
  59. He and his bodyguard were standing a few feet away from me at the counter.
  60. The story reported the murder of Markham, his bodyguard and the explosion.
  61. As soon as the brothers and their bodyguard started to move the suitcases.
  62. Investigator, runner, bodyguard, errand boy, you name it and Jeff does it.
  63. I dressed like a whirlwind and called Abu Zaki, my bodyguard, to follow me.
  64. I could have been your bodyguard or something…roll with your entourage.
  65. Noghes was kil ed by your kidnappers, along with his chauffeur and bodyguard.
  66. And it was not unheard of for a priest of any god to travel with a bodyguard.
  67. At one time, for a year, Farah had been a bodyguard for the Ayatollah Khomeini.
  68. It hadn’t been until years later that Soteri moved into his role as bodyguard.
  69. His bodyguard, a Red Army major, suddenly pointed the sky through the windshield.
  70. There was a man who could be trusted to supply such a bodyguard and only the best.
  71. If Clayton wanted to be with her then who cared about his bad tempered bodyguard?
  72. Andy, you smile at your bodyguard who knows your tastes almost as well as you.
  73. That is my bodyguard, Mophi and he has been following you since you left my home.
  74. After the police left I told Jeannine I was hiring a bodyguard for her and the office.
  75. It required the blessing of the king and Arioch, as the chief of the Royal Bodyguard.
  76. That leaves only the king's personal bodyguard in the city—beside the Black Legion.
  77. I stole a glance at his wrinkled and dark face and thought he really was the bodyguard.
  78. It's coming from up there! the bodyguard screamed as he looked and his colleague.
  79. The last he’d heard of him, his old bodyguard had left prison and headed for Scotland.
  80. Cahnyr rode at the center of a mounted bodyguard much larger than seemed necessary to him.
  81. He could then feel his disdain for the bodyguard build as he stared at his massive frame.
  82. As the door closed behind her, Victor looked at his senior bodyguard and threw his hands up.
  83. I’m shocked that you actually had a man waste a year of his life as my private bodyguard.
  84. General Armstrong then rode back toward his tent, without bothering to bring his bodyguard.
  85. In the meantime, Travis still maintained his workout with his bodyguard, both unsuspicious.
  86. The bodyguard hesitated, not used to his punches being received with quite so little effect.
  87. His bodyguard looked at Nikita with worry as the driver obeyed reluctantly and reversed gears.
  88. Arakcheev was a faithful custodian to enforce order and acted as the sovereign’s bodyguard.
  89. He said it had to do with you sneaking into his back offices and knocking out his bodyguard.
  90. The bodyguard was looking at him for a few seconds watching the blood pouring out of his head.
  91. Arakchéev was a faithful custodian to enforce order and acted as the sovereign’s bodyguard.
  92. Nikita realized with a jump of his heart that his bodyguard could very well be right about that.
  93. He had a fearsome reputation in the Village and was known as a bodyguard, bouncer and equalizer.
  94. He didn’t send his personal bodyguard to a concentration camp though he was of Jewish descent.
  95. Jose nodded before they restarted for the group of tourists that housed Travis and his bodyguard.
  96. She is Lady Lisbeth’s bodyguard and I can vouch for the fact that she knows how to use these.
  97. Morrison’s eyes focused on Zembelo as he pointed the unconscious bodyguard to one of his guards.
  98. Talia and I are going to visit with them, along with our very large new bodyguard and his new mate.
  99. As they drove into town Jane said to her bodyguard, ‘Can you stop outside The Bridge Hotel please.
  100. The bodyguard nodded, then took back his post by the door of the examination room with his colleague.

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