chip sätze

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Chip sätze (in englisch)

Chip and I had begun.
It was a bullet chip.
Chip shot after chip shot.
They were after the Chip.
A chip off the old block.
My name is Chip Miller.
Chip was sadder than I was.

But hold on a minute, Chip.
It was a smal yellow chip.
I loved Chip ever so deeply.
I had always had a chip on.
The Watchful Poker Chip of H.
Mike, this is Chip Miller.
Yes, Chip, I think we will.
This is a bullet chip gun.
Chip nodded in the affirmative.
I took the chocolate chip one.
Also, Chip and I are testing.
What can I do to chip in?
That his chip shot needed work.
Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie.
Yes, Chip, I certainly will.
Also, there was a potato chip.
The Chip was going to be his!.
Please, Chip, come back with me.
All this and a blue chip to boot.
No, Chip, just one more thing.
Gosh, Chip, it’s over there.
Many use it to chip away at life.
The blue chip is a shallower cut.
Punk turned the bullet chip off.
Where’s my memory chip today?
Chip, is there anything else?
You can keep that chip afterwards.
Well, there's a chip in your brain.
Nancy eyed the Chip then eyed Johnny.
You knocked the chip off my shoulder.
Their only bargaining chip: his life.
Once an American blue chip stock this.
Chip bags and soda cans littered the.
Somewhere Floy was chipping.
Others were already chipping in.
Axing away, chipping here and there.
Andy's other problem involved chipping.
Whetmore had started chipping the marble.
In some places, the paint is chipping away.
He had a good hand movement in his chipping effort.
His chipping improved dramatically within the lesson.
The paint was chipping from the vertical wood siding.
When he’d finished chipping away a large portion of.
Chipping clams gets them to expel sand that is in their shell.
I’ll tell you ‘but’, Sir Robin, said Nick, chipping in.
Chipping children is a gateway technology to the tagging of thoughts.
A good drive will eliminate the need for chipping and for taking long putts.
As well, he had no idea of the importance of his body activity during his chipping.
A chorus of angry chipping sounds greeted him as he moved to cut the next three trees.
For chipping one hundred yards out or closer, the nine-iron is a good choice in clubs.
However, this will not do anything in terms of chipping away at the American obesity problem.
Tuesday is a practice day where a pro could spend 4 to 6 hours at the range, putting and chipping.
After breaking a few sticks and chipping some rock fragments into the engine compartment he gave up.
Chipping is done when the approach shot is close to the green, but doesn’t make it onto the green.
The blood on his T-shirt bandage was rotting, and cakes of it were chipping off and falling into the raft.
And with each chunk of plastic that fell in the trash, it was a chipping away of the old and a birth of the new.
I shuddered, and stumped over to the double-bolted door, and Floy threw herself into my hands, chipping and trilling.
Max could not return the wood chipper in a cleaner state than before, so actual chipping would need to be carried out.
The pitching wedge and the sand wedge can be used in the place of a chipping wedge, yet another in the family of wedges.
I for one would sleep much easier knowing that I’m chipping away at the $45,000 portion of my national debt contribution.
The Contract Furniture Company's state of the art exclusive process ensures to resist scratching, fading, peeling, or chipping.
The mother budgie may help a chick leave the egg by chipping at the scored spot and rotating the egg to help the chick position himself.
I slammed into the wall with the tools, chipping off plaster and, slowly, revealing the stones beneath and the lines of mortar between them.
But she vowed to get out, and day and night they spent chipping away at the boulders, feasting on the flesh of the vradruuks for nourishment.
But chipping away at America’s ability to defend itself and the internal chaos that the releases will create is hardly an unattractive secondary strategy.
Chipping away at the hard baked ground, he mumbled, Not a rock for hundreds of miles and now when I really need to dig a hole, they’re everywhere!.
I’d found a chipping sparrow in the snow that evening, half frozen, and as Andrei kindled the fire and stirred nuts into it, I put the bird near the flames.
Besides: without all of the boring work of chipping laboriously away at a dead tree, there is all the more time for play and exploration without using tools too much.
After a quick lunch he started in on the storm windows, removing cracked panes, prying out the glazing points, softening old putty with a heat gun while chipping away.
Chipping can be done when the ball is as far out as one hundred yards, though this is a more difficult type of chip and the golfer may want to consider a different club altogether.
Near a post-card village called Chipping Sudbury we stayed in a four-hundred year-old thatched farm house owned by a jolly farmer and his wife who served lashings of bacon and eggs for breakfast.
In the dream, the villain, who always seemed to be in a black mist, had a super-sized oxy-acetylene torch and was always extorting money from him, which he paid by chipping off pieces of his house.
This very letter, how many millions must I thank for it to occur, from mother and father to teachers to inventors to electricians to children chipping computer boards in China, to all these indebted.
Chipped beef and egg white.
The news man chipped in again.
Willow chipped in her two cents.
Part of my tooth was chipped off.
The bone is chipped & splintered.
He found a fluted bowl, chipped.
Old paint had chipped off and the.
Gone is the concrete mask, chipped.
The rim chipped and the blooded lip.
Whoever chipped me, chipped me deep.
Sporting a chipped and broken tiara.
Opening her handbag, chipped leather.
Pieces of chipped armour rained down.
Does that matter? my dad chipped in.
That’s the plan? Jaron chipped in.
Nice try, old man, chipped in Pender.
She pulled the chipped and broken, yet still.
Steve chipped in, That is in six days time.
Most of the paint on the house was chipped off.
Indian tribe that chipped away at its enemies.
He was also pretty sure he had chipped a tooth.
The chipped porcelain was stained a bright pink.
Eye color? An odd-shaped mole? A chipped tooth?
He chipped in with a ten-dollar bill often enough.
The Wyvern bone had been chipped into small pieces.
Probably the same chipped blade he used for eating.
Their weapons are chipped and blunted; their shields.
Tile chipped up some twenty feet behind him, exploded.
The ol’ boy’s got a chipped tooth and a broken jaw.
Then everyone chipped in and gave Ashi the few cans of.
So she was stuck with the yellowing, chipped originals.
The two boys sat in the rear on the bags of chipped ice.
Most of the Mars harvest had been chipped up and used to.
Lodge brothers chipped in and dressed Pa in his proper dress.
I was going to say yes; but she chipped in and says: About.
Chipped appeared to be in a trance, he had so much hate for.
But most of the tiles were cracked and chipped by weathering.
She cursed him for the nail she’d chipped from punching him.
Then she gave him the dishes he asked for--a few chipped ones.
Her finger nails dirty, some chipped of and broken, others long.
When the chips are down.
A Block of the Old Chips.
A bowl of chips appeared.
Rhones stack of chips grew.
He has huge piles of chips.
More chips you can't have.
He steals ice chips from Mr.
Add the question about chips.
The nacho chips with melted.
I switched chips with him.
Eyes as sharp as chips of ice.
Serve with Tostitos Scoop chips.
I only had chips and a drink.
It chips away at your trust and.
Most chips today operate with a.
It's got my bloody chips in there.
Mostly we smoked with alder chips.
The chips were protruding out of.
U can't sell water like poker chips.
This is great! He rakes in the chips.
His face on the hundred dollar chips.
I dipped my chips into the runny egg.
Plays, theater, mushy peas and chips.
The lord’s eyes were chips of flint.
He is the one that when the chips are.
When the chips are down and you want.
Chips and small pieces are disregarded.
Cookies and potato chips are junk food.
Penn placed a stack of chips in the pot.
Fish and Chips would sure be a welcome.
Sprinkle chocolate chips over hot toffee.
Jeff wolfed down another handful of chips.
I will: fried fish and chips served by S.
Katz realized she had no bargaining chips.
Fold the chocolate chips into the batter.
Exchange, and chips off the writers block.
I know who I can rely on when the chips.
Snack on peanuts instead of chips or candy.
Blood and bone chips splattered the walls.

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