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    1. As Cat pondered on that last statement, the noise of twenty-four hour bustle

    2. The hustle and bustle of the

    3. It is easy to bustle around and to lose full dependence on the

    4. All is bustle and activity

    5. Somehow he managed to evade all the welcome and noise and bustle and sneak her into the house and along the shadowy, silent hallways to her bed chamber

    6. The local people bustle about, the women – as women anywhere, obviously shopping while herding small children and the men either busily rushing around or lounging staring into space – I watch as a woman with two children makes desperate attempts to stop the elder of the two under her care from pinching some fruit from a stall … the little devil waits until she is occupied in conversation with the stall owner before sneakily nicking an apple and ramming it into his pocket

    7. In the station, under a huge steel sky, the two children sat quietly amid the hustle and bustle of bags and feet that rumbled by oblivious to their plight

    8. Crowds of people – mostly women, I notice – bustle about with baskets, their raucous ripostes to the chatter of the costers much as I have seen in some of the street markets of London

    9. Even in the afternoon hustle and bustle of the tourist throng, the

    10. steel sky, the two children sat quietly amid the hustle and bustle of

    11. It is very quiet inside … this getting married business is a serious matter, Anna … forget all the hustle and bustle of the reception and stuff … this is about the rest of your life …

    12. over the noise and bustle of the pub

    13. across the bustle without apparently raising his voice

    14. Once he is out of the cab in the fresh air, with the bustle of wire baskets under full strain all around him, he pays the driver and decides to walk back to the house

    15. Only two locks down from Seventh, it was out of the bustle of the major canals, close to neighborhoods she was familiar with

    16. The whole area was untouched and much quieter than the hustle and bustle they had grown accustomed to back in the village

    17. It is a little thing, I know, but it offers us the impression of being removed from the bustle of polite society

    18. he welcomed the bustle and activity as he climbed the hill

    19. (If bustle is a word less imposing,

    20. the hustle and bustle at the station

    21. As we neared, the hustle and bustle of travelers was evident

    22. It's high windows and spear topped railings gave it a stately air among the bustle and whine of trucks and fork-lifts

    23. Did she miss the bustle of the city; the sense of being among throngs of people

    24. 'You don't miss the hustle and bustle

    25. ” The middle aged couple left in a bustle of bags, boxes and smiles

    26. In spring and summer, the area would bustle with activity

    27. Cheer Brothers began to hurry and bustle and carry out the bundles as

    28. Such a bustle ensued that you might have thought a goose the rarest of

    29. I was sitting in my local, reading Uncle Hobart's letter, the noise and bustle fading into the background as I concentrated on his shaky handwriting

    30. Clarissa and another agnate stood on either side of my door—more guards, I realized, just to make sure that I was safe amid the bustle of preparations

    31. The maid had a small glass of sherry while we waited; then came a bustle in the front hall

    32. Within a few minutes, his train left the tenements’ and streets with their cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of life

    33. the city matched areas of New York with the bustle of wagons

    34. “We must be sure,” the elder leader cautioned in the stentorian tones of old wisdom, “of who our enemy is before we seek vengeance!” but his voice was drowned out in the bustle of angry preparation

    35. But for me the real joy is to just get out and away from the hustle and bustle

    36. in this hustle, bustle, fast-paced world we live in, the condition

    37. I want to bustle round in heaven the same as here

    38. illuminating the bustle of traffic as the Shinra employees made

    39. A bustle of activity had commenced across the heavenless sky of

    40. Hot as it was, there was a bustle of activity with units riding, marching, and training in full battle gear all around us

    41. Pat was swept up in the bustle of preparing to ride

    42. It appeared that the party was over as the hustle and bustle of

    43. “You’ll have to pardon the crowding and the bustle all about, but the ship is being renovated, refitted, stocked, and prepared to sail, all simultaneously

    44. ” Mark bowed, then looked around with interest at the bustle of activities all around

    45. With a moment’s study, it was seen to be a smoothly coordinated bustle of activity, apparently directed by a gargoyle who steadily rotated while hovering six meters in the air above the center of the floor, keeping an eye on everything

    46. Beyond the castle too there had been a sense of bustle and purpose

    47. She arrived at the airport with hours to spare and spent her time just looking at the hustle and bustle of people either arriving or departing, with everyone looking so casual about it

    48. With a moment’s study, it was seen to be a smoothly coordinated bustle of activity, apparently directed by a gargoyle who steadily rotated while hovering twenty feet in the air above the center of the floor, keeping an eye on everything

    49. George saw none of the early morning bustle

    50. The place radiated peace and serenity, far removed from the bustle of the war

    1. The big idiot bustled out from behind the counter

    2. At the summons, his wife bustled out

    3. Much later, Bram’s mother bustled in with a tray of mugs of hot

    4. young Tom while Granny bustled off to put the kettle on

    5. Before Lemoss could think, the three men bustled out, pushed him roughly aside before crossing over into the grocer

    6. She bustled about, spreading knife, string, salt and clean cloths onto a bushel

    7. ” The Major bustled off to chivvy the Engineers into loading the water faster but also to drag the well for anymore guns that were down there

    8. The crowd bustled toward the doors, pushing others out of the way with continuing shouts and screams, as if they were competing for the only way to survive

    9. Mother bustled to it and I heard her give a gasp, then talk excitedly to our visitor

    10. Mother bustled out of there, saying that she

    11. Felicity opened the door a few minutes later and bustled in with her arms full of packages

    12. she ran after the neighbours and the doctor, and bustled about the

    13. Without saying more, they bustled about the room making ready

    14. Feet bustled along and announcements were constantly made over the PA system

    15. Without exception every one cast their eyes to the ground as the trio bustled by

    16. Half a dozen servers bustled among twice as many tables in the warm candlelight

    17. She joined him, and Frau Vollmer bustled away to bring her breakfast

    18. While they ate, she bustled around the house: the lower room, where Old Dan had stayed, was prepared for Virginia, and Maggie’s room upstairs was reluctantly made ready for Lord Robert

    19. had simply bustled out to the kitchen

    20. The moment was broken when Alilia bustled out of the kitchen

    21. “You sent for Healers?” asked the dwarf as she bustled hurriedly over

    22. The streets bustled with people and bots chattering

    23. Being the size of a large wagon the oddly smooth surface of the crystal glistened with the light of the late afternoon sun and dwarfed the men that bustled about it

    24. " The nurse bustled into the waiting room

    25. The door burst open and Zoe bustled in, muddied and wet

    26. Every human type bustled through the narrow streets of the old town

    27. The flicker of interest when he was introduced to Jarek had not escaped her notice, and she was determined that nothing would get in the way of a possible romance, which was why she bustled everyone else back to the house, leaving the two men alone

    28. Hugs, explanations, apologies for getting lost, promises to be more careful and not trip while going for the mail…and they were bustled inside

    29. She bustled about making my drink

    30. ” With that he bustled off to tend his other customers, and D’ven smiled down at Dana

    31. ” I opened my eyes and unfolded my legs slowly, watching as he bustled around organizing his things

    32. Myriads of small white and blue cargo handling craft bustled around both on and above the surface

    33. A mass of humanity hustled and bustled about the platform

    34. A hedgehog bustled out onto the stretch of grass beyond the steps, drawn by the

    35. Suddenly they could see that the pavements were in fact crowded with Zorbans, and the streets bustled with traffic

    36. The town bustled with activity, which upset Shoop to the brink of violence

    37. The crew bustled around while signed on the dotted lines and then she strapped herself into the plush, ultra comfortable seat

    38. Eventually, her worst fears were allayed when he bustled in to the flat, face flushed and wearing a broad grin

    39. He motioned to his secretary, who bustled across the room

    40. “I’d only just got my head down, when some erk bustled into my room to say that the Prime Minister wanted a word on the blower

    41. The main floor of this establishment bustled with

    42. The saloon"s interior bustled with business

    43. While she bustled behind the counter, Cam scoped out the handful of other patrons

    44. As she bustled around the room, putting on the kettle and pulling out mugs, Molly said, “You are absolutely not obligated to tell me what that was about

    45. Windsor presently bustled over to his master, looking down at his plate

    46. ” She bustled away toward the kitchen

    47. The wide thoroughfare of the thriving metropolis bustled with noisy activity; there were carriages, wagons, and men on horseback

    48. ” She bustled out of the room and down the hall

    49. A second waitress bustled over to the table and asked if she could refill his coffee

    50. People used to warmer climates were bundled up against the chill, and they bustled about on their daily business

    1. A very hot and bothered young lady, obviously acting as waitress for the day, bustles over to collect it

    2. Within a minute the railway platform was appeared as a deserted place; no more people and no more passengers and no more hustles and bustles, only the blinking red signal lights at the railway tracks

    3. or bustles, as shown by the ankle-length dress that clearly allowed

    4. Women in bustles and colourful

    5. The nurse bustles over and grimaces at Werner

    6. Hoops were out More exciting than the people she met were the frocks Rhett bought her, now, and the new styles were charming with the skirts pulled back from the front and draped over bustles, and on the bustles were wreaths of flowers and bows and embarrassed at these new skirts which undeniably outlined her abdomen

    7. They dressed as if they were traveling on a fashionable ocean liner, with bustles under their silk skirts and lace gorgets and broad-brimmed hats trimmed with crinoline flowers, and the two younger women changed their entire outfits several times a day, so that they seemed to carry with them their own springlike ambience while the other passengers were suffocating in the heat

    8. Farther discussion was prevented by various bustles: first, the driver came to be paid; then there was a squabble between Sam and Rebecca about the manner of carrying up his sister's trunk, which he would manage all his own way; and lastly, in walked Mr

    9. Not those women who are occupied by their figures, bustles, head-dresses, and their charms for men, and who, against their will, by accident and in despair, bear children, and then give them over to wet-nurses; nor yet those who go to different lectures, and talk of psychometrical centres of differentiation, and who also try to free themselves from bearing children not to hinder their folly, which they call development,—but those women and mothers who, having the power of freeing themselves from child-bearing, hold strictly and consciously to that eternal, immutable law, knowing that the weight and labour of that submission is the aim of their life

    10. Their enjoyment consists in this,—that the women and young girls, having bared their necks and arms, and applied bustles behind, place themselves in a situation in which no uncorrupted woman or maiden would care to display herself to a man, on any consideration in the world; and in this half-naked condition, with their uncovered bosoms exposed to view, with arms bare to the shoulder, with a bustle behind and tightly swathed hips, under the most brilliant light, women and maidens, whose chief virtue has always been modesty, exhibit themselves in the midst of strange men, who are also clad in improperly tight-fitting garments; and to the sound of maddening music, they embrace and whirl

    11. Not those women who are occupied with their dainty figures, with their bustles, their hair-dressing, and their attraction for men, and who bear children against their will, with despair, and hand them over to nurses; nor those who attend various courses of lectures, and discourse of psychometric centres and differentiation, and who also endeavor to escape bearing children, in order that it may not interfere with their folly which they call culture: but those women and mothers, who, possessing the power to refuse to bear children, consciously and in a straightforward way submit to this eternal, unchangeable law, knowing that the burden and the difficulty of such submission is their appointed lot in life,—these are the women and mothers of our wealthy classes, in whose hands, more than in those of any one else, lies the salvation of the men of our sphere in society from the miseries that oppress them

    1. Afternoonday was just beginning, the sun was more than halfway across the sky and his native staff were bustling about in the kitchen

    2. They were especially keen to send their tomatoes to the restaurants run by their celebrity chef chums in the bustling centres of expensive consumer consumption that shined amid the phantom lights of the capital city

    3. bustling centres of expensive consumer consumption that shined

    4. in this rushed and bustling world

    5. Despite its apparent obscurity, this part of the market was bustling

    6. The place is busier now, bustling with general ward visitors and staff

    7. the causeway, this room was bustling with activity

    8. As the train pulled into the Union Station at 3:25 in the afternoon, the unending clackety-clack of their journey yielded to the bustling throng and controlled chaos of the station and the streets beyond

    9. Just four days after the first famous camping trip, on a Thursday, with his Aunts still bustling in and out between his parents' room and the 'bath room,' he heard the voices of his sisters for the first time

    10. She soon came bustling back, “Yes, here it is

    11. At the bottom they stood, bustling about, talking in a theater before

    12. The streets were bustling as Henri and Jean arrived at the

    13. It was a busy, bustling hamlet,

    14. As Sjadbek stood up to return to the now less bustling center of their camp, Ralof followed suit

    15. As he neared the center of town, the once bustling merchants’ circle now devoid of any souls, he felt the familiar urge to visit the Bee and Barb for another drink and a hearty meal

    16. I just have always had these images in my head of a land of bustling cities with barely an inch of ground un-trodden by busy feet

    17. It was no longer bustling with the energy of a typical afternoon, but was only sparsely populated

    18. Rolling along at a nice pace, I studied what used to be the bustling landscape of Dallas

    19. I knew Ruth was probably cleaning or supervising the cleaning of the rooms and Matthew was bustling about, making sure there were sufficient supplies for the Inn

    20. When the city seemed more like a large village, and not the bustling monster it had become

    21. The rest of the camp was a scene of men and women going about their business, or following strict orders, servants bustling left and right with arms burdened with bundles, armoured soldiers marching in small groups carrying swords or shields towards the outer defence lines, Alit’aren strolling with an air of pride and dignity, often trailed by a host of Ael Tarael like motherly foxes patrolling after potentially rabid wolves

    22. In barely a minute, Bosco found himself on the loud, bustling, creaking deck of the Calamity

    23. Larkey, Bosco wobbled down the gangplank and into the bustling port of Water-Down

    24. Her father! Indeed! I got to Roy’s about 5:00, and I heard him bustling about in the back, so I went to my

    25. Apart from the mole, with the adventurers boat was tied, there was no trace of the once bustling nomad city

    26. “I admit when I heard about this opportunity that I had romantic notions of a bustling castle on the sea, of parties all day and song all night …” He glanced about him, his smile wilting

    27. These miscalculations will need to be corrected in the future, especially when rapid population growth will eventually transform many of our rural areas into bustling towns and cities

    28. Her eyes automatically went to the large, three story stone keep which lined one side of the courtyard, to the bank of windows on the second floor which gave a commanding view of the bustling activity below

    29. for seeing much of the bustling Canadian port

    30. The terminal was bustling with activity, and Colling asked Elizabeth to wait for him while he disposed of the bag containing their uniforms

    31. Not a word could be heard; the only moments ago bustling battlefield was entombed in silence

    32. Brett Harden sat calmly on the grid in his car, with the crew bustling all around him; with his father bent over and leaning in over the side to point out various data on the portable computer screen sitting up in front of him

    33. Inside, the place was bustling with activity as people walked back and forth through the circular entrance hall

    34. Moving into the bustling port city, Thomas had a flash of inspiration

    35. Locals eat at the concrete tables along the promenade, especially on Sundays, and the many restaurants that line the sea front are always bustling with activity

    36. Orphenn found him in the main hall at sundown, gazing out to the bustling

    37. We sailed up the river a short distance to the bustling new port called

    38. bustling with the commotion of frightened and bewildered

    39. watchful eyes, women were bustling about their household tasks, and men were testing their weapons, bringing in fish from the river or game from their traps or, mostly, standing around talking to each other

    40. Finally, we reached Dsidsila’letc, a bustling town in the lands of the Coastal Salst (related to the Mountain Salst to the east) near the mouth of a river called the Duwamish

    41. The trees had been cut down from here all the way to the shore, and ahead in a small semicircular bay protected from the sea by facing west toward the Powhatan River was a bustling city that looked nothing like the Great Bay Tribe towns and was also not on my map

    42. I showed John around the bustling town and the busy port

    43. It proved to be of moderate size, with a bustling market

    44. Augsburg was a bustling town of merchants

    45. The traffic was a lot lighter than in London but it was a big bustling city all the same

    46. As lightning slashed in the distance, and the roads started to flood, bustling Boston residents splashed around to their cars and buses, hushing one another with silent whispers as they passed Levi and I

    47. awakened by the bustling of Midge, who was moving from the bathroom to the bedroom

    48. Of the five main tents, two were bustling with activity

    49. to the normally bustling businesses

    50. Having been told of the discovery that had led to the bustling activity, Youssaf worriedly offered, “The Egyptians must already be aroused by the noise

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