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    1. back, a well proportioned man, with a smile that could cut chiffon in mid-air float

    2. Maggie with her paradise hair, the darling of the bar, restless, moving around the terrace like chiffon in a breeze casually peeling off the layers and layering them over a chair

    3. I fall in love with a dress in pale green … full length and layered with an underskirt of a deep green silk with a sort of shimmery, floaty heavyweight pale green chiffon over the top with embroidered flowers round the edges

    4. Auction fever, chiffon and champers, but it was fun

    5. The madness of taffeta and slurry cuts into his thoughts; maids a-milking dressed in chiffon and silk, wearing elbow length gloves and tiaras

    6. Rex watched her as the girl in the blue chiffon under

    7. came to be his favorite dress, the blue chiffon, with sparkling rhinestones shimmering down her back

    8. but do you really like the blue chiffon that well?” Rex knew she was in another world watching the presentation of the blue chiffon

    9. “Okay, blue chiffon it is!” she said with a lilt in her

    10. “And especially the blue chiffon I would guess!” He

    11. It was the blue chiffon dress, diamond studded, neatly packed inside with a special note from Rex

    12. off! As she held the beautiful gown in front of her, it gave her a chill! Pamela felt honored to be wearing his beautiful blue chiffon gown

    13. and a slow chase through Paris in her blue chiffon gown,

    14. “You must model the blue chiffon for me

    15. The spotlight was on Pamela and the blue chiffon gown as she started

    16. chiffon to the utmost

    17. She had been so enthralled in finding Jeff she hadn’t even noticed she still had on the beautiful blue chiffon

    18. Celine had chosen a simple summer dress of cornflower blue, cut on the cross in cotton chiffon and lined for modesty

    19. leapt from the Bimah, arms and legs not exactly in a ski jump position but not far off it, to try to sort out Bubbala, knocking over some of the chiffon and hatted lady folk, who had recovered from their frozen state and were also trying to contain the barmy lady

    20. I straightened the A-lined skirt of my white chiffon dress with its V-neck lace bodice and checked that the long, wide laced elvish styled sleeves had not caught onto anything and left loose threads

    21. The silver and pearl necklace I had given her in gratitude for being my bridesmaid hung on her chest shining brightly against the royal blue chiffon dress

    22. A waitress in a flimsy black chiffon dress stopped in front of him

    23. She dressed for her role with skill, selecting a lovely, light chiffon thing, which she complimented with a white linen hankie

    24. I chose a grey chiffon printed long dress by Vera Wang, in homage to Brandon’s eye color

    25. While I was walking, I entertained seeing the small houses standing on either side with their windows adorned with beautiful chiffon curtains and the cedar doors open leaving exposed plenty of familiar scenes

    26. A swathe of pink chiffon draped over the offending flesh was rather fetching, she thought – not stopping to wonder what it would fetch

    27. One stood smiling graciously with warmth, she was petite, tanned and was wearing a jade patterned, chiffon sari

    28. The room was full of different saris- silk, net, satin, chiffon, crepe, plain and patterned, stylish and glamorous prints

    29. She looked gorgeous in that white and red chiffon sari, which made it extremely difficult to be angry with her

    30. A smile crossed his lips as he noticed how obviously Lady Jane’s chiffon gown in royal purple with plumed hat and Lord Ashburn’s tweed jacket with plum-coloured ascot contrasted with the simple black-and-grey attire of Preacher Cooper and Elizabeth, respectively

    31. The cape was pure chiffon and was embellished with gold stitching throughout, creating a sun-ray pattern, which originated at her shoulders and cascaded down the cape

    32. I know once, when impelled by a heat wave in America to cast aside the undergarments of a candid mind and buy and put on pink chiffon, the pink chiffon instantly got through all my clothes into my conduct, which became curiously dashing

    33. She wore an off-white chiffon dress

    34. She was wearing a long white chiffon dress with delicate silver slippers and a diamond necklace, a present from Kate

    35. Mary was sitting next to Kurt wearing her chiffon dress and Vicky was on the other side of her

    36. The next page was part of the interview, but she ignored it, already knowing what was in there, she flipped to the last page with a picture of her in a haunted looking house in a red Alice +Olivia one shoulder jersey top with frayed silk chiffon on one shoulder, a white BCBG silk-chiffon draped mid-thigh skirt, and beige Tory Burch wedges with a caption on the side saying Scary Beautiful in the spirit of Halloween

    37. she was wearing wasn"t the most modest one with its sheer pink chiffon

    38. They sat wide-eyed, gazing around the room at the other diners—international Olympic officials; well-heeled Americans and Brits; elegant German women in flowing evening gowns of silk or chiffon, sleek lamé, or satin studded with sequins

    39. ” I glance down at the grey chiffon halter neck dress

    40. The Demis Roussos hit featured a prerecording of his odd, tremulous tenor, framed by a bland female chorus, the words of which were being mouthed inexpertly by two dancers clad only in chiffon baby-doll nighties and sheer panty hose, although we learned, due to the unfortunate lighting, no actual panties

    41. Originally it had been only a simple little slip of cream silk with a chiffon overdress

    42. But Phil had insisted on taking it home with her in the Christmas holidays and embroidering tiny rosebuds all over the chiffon

    43. Ah! I had almost forgotten the most important point—which is that I should like you to go and tell Madame Chiffon that I wish the blond lace to be changed in conformity with yesterday’s patterns, if she will be good enough to bring with her a new assortment

    44. She touched the elaborate chiffon quillings of her skirt with daintily approving fingers

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