challenger sätze

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Challenger sätze (in englisch)

  1. But Challenger was all right.
  2. Challenger was too furious to speak.
  3. I hold you to your word, Challenger.
  4. Professor Challenger was on his feet.
  5. Professor Challenger answered that Mr.

  6. Now the challenger was prime minister.
  7. He turned and addressed the challenger.
  8. Stood challenger on mount of all the age.
  9. Professor Challenger answered that they had.
  10. I mentioned it to you, Professor Challenger.
  11. Then one of them stood out beside Challenger.
  12. Now, it was the turn of the second challenger.
  13. The one was our comrade, Professor Challenger.
  14. Challenger is no chicken, but even he was cowed.
  15. Challenger waved him away with his great hairy hand.

  16. Challenger, as we halted beside the brook and he bathed a.
  17. He is a lover of puzzles and a challenger of enigmas and.
  18. Toby, one challenger after another lost his and then later.
  19. Just around this time, the space shuttle Challenger blew up.
  20. Challenger levered his bulky figure slowly out of his chair.
  21. Challenger tossed his head and shrugged his heavy shoulders.
  22. Professor Challenger fell back into his chair with his face.
  23. Well, Challenger, what will you do with your fifty thousand?
  24. Challenger might get off, but Summerlee and I were in the bill.
  25. Then the public would vote on whether the challenger should be.

  26. This point is called the "Challenger Deep" and is 35,818 feet deep.
  27. Enraged, the challenger rushed at the post and butted the cat again.
  28. Challenger had slung the camp axe over his shoulder when he ascended.
  29. In an instant Challenger was pulled off his feet and dragged after it.
  30. The Challenger, and Columbia, were both terrible losses for our country.
  31. Old Challenger was up a tree, eatin' pines and havin' the time of his life.
  32. It was all on me, for Summerlee was useless and Challenger not much better.
  33. He can't stick your appearance, Challenger; and, by George! I don't wonder.
  34. Challenger thrust out his aggressive chin until he was all beard and hat-rim.
  35. Now I was in the last belt of trees which separated me from Fort Challenger.
  36. Aazuria stared at her challenger, her eyes flashing with indignation and pity.
  37. Professor Challenger drew off the top of the case, which formed a sliding lid.
  38. Challenger of it, who put it down to the cerebral excitement caused by my fever.
  39. Even Challenger was ready to admit that we should then have done all for which.
  40. If Lord John's behavior at this time was strange, that of Challenger was more so.
  41. Modi had positioned himself as the anti-establishment challenger to the old order.
  42. My dream of creating a viable challenger to Chubb in the Security Market had sadly.
  43. Challenger looked at me sympathetically, and shook his great head in mock disapproval.
  44. Challenger presided with a solemnity as if he were the Lord Chief Justice on the Bench.
  45. Some say his biggest mistake was excepting a challenger so early after he won the belt.
  46. Inscribed upon it, in the jagged handwriting of Professor Challenger, were the words:—.
  47. Professor Challenger raised his hand in the air as a signal, and at once our colleague, Mr.
  48. Challenger struts about like a prize peacock, and Summerlee is silent, but still sceptical.
  49. When the ape-man stood by Challenger and put his paw on his shoulder, the thing was complete.
  50. The challenger, a boy of about sixteen, was hovering near the post, watched by the terrified cat.
  51. Since dawn Professor Challenger had been acutely uneasy, continually scanning each bank of the river.
  52. Anyone attempting to arrest him should be heavily armed, and preferably seated in a Challenger II tank.
  53. Waldron sat down, and, after a chirrup from the chairman, Professor Challenger rose and advanced to the.
  54. He shook himself a few times, and then pranced down the steps, snarling at the pack and at his challenger.
  55. The blankets of Challenger and of Summerlee beside the fire suggested that they had been asleep at the time.
  56. I learned, however, that day once for all that both Summerlee and Challenger possessed that highest type of.
  57. Challenger fell, and as I stooped to pick him up I was again struck from behind and dropped on the top of him.
  58. At that last meeting Professor Challenger had made certain assertions which had been queried by his colleague.
  59. Krista got back up to her feet holding the knife out, waiting for the next challenger, but the boys had enough.
  60. Even Challenger could give a few yards in a hundred to the best of them, and you or I would be a perfect Shrubb.
  61. Professor Challenger threw up his hands to still the commotion, but the movement alarmed the creature beside him.
  62. Challenger smiled with weary and tolerant contempt, as a kindly man would meet the yapping of a litter of puppies.
  63. All of us, without a word, shook hands with Professor Challenger, who raised his straw hat and bowed deeply to each in turn.
  64. It must be admitted that Challenger is provocative in the last degree, but Summerlee has an acid tongue, which makes matters worse.
  65. Captain Fraidareck Chalkyr’s Challenger had lost her fore and main royal masts in a sudden squall three days after leaving Gorath.
  66. I understand that they are the very two—Ataca and Ipetu by name—who accompanied Professor Challenger upon his previous journey.
  67. Challenger had been well up to windward, and the savage gust front had hit her first, with no more than a minute or two’s warning.
  68. Challenger said nothing, but looked pompous and puffy, as if he could if he would, so that finally Lord John asked his opinion direct.
  69. He wished, he said, to ask Professor Challenger whether the results to which he had alluded in his remarks had been obtained during a.
  70. As Challenger climbed to safety one dart of that savage curving beak shore off the heel of his boot as if it had been cut with a chisel.
  71. The next morning, the Challenger took off as scheduled and blew apart in midair just seventy-three seconds later, killing everyone aboard.
  72. She turned her head and through her tears of relief saw the first challenger slowly sit up, then quickly grab for something on the ground.
  73. Challenger and I ran Summerlee along, one at each of his elbows, while Lord John covered our retreat, firing again and again as savage heads.
  74. This old ape-man—he was their chief— was a sort of red Challenger, with every one of our friend's beauty points, only just a trifle more so.
  75. Illingworth began his remarks by expressing his high appreciation of the scientific work both of Professor Challenger and of Professor Summerlee.
  76. He would be obliged if Professor Challenger would give the latitude and the longitude of the country in which prehistoric animals were to be found.
  77. In his hospital Fazenda we spent our time until the day when we were empowered to open the letter of instructions given to us by Professor Challenger.
  78. Larson knows that in the wild, this grumpy twenty-year-old would long ago have been killed by a younger challenger who wanted the females in his pride.
  79. What attracted Challenger, on the other hand, was a bubbling, gurgling mud geyser, where some strange gas formed great bursting bubbles upon the surface.
  80. But it was a very different Challenger who greeted us in the morning—a Challenger with contentment and self-congratulation shining from his whole person.
  81. Last night Challenger said that he never cared to walk on the Thames Embankment and look up the river, as it was always sad to see one's own eventual goal.
  82. Lord John lay silent, wrapped in the South American poncho which he wore, while Challenger snored with a roll and rattle which reverberated through the woods.
  83. Finally, however, Challenger, bent upon proving some point which Summerlee had contested, thrust his head over the rock and nearly brought destruction upon us all.
  84. When Sandhya proposed a challenge round, Roopa was not a game for it as she preferred to preserve the memory of their triumph lest they should lose the challenger.
  85. Our friends at home may well rejoice with us, for we are at our goal, and up to a point, at least, we have shown that the statement of Professor Challenger can be verified.
  86. But Challenger had some unwieldy stuff which he ardently desired to take with him, and one particular package, of which I may not speak, which gave us more labor than any.
  87. Seating himself with a leg overhanging the abyss on each side, and his hatchet slung upon his back, Challenger hopped his way across the trunk and was soon at the other side.
  88. Challenger and Summerlee had gone off together that day to the lake where some of the natives, under their direction, were engaged in harpooning specimens of the great lizards.
  89. Even Challenger was affected by the consideration that his enemies would never stand confuted if the confirmation of his statements should never reach those who had doubted them.
  90. Challenger sat down upon the cut stump and groaned his impatience; but Summerlee and I were of one mind that Lord John was our leader when such practical details were in question.
  91. Challenger, like a glad father in the presence of his first-born, stood smiling and stroking his beard, in silent, self-satisfied content as he gazed at the creation of his brain.
  92. Soon the flaccid organ began to slowly expand and show such a tendency to upward movements that Challenger fastened the cords which held it to the trunks of the surrounding trees.
  93. About three o'clock in the afternoon we came to a very steep rapid, more than a mile long—the very one in which Professor Challenger had suffered disaster upon his first journey.
  94. Louis had battled his way through twenty-seven professional matches with twenty-three knockouts and no defeats to reach his current status as the number one challenger in the world.
  95. I remembered that Challenger had declared that man could not exist upon the plateau, since with his feeble weapons he could not hold his own against the monsters who roamed over it.
  96. The president now enjoys a nineteen-point lead in the polls over Democratic challenger Walter Mondale, the fifty-six-year-old Minnesota native who served as Carter’s vice president.
  97. He stood on the boxes while I faced the trunk, and was gently raising me when Challenger sprang forward and gave me such a thrust with his huge hand that he fairly shot me into the tree.
  98. Professor Challenger replied that he reserved such information for good reasons of his own, but would be prepared to give it with proper precautions to a committee chosen from the audience.
  99. The reader will remember how I met Lord John Roxton upon the very occasion when, in his protective crinoline, he had gone to bring the "Devil's chick" as he called it, for Professor Challenger.
  100. When I finished my last letter I stated that we were within seven miles from an enormous line of ruddy cliffs, which encircled, beyond all doubt, the plateau of which Professor Challenger spoke.

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