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Breakout in einem Satz (in englisch)

The so called breakout trades.
This is the breakout strategy.
The breakout is powerful: up 8.
Here’s another way to BREAKOUT.
The next breakout was to the upside.
What’s the best chart breakout?

Let’s focus on the breakout area:.
Or it could attempt another breakout.
The breakout came on an 8% price jump.
A valid breakout may occur on either.
This is why breakout trades often fail.
The breakout came on a gap up in price.
Let’s zoom in on the breakout area:.
The next chart focuses on the breakout:.
The breakout trader is a patient trader.
Here, the second breakout was successful.
The breakout strategy involves two phases.
Should show a strong uptrend or a breakout.
A breakout should be a clearly visible event.
The next chart focuses on the breakout area:.
Two months have now passed since the breakout.
The next chart zooms in on the breakout area:.
Use another indicator to confirm the breakout.
Refers to a momentum breakout trading strategy.
The powerful breakout in Marchex is an example.
Here is another breakout on a gap up in price:.
Next, the close-up of the pattern and breakout:.
The second retest came a week after the breakout.
You see above-average volume on the breakout day.
On its journey from an initial breakout at the $2.
The next example involves another tricky breakout.
The real breakout, in contrast, was unmistakable.
And the next chart zooms in on the breakout area:.
We must not trade just because there is a breakout.
The blue sky breakout: You will favor stocks where.
The upper band tag and breakout starts the uptrend.
Note the textbook symmetrical triangle and breakout.
The stock’s most recent breakout is now at 77 (25.

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