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    1. Ollie Harris’s ceaseless internal conversations continued as he walked down the hall

    2. the time she has to give to the ceaseless demand of her

    3. Meredith liked very well on occasion to spend an evening arguing with the doctor by the drift wood fire, where the famous china dogs of Ingleside kept ceaseless watch and ward, as became deities of the hearth, but to-night he did not look that way

    4. Without any home or hearth he -wanders on and on, along the fields, in a ceaseless pursuance of the horizon

    5. Shafarevich calls the socialist enticement a ceaseless war against what is normal, a striving for self-destruction and nothingness

    6. sulting in ceaseless pursuit and application

    7. But I disagree with this victim mentality and its ceaseless stream of excuses

    8. The universe has finally shown him something besides ceaseless torment

    9. down, and then out at the ceaseless water, and close my eyes and

    10. We don’t have to wait until the next age! (Remember from earlier that 1 John 5:11-13 says that we have the eternal life of God abiding in us now) As we continue to abide in Christ, the ceaseless measures of His love will continue to flow through us in ever increasing measures

    11. Leaking implies that we don’t have a ceaseless supply of love flowing in us, and that there are cracks, or holes, that we are leaking this love out from

    12. Godly meditation means to fill your mind with the loving, peaceful, awesome, righteous, and glorious thoughts of God! Meaning to allow your mind to be bombarded by the awesome, and ceaseless revelations of the eternal love of God! That’s why some translations translate the word “meditate” from Phil 4:8 as “think

    13. by the ceaseless tide of this elemental essence, swirling around him and

    14. The matter in magma bodies, in the liquid state, is in ceaseless motion

    15. The Lord even counts the ceaseless winking of every mortal's eyes; and we worship this divine Being as our inseparable companion

    16. The ceaseless caravans, threading the desert from east to west and back again, brought riches and more mingling of races

    17. Life in the Father's eternal creation is not an endless rest of idleness and selfish ease but rather a ceaseless progression in grace, truth, and glory

    18. And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething,

    19. In fact, we maintain our descriptions through a ceaseless internal dialogue that effectively shuts out the endless stimuli of our exterior reality, as it is supposed to do

    20. by being subjected to their ceaseless abuse!

    21. still they wilted before the ceaseless billow,

    22. Her friends were so annoyed by her ceaseless questioning that they stopped talking to her altogether

    23. All creatures are tied to the wheel—the ceaseless round of birth and

    24. its ceaseless mutterings, then there are plenty of other things that will

    25. ceaseless ability to be underestimated

    26. It is now, in spite of the Irish famine and a ceaseless emigration, 37 millions

    27. and the ceaseless chatter of my ego was eventually con-

    28. generated only by ceaseless contemplation of OM, and other than this

    29. Ceaseless change, however, creates confusion; and interminable, irresolvable, confusion engenders apathy

    30. Fear keeps us in ceaseless state of upheaval and turmoil

    31. Fear delivers mental weakness which leads to ceaseless stress and strain

    32. As love becomes more unconditional, there follows a ceaseless

    33. In two days I have my Coffee, and no—and no--and no--' She burst into tears, hiding her face from the dispassionate stare of the Fräulein at the desk in her handkerchief, and trying to conceal her sobs by a ceaseless blowing of her nose

    34. Ceaseless hard work and the care of many children do away very quickly with the youth both of face and heart of the poor man's wife, and with the youth of heart go the yearnings that rend her whose heart, whatever her face may be doing, is still without a wrinkle

    35. This indeed was strange, that Job, a man of offices, of board-meetings, of a thousand irons in the fire, of power, importance and ceaseless activities, should _want_ to sit and sun himself

    36. The beech trees, motionless round the lake, here keep up a ceaseless rustle

    37. A ceaseless working together of its members for the welfare of the sex

    38. She had not been able to knit during those few dreadful days in which her place had been usurped, and she had bumped after us ignominiously in a cart; and how pleasant it was not to have the ceaseless rattle just behind

    39. Bullivant, as she murmured what she could in reply to this ceaseless flow of sympathy from the retired officers and their wives and daughters, and the cathedral dignitaries and their wives and daughters, and the wives and daughters of the county who came without their men because their men wouldn't come, felt vaguely but deeply that it was somehow wrong that Ingeborg should both sin and be sympathised with

    40. It was to be a very beautiful picture, she said to herself with an extraordinary feeling of proud confidence; not beautiful because of any gifts or skill of hers, for never was a woman more giftless, but because of all the untiring little touches, the ceaseless care for detail, the patient painting out of mistakes; and every touch and every detail was going to be aglow with the bright colours of happiness

    41. But there they were, the rooms, engaged and unpacked in, on the first floor almost, on a level with the ceaseless passing tops of the bumping tramcars, and it was too late that night to change

    42. She heard the ceaseless stridings in the next room, and every now and then the groans

    43. It was quite late, but it had been a confining day for Kennedy who had spent the hours while not working on Carton's case in some of the ceaseless and recondite investigations of his own to which he was always turning his restless mind

    44. and forth, duplicating the ceaseless motion of the lifeboat,

    45. It guaranteed ceaseless trampling of the rights of non-slavery states

    46. The main reason for non-determinacy of any type of Self-Consciousness lies in the principle included in the “foundation” of our Universe — the Principle KRUUYY-DMOOYY (“I-AM THE CREATIVE REFLECTION OF CONSEQUENCE OF CEASELESS DESTABILIZATION OF ALL IN A HARMONIOUS BALANCE OF ALL”)16

    47. World means ceaseless movement, and obviously there can be no rest in movement

    48. idea dispassionately when the view of ceaseless torture is

    49. and unrelieved, while ceaseless ages shall roll; and when

    50. had, and the second death will deprive of eternal life in Heaven, of an eternity of ceaseless years

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    ceaseless constant incessant never-ending perpetual unceasing unremitting persistent endless uninterrupted unbroken non-stop