bustle sätze

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Bustle sätze (in englisch)

  1. All is bustle and activity.
  2. The hustle and bustle of the.
  3. There was the hustle and bustle of.
  4. The War Room was a bustle of activity.
  5. The bustle of Main Street thrilled her.

  6. And the bustle across it and its bridges.
  7. George saw none of the early morning bustle.
  8. The noisy bustle of the squad room receded.
  9. I jotted down nothing: there is much bustle.
  10. He wanted to bustle about, to run away from it.
  11. I want to bustle round in heaven the same as here.
  12. Pat was swept up in the bustle of preparing to ride.
  13. And with a great deal of bustle and cheering they did.
  14. Then the group formed a bustle of protests and neighing.
  15. What I liked was just that cheap bustle, that bare prose.

  16. I needed a respite from all the hustle and bustle of the.
  17. In spring and summer, the area would bustle with activity.
  18. There was momentary bustle and excitement among the soldiers.
  19. As we neared, the hustle and bustle of travelers was evident.
  20. Nathan looked out at the stars, ignoring the bustle behind him.
  21. She made her way through the hustle and bustle of the village.
  22. O I hear already the bustle of instruments, they will soon be.
  23. Too often in the hustle and bustle and busy-ness of life, we.
  24. Somewhere in the bustle, he’d been separated from his friends.
  25. It is easy to bustle around and to lose full dependence on the.

  26. It appeared that the party was over as the hustle and bustle of.
  27. A bustle of activity had commenced across the heavenless sky of.
  28. It has everything in its favour: heroism, danger, bustle, fashion.
  29. Even the teachers used it to placate the bustle of certain classes.
  30. Even in the afternoon hustle and bustle of the tourist throng, the.
  31. Beyond the castle too there had been a sense of bustle and purpose.
  32. Cheer Brothers began to hurry and bustle and carry out the bundles as.
  33. It seemed to me that the frantic bustle of America was not in Montana.
  34. Such a bustle ensued that you might have thought a goose the rarest of.
  35. The skirt gathered over a bustle in the back, cascading into a long train.
  36. Here there was none of the bustle and cheerfulness which she had noted on.
  37. The bustle and crush was immense in the lanes adjoining the burning street.
  38. As Cat pondered on that last statement, the noise of twenty-four hour bustle.
  39. The place radiated peace and serenity, far removed from the bustle of the war.
  40. I spurred him out of the stable lot and into the hustle and bustle of the city.
  41. But for me the real joy is to just get out and away from the hustle and bustle.
  42. Did she miss the bustle of the city; the sense of being among throngs of people.
  43. From the broken peace of home, we ventured into the protective bustle of the town.
  44. From the twenty-eighth till the thirty-first all Moscow was in a bustle and commotion.
  45. Across the water was the bright bustle of Tokyo, still virtually untouched by the war.
  46. It did suit her although the large bustle at the back didn't flatter her dumpy figure.
  47. Earlier, when Andrew had left us, we had talked naturally and easily in the bustle of the.
  48. The maid had a small glass of sherry while we waited; then came a bustle in the front hall.
  49. The second quarter, which he now entered, was the market quarter, full of noise and bustle.
  50. The whole encampment, in a moment, became a scene of the most violent bustle and commotion.
  51. At first the eye-catching displays of the more impressive stands and the bustle of the huge.
  52. It was an interesting fact that this fury and bustle occurred only among the younger children.
  53. Safe in her room again, Scarlett fell on the bed, careless of her moire dress, bustle and roses.
  54. But no, she would go down; she could bear it very well, and the bustle about her would be less.
  55. After a few minutes’ bustle beside the high bedstead, those who had carried the sick man dispersed.
  56. He buttons her into her winter overcoat, though it is the middle of June, and they bustle downstairs.
  57. Both the Superintendent and Father Païssy did their utmost to calm the general bustle and agitation.
  58. The circle broke its order, and screams of delight mingled with the bustle and tumult of preparation.
  59. My old prince made a great bustle at seeing us oS and called me, too, apart into his room for a minute.
  60. Newt thought a minute as he stood there, the bustle of the Glader preparations surrounding both of them.
  61. A vessel was setting sail for Algiers, on board of which the bustle usually attending departure prevailed.
  62. The bustle and terror of the Rostovs’ last days in Moscow stifled the gloomy thoughts that oppressed Sonya.
  63. The strong smell of all types of fish swept over him, as the hustle and bustle of the market came into view.
  64. The bustle and terror of the Rostóvs’ last days in Moscow stifled the gloomy thoughts that oppressed Sónya.
  65. In their room, however, all is bustle and confusion, for the doctors are about to make an autopsy on the corpse.
  66. The bustle in the vestibule, as she passed along an inner lobby, assured her that they were already in the house.
  67. It is a little thing, I know, but it offers us the impression of being removed from the bustle of polite society.
  68. Everything seemed very strange when they went down, so dim and still outside, so full of light and bustle within.
  69. The quiet lights in the houses were humming out into the darkness and there was a stir and bustle among the stars.
  70. Within a few minutes, his train left the tenements’ and streets with their cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of life.
  71. The causes are: Ill health, as well as the bustle of city life (although now for about three days I have been well).
  72. It was great excitement to Miriam to catch a train at Sethley Bridge, amid all the bustle of the Bank Holiday crowd.
  73. And, behold, in the midst of this exciting bustle she suddenly took it into her head to send for Stepan Trofimovitch.
  74. It's high windows and spear topped railings gave it a stately air among the bustle and whine of trucks and fork-lifts.
  75. The whole area was untouched and much quieter than the hustle and bustle they had grown accustomed to back in the village.
  76. All began to run and bustle, and Rostóv saw coming up the road behind him several riders with white plumes in their hats.
  77. You bustle to the center of the insect maelstrom and grasp her shoulder, then uneasily eye the matted hair and dirty garb.
  78. Hot as it was, there was a bustle of activity with units riding, marching, and training in full battle gear all around us.
  79. Someday they would all have families at The Rocks and it would bustle with the life and activity of their next generations.
  80. It seems to me that after the Moscow bustle my impressions are finding their place, the necessary thoughts are coming forth.
  81. Only two locks down from Seventh, it was out of the bustle of the major canals, close to neighborhoods she was familiar with.
  82. It was a bustle of activity, unheard chatter was going on everywhere, and some animated; but when approaching, all went silent.
  83. And in all this hustle and bustle to complete the mission I’m sure that you at least had a ceremony of union performed?
  84. At first Fernanda interpreted that bustle as an attack of senile madness and it was difficult for her to suppress her exasperation.
  85. When it was ended, a general bustle announced that it was to be immediately succeeded by a solemn and formal assemblage of the nation.
  86. The Team leader passed several workstations and left the hustle and bustle of Operations Command behind him as he entered briefing room one.
  87. They thought of this all the way to their destination; but the bustle of re-establishment in their new place took up all their attention then.
  88. And every day the trains The little town was gone and the face of the rapidly growing city was animated with never-ceasing energy and bustle.
  89. She could not let him read it now, the house being in full bustle of preparation; and descending to her own room she destroyed the letter there.
  90. The customary stir and unceremonious bustle, instead of cautious whispering, rose around the dead body, in preparation for a fashionable funeral.
  91. I was sitting in my local, reading Uncle Hobart's letter, the noise and bustle fading into the background as I concentrated on his shaky handwriting.
  92. All this bustle about a fallen girl, and the presence there in the Senate of her famous counsel and Nekhludoff himself, was to him simply disgusting.
  93. Such an unwonted bustle was he in that the staid Starbuck, his official superior, quietly resigned to him for the time the sole management of affairs.
  94. They passed a number of lorries and tankers on their way to or from Romania or Moldova but it felt so different from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  95. Somehow he managed to evade all the welcome and noise and bustle and sneak her into the house and along the shadowy, silent hallways to her bed chamber.
  96. She must escape from him and Mansfield as soon as possible, and find consolation in fortune and consequence, bustle and the world, for a wounded spirit.
  97. Clarissa and another agnate stood on either side of my door—more guards, I realized, just to make sure that I was safe amid the bustle of preparations.
  98. It was still quite a centre of social activity, and a good spot from which to observe the bustle of a once grand, but now rather neglected, capital city.
  99. Her job was now complete she thought as she reclined in the back of her cab and let the early morning bustle of Melbourne absorb her rejected identities.
  100. In the bustle of a new term only Marcia remembered to say anything, and that was when they were alone in the common room, having arrived first at interval.
  1. The bustling hordes that had been.
  2. Job fairs are not really that bustling.
  3. Her bustling efficiency was reassuring.
  4. The harbour was already bustling with.
  5. Augsburg was a bustling town of merchants.
  6. The bustling port at the end of 8th Street.
  7. I've had a bustling afternoon, I promise you.
  8. She soon came bustling back, Yes, here it is.
  9. Regardless, they were all bustling with activity.
  10. This was a haven from the bustling life of a city.
  11. She continued to stare out at the bustling kingdom.
  12. Did her future lie in the bustling city she loved so.
  13. A rich syrupy smell of candy filled the bustling house.
  14. Not at all, with Hannah bustling about and covering.
  15. Servants with lanterns were bustling about in the porch.
  16. Of the five main tents, two were bustling with activity.
  17. The castle was void of any of the usual bustling or noise.
  18. The center square of the city was bustling with so much.
  19. It proved to be of moderate size, with a bustling market.
  20. I showed John around the bustling town and the busy port.
  21. There was a bustling sound from upstairs and Vinny froze.
  22. But Nob, the hobbit servant, came bustling in long before.
  23. The streets were bustling as Henri and Jean arrived at the.
  24. John stood in the middle of the bustling road with humanity.
  25. The car’s radial tires screeched above bustling city noises.
  26. He opened his eyes and the bustling market assaulted his senses.
  27. Darek rushed into the bustling throng that filled the marketplace.
  28. Bustling her way to the door, she hopped off and sat down with us.
  29. The outskirts of the City of Coermantyr were bustling with activity.
  30. There was a little discreet bustling going on, getting things ready.
  31. The castle was bustling with activity in preparation for the wedding.
  32. Despite its apparent obscurity, this part of the market was bustling.
  33. The convicts were not at all disturbed by all this bustling absurdity.
  34. Afterwards we visited the once bustling fisherman’s port of Yuriage.
  35. Sorren walked into the docking bay, which was bustling with activity.
  36. Moving into the bustling port city, Thomas had a flash of inspiration.
  37. The place is busier now, bustling with general ward visitors and staff.
  38. At the bottom they stood, bustling about, talking in a theater before.
  39. He arrived home about 10pm to find Patricia bustling about the apartment.
  40. We sailed up the river a short distance to the bustling new port called.
  41. Orphenn found him in the main hall at sundown, gazing out to the bustling.
  42. Whether it was inside job or not, the Romulan sector was now bustling with.
  43. Three weeks whizzed by in bustling and hustling through the streets of Mumbai.
  44. Eric heard the chirp of birds, and sensed other small animals bustling about.
  45. Even in the packed, bustling restaurant, the terrorist had noticed his entrance.
  46. The Enterprise was bustling with activity, emergency crews running about in what.
  47. Larkey, Bosco wobbled down the gangplank and into the bustling port of Water-Down.
  48. Moshe, enjoying a moment of quiet, took in the scene of bustling activity before him.
  49. He spends his time enjoying the scenic colonial coastline, bustling with passing ships.
  50. Then a bustling little man with a snuffling nose and very cold ears pushed in the door.
  51. In the refreshment room and the hall, footmen were bustling about with wine and viands.
  52. They were still frantically loading her and the wharves were awash with bustling bodies.
  53. The town tower bongs, bringing to life the sights and sounds of the bustling port.
  54. Rolling along at a nice pace, I studied what used to be the bustling landscape of Dallas.
  55. And there was Renata, bustling straight for Celeste and handing her two pink envelopes.
  56. The traffic was a lot lighter than in London but it was a big bustling city all the same.
  57. Behind the sheet was a work shop that was bustling with small men and some women, as well.
  58. It was inevitable in the bustling but ultimately numbing and lonely life of the army camp.
  59. With the wealth of irrigated agriculture, bustling industry based on abundant cheap labor.
  60. Having been told of the discovery that had led to the bustling activity, Youssaf worriedly.
  61. When the city seemed more like a large village, and not the bustling monster it had become.
  62. The street was bustling as usual when a group of students spotted us walking in the street.
  63. In barely a minute, Bosco found himself on the loud, bustling, creaking deck of the Calamity.
  64. After casting his vision over the bustling scene of nubile teenagers, jostling for position.
  65. Not a word could be heard; the only moments ago bustling battlefield was entombed in silence.
  66. Spock redirected his focus, and Tammas returned to following Spock through the bustling crowd.
  67. Shahu gazed them with his angry eyes, because there was a loud bustling stroke at his eardrum.
  68. The little Chinese ladies who were bustling about serving had spotless white uniforms on, too.
  69. But the white hair was hidden under the hood and they lost track of it in the bustling streets.
  70. The 1903 flood and 1917 fire damaged, but did not diminish, the bustling activity at the Yards.
  71. As Sjadbek stood up to return to the now less bustling center of their camp, Ralof followed suit.
  72. The man looked away, his face appearing pensive as he stared out over the bustling city below us.
  73. It was no longer bustling with the energy of a typical afternoon, but was only sparsely populated.
  74. I entered the tavern and was immediately surrounded by a full room of bustling ale drinking society.
  75. When his men had gone, smiling and bustling, the Mandarin turned with great love to the silken screen.
  76. She shook her head, those cold, distant eyes fixated on him, ignoring the onslaught of bustling students.
  77. From his beginnings on the wharfs of Vancouver's bustling docks he had always championed the common man.
  78. He couldn’t remember the last time William had been up first, but here he was, bustling about the cabin.
  79. The little Chinese ladies who were bustling about serving had spotless white uniforms on - Marian approved.
  80. The open market produces a wonderful aroma, tempting Cass to venture through the bustling crowd of patrons.
  81. You can exist, perhaps, but as an isolated outpost, rather than as the throbbing heart of a bustling city.
  82. Apart from the mole, with the adventurers boat was tied, there was no trace of the once bustling nomad city.
  83. I had never seen the Hall as tense as it was that morning, bustling with dark-suited Feds and media managers.
  84. Hahlynd nodded slowly, looking back out across the bustling harbor, and blew a smoke ring as he digested that.
  85. Caris was especially fond of Dora, now fifteen, who had her mother’s bustling confidence in a slimmer body.
  86. On Saturday morning, Marie-Ann was in the kitchen, bustling about preparing lunch, when she answered the phone.
  87. Her father! Indeed! I got to Roy’s about 5:00, and I heard him bustling about in the back, so I went to my.
  88. Butler, about 40, a bustling, kindly man, to whom the interests of his family in the village are all-important.
  89. Inside, the place was bustling with activity as people walked back and forth through the circular entrance hall.
  90. The city of Mimithos was colourful, bustling, and noisy, and the sweet fragrance of Belladore hung heavy in the air.
  91. They’re bustling around the cargo hold, making final adjustments to the equipment we brought along for the mission.
  92. Each seemed to be bustling with activity as residents brought in tables, baskets of food, medical supplies, and linens.
  93. But he made himself look busy, bustling backwards and forwards from desk to desk moving files or sheets of paper about.
  94. The conversations and shouts in Vietnamese and Chinese and the bustling atmosphere of the market quickly put Ingrid at ease.
  95. How about you?' They both nodded, and after a refill, they ate in silence while watching the bustling crowds in the street.
  96. Jason showed up about five minutes later, bustling in through the door without knocking and heaving a gift at me with a grin.
  97. Even the sound of Johnny's jolly bustling became a little easier to sympathise with, beneath the anxiety of what was to come.
  98. The bustling activity, filled to the brim with strangers, and the constant comings and goings means that no one is truly safe.
  99. They were all bustling around their desks and rushing around with cups of coffee in their hands and donuts stuck in their mouths.
  100. I just have always had these images in my head of a land of bustling cities with barely an inch of ground un-trodden by busy feet.
  1. A cleaner bustled past them.
  2. She bustled about making my drink.
  3. At the summons, his wife bustled out.
  4. The saloons interior bustled with business.
  5. Mother bustled out of there, saying that she.
  6. People hustled and bustled about their business.
  7. The main floor of this establishment bustled with.
  8. The big idiot bustled out from behind the counter.
  9. The streets bustled with people and bots chattering.
  10. Morgan’s mom bustled out in a floral apron and flung.
  11. The door burst open and Zoe bustled in, muddied and wet.
  12. He was rattled and bustled by meeting this other fellow.
  13. He motioned to his secretary, who bustled across the room.
  14. A mass of humanity hustled and bustled about the platform.
  15. He bustled and got washed, then went determinedly upstairs.
  16. The moment was broken when Alilia bustled out of the kitchen.
  17. Without saying more, they bustled about the room making ready.
  18. Lorry bustled into the chair, and was carried off to Tellson's.
  19. Her maid and a soldier dismounted and bustled forward to help her.
  20. Much later, Bram’s mother bustled in with a tray of mugs of hot.
  21. Every human type bustled through the narrow streets of the old town.
  22. In the lit-up windows, hired men in white jackets bustled to and fro.
  23. She joined him, and Frau Vollmer bustled away to bring her breakfast.
  24. Mary bustled into her room, and pulled back the drapes with a flourish.
  25. Windsor presently bustled over to his master, looking down at his plate.
  26. She bustled around pulling this curl, pinning that one, spraying another.
  27. You sent for Healers? asked the dwarf as she bustled hurriedly over.
  28. The town bustled with activity, which upset Shoop to the brink of violence.
  29. Other activities equally at threat as they bustled about, more attuned to.
  30. Feet bustled along and announcements were constantly made over the PA system.
  31. Chantaburi bustled with activity on trading days and boosted the Thai economy.
  32. She bustled about, examining me every now and then with the corner of her eye.
  33. The barrister bustled off and Sebastian and I were left alone and disconsolate.
  34. Half a dozen servers bustled among twice as many tables in the warm candlelight.
  35. She bustled about, spreading knife, string, salt and clean cloths onto a bushel.
  36. A hedgehog bustled out onto the stretch of grass beyond the steps, drawn by the.
  37. While she bustled behind the counter, Cam scoped out the handful of other patrons.
  38. Without exception every one cast their eyes to the ground as the trio bustled by.
  39. Mother bustled to it and I heard her give a gasp, then talk excitedly to our visitor.
  40. A second waitress bustled over to the table and asked if she could refill his coffee.
  41. Pseldonimov's mother would not sit down to the table; she bustled about and supervised.
  42. So there I was in Sainsbury’s minding my own business when a sweet old lady bustled up.
  43. First duty! said His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as he bustled off toward the bathroom.
  44. Felicity opened the door a few minutes later and bustled in with her arms full of packages.
  45. Myriads of small white and blue cargo handling craft bustled around both on and above the surface.
  46. The room bustled with activity as the dozens of controllers each made final preparations for launch.
  47. There he turned left again and bustled his way to the front entrance of the big Diamaru department store.
  48. Eventually, her worst fears were allayed when he bustled in to the flat, face flushed and wearing a broad grin.
  49. People used to warmer climates were bundled up against the chill, and they bustled about on their daily business.
  50. Suddenly they could see that the pavements were in fact crowded with Zorbans, and the streets bustled with traffic.
  51. Before Lemoss could think, the three men bustled out, pushed him roughly aside before crossing over into the grocer.
  52. She bustled in and out a bit, calling over her shoulder instead of standing still, asking me twice what I wanted to drink.
  53. The doctor bustled off to see other patients, he supposed, and he floated for a while before Wolfe came back into the tent.
  54. Though Mitya bustled about seeing after things, he gave his orders strangely, as it were disconnectedly, and inconsecutively.
  55. Just then a few of his drinking cronies bustled into the ward and looked at Andrew with distressed expressions on their faces.
  56. The crew bustled around while signed on the dotted lines and then she strapped herself into the plush, ultra comfortable seat.
  57. Grimacing as one would after accidentally dropping a baby on the floor, she stepped back and bustled away to avoid the conflict.
  58. The wide thoroughfare of the thriving metropolis bustled with noisy activity; there were carriages, wagons, and men on horseback.
  59. I’d only just got my head down, when some erk bustled into my room to say that the Prime Minister wanted a word on the blower.
  60. Pine's gaze was cast about the ship and crew, taking in the hurrying Lakellers as they quickly and proficiently bustled about the deck.
  61. I went to the door and shouted to our landlady and she bustled up the stairs, her apron covered in flour as she had evidently been baking.
  62. Hugs, explanations, apologies for getting lost, promises to be more careful and not trip while going for the mail…and they were bustled inside.
  63. Several people were preparing trays of hors d’oeuvres or pouring glasses of champagne, while the wait-staff bustled in and out, grabbing them on the fly.
  64. As she bustled around the room, putting on the kettle and pulling out mugs, Molly said, You are absolutely not obligated to tell me what that was about.
  65. The crowd bustled toward the doors, pushing others out of the way with continuing shouts and screams, as if they were competing for the only way to survive.
  66. Her paradise was not a tranquil one, for the little woman fussed, was over-anxious to please, and bustled about like a true Martha, cumbered with many cares.
  67. They talked in shrill tones as they took off their cloaks and boas, and laughed as they bustled about—probably at the fact that there were so many of them!.
  68. Being the size of a large wagon the oddly smooth surface of the crystal glistened with the light of the late afternoon sun and dwarfed the men that bustled about it.
  69. Reacher locked up the room, and they went down the metal stairs, and a hundred feet away the one-eyed guy came out of his office and bustled across toward them, waving and gesturing.
  70. While they ate, she bustled around the house: the lower room, where Old Dan had stayed, was prepared for Virginia, and Maggie’s room upstairs was reluctantly made ready for Lord Robert.
  71. Grandma bustled in and out, bearing steaming tureens of soup and beans and mashed potatoes to impress her new boarder, while Douglas sat rattling his silverware on his plate, because he had discovered it irritated Mr.
  72. She threw down her pipe and bustled in, the girl followed, and I entered too; soon perceiving that her report was true, and, moreover, that I had almost upset her wits by my unwelcome apparition, I bade her be composed.
  73. Grandma bustled in and out, bearing steaming tureens of soup and beans and mashed potatoes to impress her new boarder, while Douglas sat rattling his silverware on his plate, because he had discovered it irritated Mr Koberman.
  74. The lay brothers bustled about, whipping off the covers to reveal two more loaves of bread which had been hollowed out to contain generous servings of clam chowder, rich with fresh cream, potatoes, and corn and dusted with grated cheese.
  75. The flicker of interest when he was introduced to Jarek had not escaped her notice, and she was determined that nothing would get in the way of a possible romance, which was why she bustled everyone else back to the house, leaving the two men alone.
  76. But he bustled about, and so did the Rat, and soon they found some guava jelly in a glass dish, and a cold chicken, a tongue that had hardly been touched, some trifle, and quite a lot of lobster salad; and in the pantry they came upon a basketful of French rolls and any.
  77. But he bustled about, and so did the Rat, and soon they found some guava jelly in a glass dish, and a cold chicken, a tongue that had hardly been touched, some trifle, and quite a lot of lobster salad; and in the pantry they came upon a basketful of French rolls and any quantity of cheese, butter, and celery.
  78. Besides men and women in costume, two other men in ordinary clothes bustled and ran about on the stage; one was the director of the dramatic part, and the other, who stepped about in soft shoes and ran from place to place with unusual agility, was the dancing-master, whose salary per month exceeded what ten laborers earn in a year.
  79. Alice said afterwards she had never seen such a fuss made about anything in all her life—the way those two bustled about—and the quantity of things they put on—and the trouble they gave her in tying strings and fastening buttons—'Really they'll be more like bundles of old clothes than anything else, by the time they're ready!' she said to herself, as she arranged a bolster round the neck of Tweedledee, 'to keep his head from being cut off,' as he said.
  1. Women in bustles and colourful.
  2. The nurse bustles over and grimaces at Werner.
  3. A very hot and bothered young lady, obviously acting as waitress for the day, bustles over to collect it.
  4. Within a minute the railway platform was appeared as a deserted place; no more people and no more passengers and no more hustles and bustles, only the blinking red signal lights at the railway tracks.
  5. Farther discussion was prevented by various bustles: first, the driver came to be paid; then there was a squabble between Sam and Rebecca about the manner of carrying up his sister's trunk, which he would manage all his own way; and lastly, in walked Mr.
  6. Hoops were out More exciting than the people she met were the frocks Rhett bought her, now, and the new styles were charming with the skirts pulled back from the front and draped over bustles, and on the bustles were wreaths of flowers and bows and embarrassed at these new skirts which undeniably outlined her abdomen.
  7. They dressed as if they were traveling on a fashionable ocean liner, with bustles under their silk skirts and lace gorgets and broad-brimmed hats trimmed with crinoline flowers, and the two younger women changed their entire outfits several times a day, so that they seemed to carry with them their own springlike ambience while the other passengers were suffocating in the heat.
  8. Not those women who are occupied by their figures, bustles, head-dresses, and their charms for men, and who, against their will, by accident and in despair, bear children, and then give them over to wet-nurses; nor yet those who go to different lectures, and talk of psychometrical centres of differentiation, and who also try to free themselves from bearing children not to hinder their folly, which they call development,—but those women and mothers who, having the power of freeing themselves from child-bearing, hold strictly and consciously to that eternal, immutable law, knowing that the weight and labour of that submission is the aim of their life.
  9. Their enjoyment consists in this,—that the women and young girls, having bared their necks and arms, and applied bustles behind, place themselves in a situation in which no uncorrupted woman or maiden would care to display herself to a man, on any consideration in the world; and in this half-naked condition, with their uncovered bosoms exposed to view, with arms bare to the shoulder, with a bustle behind and tightly swathed hips, under the most brilliant light, women and maidens, whose chief virtue has always been modesty, exhibit themselves in the midst of strange men, who are also clad in improperly tight-fitting garments; and to the sound of maddening music, they embrace and whirl.
  10. Not those women who are occupied with their dainty figures, with their bustles, their hair-dressing, and their attraction for men, and who bear children against their will, with despair, and hand them over to nurses; nor those who attend various courses of lectures, and discourse of psychometric centres and differentiation, and who also endeavor to escape bearing children, in order that it may not interfere with their folly which they call culture: but those women and mothers, who, possessing the power to refuse to bear children, consciously and in a straightforward way submit to this eternal, unchangeable law, knowing that the burden and the difficulty of such submission is their appointed lot in life,—these are the women and mothers of our wealthy classes, in whose hands, more than in those of any one else, lies the salvation of the men of our sphere in society from the miseries that oppress them.

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