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    1. The Brazilians maintained that the horrors were real: genetically modified people; eternal mortal youth without hope of, or belief in, the afterlife; rampant drug abuse and promiscuity; all ruled by a secret cabal of ancient evil scientists called the Kassikan

    2. That cabal has ruled this entire planet for twenty four hundred years, twice as much area as Earth, for as long as any great civilization has ever existed

    3. "The council fears that the cabal will evacuate in time if we destroy only the pyramid site

    4. complicity of the Main Media in service of the cabal against him meant that the president, flawed as all presidents before him, had a two-front war on his hands

    5. Unaware of the exact behind-the-scenes cabal, but suspecting something of the sort because 7th was always sending down idiot plans and bean-counting requirements, Friedlander pressed on with his task at hand

    6. He fiercely criticized a secretive cabal of doubters and manipulators who want to keep the mass of humanity in a state of subjugation, deprivation and fear, and he praised the efforts of those who have attempted to restore a needed balance on Earth

    7. The Dark cabal which currently dominates Earth is like an octopus hanging onto a rock for dear life in pounding surf, and eventually it will be dislodged

    8. “Would you say that the dark cabal on Earth is still on the run? I ask because ultra-conservative, right-wingers who want to eliminate regulation of corporations seem to be stronger than ever in our legislatures

    9. He was worried that there might be some negative blowback in his direction since he was the de facto, chief investigator for the State Department and this cabal had operated right under his nose

    10. This cabal figured out that I was a smart guy after I found out that the bank was overpaying their city taxes

    11. cabal of bankers who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank

    12. rebelling against their greed, the Cabal ration themselves to one financial

    13. The Fed Cabal have a grand design for the world and are on a straight course to

    14. 'That is a fact kept well hidden by both the Cabal at the Fed and most of our

    15. Both the Cabal and

    16. “Our conspiracy instinct, that Nisms rule the world, isn't that of a small cabal ruling all, but of a multi-aligned, multi-misdirectional psyche that manifests, but does not exist separate from, its instantiation, except by imagination

    17. With every thought of money, the universal cabal gains a member and its psyche a lifeforce

    18. of power was referred to as “the Cabal” and the stewards were alluded to as “the Cardinals”

    19. Whatever the case, the Cabal never used its own personnel for these

    20. FDR and his government secretly agreed to enter the war in a cabal with the English Churchill as a conspiracy kept secret from both the English and American public

    21. This is what happens when political power mongers gain control of empires and join together in a secret cabal behind closed doors and begin slicing up the world according to their own personal agendas and drawing abstract lines on maps and acting as if the world is their own personal pie to be sliced up and divvied-up between them

    22. He is the one who sends help so the buccaneers are foiled in finding Jim and his mother, he instantly organizes the entire adventure, a secret cabal between the squire himself and Jim: as a secret council to run and get rich fast before anyone else does it!! So they can all become fat! And gouty red faced corrupt Olde English landlords living off their ill-gained gold and living in ease for the rest of their life while beggars starve to death in front of them and they do not give one cent to help any of the poor

    23. When I refer to a dominator or the dominator model, I mean a societal and personal consciousness not some specific cabal of power hungry persons in direct communication conspiring to control the world and all who live there

    24. is also the year of the birth of the Illuminati, the secret cabal associated with Freemasonry whose

    25. This secret mystical cabal had its

    26. The Priesthood of Baal/Belial is also the cabal that invented banking/credit (usury) and controlled

    27. they are outgrowths of the very same cabal

    28. and Lucifer are purposeful deceptions of the very same ancient cabal that we now call the Vatican

    29. This more than 5000-year-old cabal

    30. The great secret here is that this very same secretive cabal continued to

    31. The very same cabal that started as the Priesthood of the Great Red Dragon in ancient Babylon

    32. That very same cabal

    33. is the very same evil cabal that funded Hitler and the Nazis, through the Bush family and other

    34. This is the symbol of the cabal that fashioned and controls the economic system installed

    35. Priest-Banking cabal has controlled all of these empires, since the days of Babylon, and now the

    36. It is also important to understand that the Priest-Banking cabal was established thousands of years

    37. It states that the Vatican is the continuation of the cabal

    38. The web site portrayed an image of America as a nation owned and operated by a cabal of wealthy Jews who controlled the way Americans dressed and thought and entertained themselves

    39. And we shared the dismay at the things being done to the country, and in particular to his and my mother’s hometown at the hands of Margaret Thatcher and that loathsome cabal of toadies and sneering opportunists that passed for a government

    40. ) I knew, too, from paying just enough attention to the radio, that the Hamilton-Sweeney Company was in legal trouble, but I’d assumed--the dynastic merchant bank having mutated into a conglomerate in the ’60s--that Carmine’s competitor was a separate arm, and that superintending the whole would be some bureaucratic cabal too faceless to care about “sending a message” to a lone fireworker

    41. She pretended that a wicked plot was being hatched against her, a cabal which would come to a head one of those days; but she added that she was not the woman to be intimidated

    42. The truth is that, if there was a cabal, it was led by Carlotta herself against poor Christine, who had no suspicion of it

    43. The managers left the box during the entr'acte to find out more about the cabal of which the stage-manager had spoken; but they soon returned to their seats, shrugging their shoulders and treating the whole affair as silly

    44. The Wise Men? The Committee of Twelve? A secret cabal with unlimited powers? She already knew a great deal about real and imagined government conspiracies

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