canister sätze

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Canister sätze (in englisch)

  1. He hefted the canister again.
  2. There's beacons on the canister.
  3. Did you see where the canister.
  4. There was a gas canister in the back.
  5. Then she pulled out a canister of mace.

  6. In that second, I squeezed the canister.
  7. The fairies scuttled into the canister.
  8. He and Stephen had perfected the canister.
  9. The itikrat gestured with the canister at Joey.
  10. Then I saw it—a plastic canister in his hand.
  11. He took a canister and sprayed it behind his seat.
  12. Starret quickly put the canister back on the table.
  13. Once a solid rocket fuel canister is ignited, it.
  14. Mum slid a canister of pepper spray from her purse.
  15. He took the canister and thumbed the reader again.

  16. Maximillion blows the top off his microbot canister.
  17. Then he spotted the film canister on her nightstand.
  18. Penn took the canister, and held it carefully in his.
  19. Maybe a canister of Jupiter's atmosphere has survived.
  20. Joey took a deep breath from a spray from the canister.
  21. He climbed back into the car, replaced the canister and.
  22. Joey inhaled the fine mist from the spray of the canister.
  23. I found what looked to be a tear gas canister in the pen.
  24. The animals inside the gas canister try to crawl out, but.
  25. It threw the canister away and leaped onto another branch.

  26. The contents of Danko’s canister were identified as ricin.
  27. Inside was a small, twisted canister about three inches long.
  28. He took the other canister from out of the strap and shook it.
  29. We have the gas canister in my office, do you want to see it?
  30. At the top was a cylindrical canister with only one cable running.
  31. The force of the impact ripped his suit and cracked his air canister.
  32. I latched on to his hand, desperately trying to pry the canister free.
  33. He pulled another canister from his pocket and held it up for us to see.
  34. The acid canister lacked a stopper but Nefer had wanted me to return it.
  35. Bring that canister back when ye’re through with it, said Nefer.
  36. He checked to make sure he knew where his gas canister was, just in case.
  37. At three o'clock he opened the canister and poured the fuel into the basin.
  38. He held the red canister over his head and staggered rapidly toward Roman.
  39. He simply pointed at me and pointed at the canister, but I got the picture.
  40. Im not sure, but I remember one of the canister lids came off in my hands.
  41. Besides, I could do a lot with two small knives and canister of pepper spray.
  42. Fuck, he cursed as he grabbed a flashlight and peered into the canister.
  43. Steng pulls the bag out of the canister, Look for a bag like this, but used.
  44. He put the pilfered diamond back in its black leather canister with the others.
  45. He is putting out a small fire to the left of the opening with his red canister.
  46. This canister was likely the first ever 'message in a bottle' in universal history.
  47. The canister dropped onto the warehouse floor and hissed as it released the fine mist.
  48. Often there are multiple trays for a canister filter with each tray providing a type.
  49. The hiss of the escaping air from his canister was growing louder, but he didn't care.
  50. Next, she found an empty canister with a lid and scooped ashes from the stove into it.
  51. Pissed-off, he reached in and grabbed the canister with two hands, only to remove the lid.
  52. Most canister filters push the water from the bottom of the canister to the top but some.
  53. Canister filters are on the higher end of the price scale but they are pricey for a reason.
  54. It examined the canister, moving its head in all directions to get a view from all angles.
  55. Not against the galleon—against the heretics in the hold! Load them with canister!.
  56. I turned and caught my reflection in the metal canister sitting on the table next to the bed.
  57. I looked at the army green canister with the yellow writing on it that said, M18 Smoke Red.
  58. You don't have to run a mechanical filter, such as a power filter or canister filter, on your.
  59. Dows then finished off the job with a one hundred gallon canister of napalm every hundred feet.
  60. Humphrey reached for the gas canister with a broom and a hail of bullets hit the roof of the cave.
  61. We fill up a canister from the camp's hand-operated gas pump and throw it in the back of the jeep.
  62. Still confused but rapidly grasping the gravity of the moment, Maggie nodded and raised the canister.
  63. The Colonel loaded a huge, tube-like metal structure with a canister mounted on top into the Explorer.
  64. If it happened that a tear-gas canister was dropped inside a Casspir it could cause a lot of problems.
  65. Seconds later I crashed into Charles Danko, grabbing at his arm, hoping the canister would break free.
  66. They went shopping at the mall for a vacuum—Charly picked a small canister to replace the old upright.
  67. Taking up her ink canister and checking that she had fresh, blank scrolls, S’us limped towards the door.
  68. Suddenly the foremost Martian lowered his tube and discharged a canister of the black gas at the ironclad.
  69. The tear-gas canister itself was cleverly designed to melt from heat it generated as it spewed the tear-gas.
  70. She finished up by turning a small stainless steel handle on the top of each canister and verifying air flow.
  71. She hit the valve with the fire extinguisher and the canister flew forward, hit the doors and exploded outward.
  72. It was an off-brand canister I bought while driving through one of those shitty pocket neighborhoods in central L.
  73. He pushed the canister as far forward on the berth as it would fit, right up into the pointy front end of the sailboat.
  74. Levi carried the heavy canister into the boat’s forward cabin, where there was a V-shaped berth Debra usually slept in.
  75. In her hands she wrote down a special rune in the scroll using ink from a canister she had strapped across her upper arm.
  76. A Broadcom GPS chipset planted inside the canister would allow one of his ships to track it and snatch it from the water.
  77. Two black, rubberized handles were attached to the canister and music related bumper stickers covered the entire exterior.
  78. One acted as a lookout while the stronger of the two opened the dark blue container and removed the octagon-shaped canister.
  79. She clutched the thread leash in one hand and rested the canister next to her thigh, where it could not be seen from the gate.
  80. Joey took a quick spray from the canister, shuddered and cursed at the awful smell, and walked with the others away from the group.
  81. S’us’ tongue whipped out of her mouth, unto her upper arm and grasped the ink canister and doused Tomz in the face with the ink.
  82. The archaic and brittle tree-fibre pages had survived the ocean by having been rolled up and contained within an airtight canister.
  83. With a protesting screech of metal the torpedo shot free of its canister and streaked out through the water ahead toward the Whaler.
  84. As I grab the canister, I drop the camera from my hands, letting it dangle around my breasts, held by its leather cord around my neck.
  85. One is directed by the captain himself against the enemy's main-mast, Two well serv'd with grape and canister silence his musketry and.
  86. Up above on a girder, Donnowarru finished sprinkling the last of the snooze-dust from the canister Lezura gave him and sealed it back up.
  87. The other method that had limited success was to kick it away, and I had heard of some urinating on a canister but never witnessed that.
  88. The entrance to the village was barricaded, but at the first volley of Prussian canister, all took to flight again, and Lobau was taken.
  89. She removed the lid from her canister of ash, yanked her shirt over her mouth and nose, then threw handfuls of the fine gray powder in the air.
  90. Levi entered, carrying a white fiberglass canister, three feet by two feet, obviously quite heavy, AVON in bright blue letters on the side.
  91. Canister round after canister round fired from the M48A3 90mm guns tore into enemy positions, shredding as many tree limbs and branches as bodies.
  92. Two hours after its plunge, long after the Beaumont's wake had cleared, the canister continued on its journey west, although at a much slower speed.
  93. There is a risk of ‘explosion’ with any such substances stored in sealed containers, for example, a petrol canister, aerosol can or gas cylinder.
  94. The arms moved carefully towards the canister until one was able to wrap it's mechanical claw around a rubber handle and lift it just above the water.
  95. Easterly winds on the ocean surface generated three-foot waves and the canister rode their crests then slide gently down into their troughs, time after time.
  96. The canister had been stored in the corner of the large engine room, near a wide circular hatch, safe from the prying eyes of the thirty or so people on board.
  97. Connecting one end of the short hose to the first canister, she wrapped the short section around her back and attached it to the fitting on the second canister.
  98. The canister was labeled as music equipment and should anyone check it against the ship's manifest, they would see that it contained heavy-duty concert speakers.
  99. I resisted them, but that was mostly because I remembered the peanut butter cookies I had seen in the metal canister, and some of those clearly had my name on them.
  100. But then as they went to shake, Bree’s free hand whipped a small canister out of the pocket in her robe—the hair spray from the complimentary kit in the bathroom.

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