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    1. The second thing that you could do is chalk out a list of qualities that you genuinely

    2. "There it is", shouted the chairman, pointing at a door with a white chalk cross on it

    3. noticed the chalk mark on the door

    4. white chalk cross on it

    5. had a white chalk cross on it and that their search had ended in

    6. Maroclo got up and went to a blackboard, the ancient black kind, and took up a piece of chalk

    7. the chalk and went through the equation without hesitation, circled the answer at

    8. He has to know that Ken and Jock are history and that the slate is clean, or, if not clean, that at least the chalk marks are illegible

    9. “I had not hit her with any chalk

    10. She had hit the chalk instead

    11. once, a boy hit him with a chalk on his nose; he didn’t rebuke him

    12. to chalk out some plan

    13. The tunnel down took Torbin through hundreds of metres of chalk, clay and lastly sandstone

    14. They had been dug deep into the chalk earth of Picardy and they contained massive bunkers that had been dug by Russian prisoners where the German troops could sit and wait out any bombardment unscathed but we did not know about theses at this time

    15. A cheap box of chalks, a pavement, and he was in business! There was a chalk circle on one side of the drawing with a few coppers in it

    16. As we watched the whirlwind barrage crashed down onto the German front line throwing earth, chalk and flames into the air

    17. ” He then drew a stripe on my arm with chalk saying this will be confirmed when things are a bit more sorted out but it is a genuine promotion

    18. I did as he told me hardly daring to believe that I had been promoted and looking every now and again at the chalk stripe on my arm

    19. Just to emphasise this point a ‘Flying Pig’ landed further down the trench in an explosion of flying earth and chalk with bits of dead German thrown in

    20. It wasn’t an actual path but the soft chalk accommodated them with foot rests and handholds

    21. They found themselves clambering up the chalk gully quite quickly and they found themselves standing on the crest of the hills sooner than they thought

    22. It was situated opposite Haverstock Hill School, alongside Chalk Farm underground station

    23. This was drawn on the blackboard, in coloured chalk

    24. The skin had gone from blotchy pink over chalk to Ladino tan

    25. He stands with a piece of chalk in one hand

    26. piece of chalk out of her pocket and placed an X on the ledge of the

    27. and Chalk L

    28. Chalk up another instance, Jimmie Mac, of Jay’s being soft on shipbuilder criminals

    29. that sounded worse than the screech of chalk on a blackboard

    30. center of the valley and flick a chalk line

    31. With these chalk lines you will be

    32. On the biology fil ed chalk blackboard

    33. The chalk picture was still chalk, but they

    34. When it starts raining on the chalk drawing, Mary and Burt and

    35. The chalk drawing I've lived in is

    36. But that's what I'm talking about with the chalk

    37. Better yet, chalk it on the nose of a Mark 84 two thousand pound bomb

    38. He had a piece of white chalk in his pocket, and he took it out

    39. I got a classroom with a blackboard and lots of chalk that I soon

    40. have such a poor sense of humour, so I’ll chalk this one up to Fate, the infinite sow

    41. Then there was Simone who was as different from him as chalk is from cheese

    42. Her face was chalk white, her forehead beaded with sweat

    43. What utter garbage! Didn’t they watch the news or read the papers? By a very long chalk, everything obviously was not all right

    44. Chalk in all its colors looked lovely

    45. At 1st you chalk it up to some uncanny freak of nature… until 106’s of years later another coffee-find pops up… and another… and another… And so on

    46. ” Like chalk on a black slate, he traced the outline of a cluster of stars with the end of his fishing pole

    47. I poked around for a while and found some sticks of white chalk in a box

    48. This spell requires you go to the target’s house and draw with chalk on their sidewalk, or the street in front of their house

    49. While drawing with the colored chalk, say the following: Withthischalkandwithmyhands,

    50. Someone had scrawled the words, ‘For Neil’, in white chalk underneath

    1. The maid followed the dog right up to the door of the soldier's suite at the hotel, where, so that she would remember things properly in the morning, the maid chalked a white cross onto the door

    2. morning, the maid chalked a white cross onto the door

    3. Not long after Tom had chalked up half a century of summers in

    4. "No, he eventually chalked it up to you got so wasted you took a wrong turn far enough you never could find your way back and wound up in the bed of some other unsuspecting girl

    5. Although at first he thought he had heard some rustling in the long grass and some sodden footsteps, he saw nothing and chalked it up to the exhaustion from a long day

    6. Across the back of the prisoner’s shirt, someone had chalked WIZARD

    7. chalked his cue, and called out to the crowd

    8. He chalked his pool cue, and broke

    9. John chalked the end of his cue

    10. I chalked him up as one of those “fashionably late” cats

    11. I chalked it all up to the contract situation, but now it seems like it was more than that

    12. breasts had been swollen and sore but she had chalked it up to

    13. With a chalked drawing

    14. Following this set-up of the table, Lucy chalked

    15. I chalked a pentacle around the alter before

    16. "Section Three's Middle East desk chalked up some great achievements when I was an operative -- KGB exposed attempting to infiltrate Canadian units of the U

    17. I just chalked it up to another case of ‘pass the buck,’ and forgot about it

    18. on the back as I sat down, and looked at the chalked scoreboard

    19. any success he had at the poker table could only be chalked up to luck

    20. Planning was chalked out with perfection

    21. receiving a response, he chalked the phantom voice up to fatigue and fell into a

    22. he chalked up the odd familiarity to simple coincidence

    23. “I chalked it up to bad luck or crap timing that we should be great friends and that’s all

    24. I chalked that up as a successful encounter

    25. I should have chalked Lord Preston up as a disbeliever and left it at that

    26. The realisation could be due to having chalked up further losses

    27. I chalked this weight reading up to an anomalous data point and focused more on a trend with the weight

    28. He chalked up his bizarre reaction to hearing her voice yesterday to just plain shock

    29. He chalked it up to drinking; he'd never had a problem with it before

    30. “True,” Grady said as he chalked his cue

    31. Claire had always chalked up his collections to having lost everything when his parents died, but now she was seeing a more sinister motivation

    32. Claire had always chalked up the hours of golf games together and private phone calls and afternoons at the club to Paul just doing whatever it took to keep the Congressman happy, but now she understood that the connection ran deeper

    33. and viewed himself in the chalked mirror of the cabinet

    34. When I got to where I found the boy I see I couldn't cut the bullet out without some help, and he warn't in no condition for me to leave to go and get help; and he got a little worse and a little worse, and after a long time he went out of his head, and wouldn't let me come a-nigh him any more, and said if I chalked his raft he'd kill me, and no end of wild foolishness like that, and I see I couldn't do anything at all with him; so I says, I got to have HELP somehow; and the minute I says it out crawls this nigger from somewheres and says he'll help, and he done it, too, and done it very well

    35. They just chalked it up to the pandemonium

    36. His color had been bad at dinner last night, too, and he’d barely said a word, but she’d chalked that up to him staying up till all hours New Year’s Eve with the Sullivan kids, whom Maimie let run wild

    37. The bouquet of kerosene she chalked up to ethnic cooking in 2-J

    38. Many of them appropriated several houses, chalked their names on them, and quarreled and even fought with other companies for them

    39. Late yesterday, some child had chalked it out, immense and endlessly augmented, square upon square, line after line, numeral following numeral

    40. Blind men sang, dogs jigged, clowns shuffled and tumbled, children chalked games and threw balls as if it were carnival time

    41. "Are you playing well, your Excellency?" he said, just as the old man stuck his cue into the marker's red waistcoat, wishing to indicate that it had to be chalked

    42. Chalked notices such as "Wait for the Lift," "Card Room," "Buffet," were his work

    1. “Quick,” Kristin said, chalking a point in the air

    2. Otherwise I’d personally have murdered the arrogant shit for chalking ‘I was up at the crack of dawn’

    3. No sooner was the carpenter apprised of the order, than taking his rule, he forthwith with all the indifferent promptitude of his character, proceeded into the forecastle and took Queequeg's measure with great accuracy, regularly chalking Queequeg's person as he shifted the rule

    1. He watches while Bush racks the balls, takes up a stick and chalks the end of it

    2. A young ragged kid was drawing with chalks on the pavement in front of a jeweler’s

    3. A cheap box of chalks, a pavement, and he was in business! There was a chalk circle on one side of the drawing with a few coppers in it

    4. holding the box of chalks

    5. Best paper by long chalks for a small ad

    6. It was like the paintings that man used to do on the pavement with all the coloured chalks and such a pity too leaving them there to be all blotted out, the evening and the clouds coming out and the Bailey light on Howth and to hear the music like that and the perfume of those incense they burned in the church like a kind of waft

    7. "A box of colored chalks was among the effects I found in his knapsack

    8. The beekeeper closes the hive, chalks a mark on it, and when he has time tears out its contents and burns it clean

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