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    1. As soon as Barney spots the bouncy castle, all interest in his old Gran disappears and he starts clamouring to have a go … Emma and Adrian exchange a glance

    2. Clothier readily agreed, so Clipear and cousin Tristan were handed their putters and with the spectators clamouring and cheering, they walked to the first little carpet covered green

    3. Saldon leapt across the clamouring, oozing slop and past the armed guard who were taken unawares at his speed

    4. Then, when he thought he would stumble and fall from the pain in his body clamouring for attention, he felt Ralph step beside him, on the right, where he held the mind-cane up as high as he could

    5. Before he could think of one of the hundreds of questions clamouring for his attention, Johan turned away and began to stride back to his sister

    6. The pub was full with lunchtime customers, all clamouring for service

    7. closing the doors on the clamouring throng trying to force its way inside

    8. Beyond the clamouring crowds?

    9. He crushed the paper in his hand and made caustic mental comments on the indecency of these people, clamouring for their money almost before the last workman was out of the place, certainly before the smell of paint was out of it, and clamouring, too, in the face of the Shuttleworth countenance and support

    10. Reporters were clamouring for information, on the telephones and in the corridor leading to David Frank’s office above the China Travel Service in Wanchai

    11. Holly heard Jo footsteps clamouring down the stairs

    12. Long, long ago his present anguish had its first beginnings; it had waxed and gathered strength, it had matured and concentrated, until it had taken the form of a fearful, frenzied and fantastic question, which tortured his heart and mind, clamouring insistently for an answer

    13. All her life she had lived in a tiny house full of babies and children, and at any instant at least one of them was clamouring for food, crying because of a minor hurt, shouting a protest or screaming with helpless infantile rage

    14. It was too late; his officers had rushed in tumultuously, in a great clatter of scabbards, clamouring, with astonishment and wonder

    15. Dimly he became aware of voices clamouring: it seemed that many of the Orcs were demanding a halt

    16. Far within he could hear faintly the voices of ores clamouring, but

    17. For a moment, Will watched Jim dance around over there, shirt uplifted, pants going on, while off in night country, panting, churning was this funeral train, all black-plumed cars, licorice-coloured cages, and a sooty calliope clamouring, banging three different hymns mixed and lost, maybe not there at all

    18. Hudson says it is probable that they are occasionally parasitic, for he has seen the young of this species following old birds of a distinct kind and clamouring to be fed by them

    19. I saw the Commandant wounded in the head, and hard pressed by a little band of robbers clamouring for the keys

    20. it ached! It was clamouring for freedom, for air, for rest

    21. It seems to me that everything is ruled by measure in our century; all men are clamouring for their rights; ‘a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny

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    clamor clamoring clamour clamouring hue and cry