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    bring up

    1. Glenelle saw Ava bring up a few more screens in the air in front of her that she couldn't see from this side

    2. She was born in Patras, she has an older sister and a younger brother, her parents were too poor to bring up three children, so the girls were raised by their grandmother

    3. "Antenna 521 and the NEI were always powered up and we've been able to bring up the PEI instruments remotely

    4. Bring up my past and I could do it this Dusksleep, I know I could

    5. Rah, Lady Jennie, and Daowyn and Lady Elzbeth would bring up the rear

    6. In a fair fight it is also important to not bring up old issues

    7. discoveries, even the current weather patterns, you will be able to bring up any topic that might be of interest in your potential connection

    8. of the majority in the room, you bring up an interesting point on the overall subject, showing

    9. He had to bring up his med panel to dial his erection out

    10. “That is a serious allegation to bring up, even in private company, Tarak

    11. If he could do it as if it was an intellectual argument and stare her down in the eyes, that would be one thing, but he had just noticed that her robes weren’t quite opaque enough to completely hide the color of her nipples, and he had to bring up his med panel to make sure his hormones were properly set

    12. Bring up an old topic in a new way

    13. “The next thing I’d like to bring up is you and Cordra

    14. approached Carl began to bring up the aliens again

    15. Could she trust him with her troubles? She didn't want to be the first to bring up the eroticism creeping into her thoughts

    16. in order that, one with another, they may be enabled to bring up two children; the labour of the wife, on account of her necessary attendance on the children, being supposed no more than sufficient to provide for herself: But one half the children born, it is computed, die before the age of manhood

    17. Thus far at least seems certain, that, in order to bring up a family, the labour of the husband and wife together must, even in the lowest species of common labour, be able to earn something more than what is precisely necessary for their own maintenance; but in what proportion, whether in that above-mentioned, or many other, I shall not take upon me to determine

    18. ‘Just a minute, Ill just bring up

    19. If in such a country the wages off labour had ever been more than sufficient to maintain the labourer, and to enable him to bring up a family, the competition of the labourers and the interest of the masters would soon reduce them to the lowest rate which is consistent with common humanity

    20. In Great Britain, the wages of labour seem, in the present times, to be evidently more than what is precisely necessary to enable the labourer to bring up a family

    21. If the labouring poor, therefore, could bring up their families then, they must be much more at their ease now

    22. The liberal reward of labour, by enabling them to provide better for their children, and consequently to bring up a greater number, naturally tends to widen and extend those limits

    23. When this real wealth of the society becomes stationary, his wages are soon reduced to what is barely enough to enable him to bring up a family, or to continue the race of labourers

    24. It obliges all of them to be more circumspect in their conduct, and, by not extending their currency beyond its due proportion to their cash, to guard themselves against those malicious runs, which the rivalship of so many competitors is always ready to bring upon them

    25. I briefly thought of Izzy, but didn't want to bring up sleep and demons after the way her mother died

    26. He decided that when he had lunch with the king the following day he would bring up this matter of her banishment from the palace

    27. You are afraid to confront or bring up the issue

    28. So far as it operates in the one way, it must reduce the ability of the labouring poor to educate and bring up their children, and must, so far, tend to restrain the population of the country

    29. At his request Lucy led the group, leaving Chris free this time to bring up the rear

    30. We had a smoke and then moved off myself and Corporal Kenny had been detailed to bring up the rear keeping an eye out for enemy ambushes from behind us

    31. But he continued waiting, the pressure increasing, his mind being forced to bring up images of the last few days, his work, his time with Raiya, it was laid out for them as if his mind were a flash drive to be plundered at will

    32. Through the advanced price of the luxuries of the poor, therefore, might increase somewhat the distress of such disorderly families, and thereby diminish somewhat their ability to bring up children, it would not probably diminish much the useful population of the country

    33. Any rise in the average price of necessaries, unless it be compensated by a proportionable rise in the wages of labour, must necessarily diminish, more or less, the ability of the poor to bring up numerous families, and, consequently, to supply the demand for useful labour; whatever may be the state of that demand, whether increasing, stationary, or declining; or such as requires an increasing, stationary, or declining population

    34. Please God, don't let her bring up my father

    35. You want to bring up that pain and then you want to

    36. She staggered forward, dagger loose in her grip, useless, too low to bring up in time

    37. Ye tell Jamie to bring up all that he has that is eatable

    38. ‘Just thinking,’ I said and I knew this would be a good opportunity to bring up the subject of his future

    39. He can bring up three men – unarmed, of course

    40. I thought it was crazy to bring up the issue now

    41. They can bring up their concerns at the surrender negotiations

    42. He decided not to bring up the issue on his own

    43. He started to bring up the nose, and put in a little power, gliding in through the stratosphere

    44. Had she ended up living in poverty somewhere, and trying to bring up a kid on public assistance, and always telling her son, his son, what a rotten old man he was?

    45. He tried to bring up the subject of moving in as breezy a manner as possible, under the circumstances

    46. Loran was left to bring up a very solitary rear guard, as he mused, “I have saved her from danger only to lose her to her destiny?”

    47. I didn‘t want to bring up Adam‘s request with Jack, so the next day I closed out an old savings account I‘d had for ages

    48. 11 Then said the woman, Whom shall I bring up to you? And he said, Bring me up Samuel

    49. even those did the priests and the Levites bring up

    50. 3 And David gathered all Israel together to Jerusalem, to bring up the Ark of the Lord to his place, which he had

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