clobber sätze

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Clobber sätze (in englisch)

  1. That surge will clobber us.
  2. That much was painfully apparent each time Brian tried to clobber a monster.
  3. I would forget for a moment and then the nightmare would clobber me anew, wrenching my insides.
  4. He wore a zip-up hoodie and long baggy trousers, but not because he was wearing his dad’s clobber.
  5. If one were jabbed just right, he would drop to his knees in pain, and Garcia would clobber him over the back of the neck with his appropriated Painstik.

  6. David raised his six foot five inch frame off of the turquoise plastic chair he was sitting on, grabbed the back of it and raised it into the air as if to clobber the monk with it.
  7. Therefore, an almost-moon-sized chunk of outer space real estate will clobber the afore-mentioned Sin City, setting off all that deadly stuff we custom-designed to kill each other with.
  8. She’d better not clobber in now—she’s just out of dry dock,.

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