clogged sätze

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Clogged sätze (in englisch)

1. Are clogged with brown from sand.
2. Your "pipes" have become clogged.
3. A clogged filter shouldn't pose a.
4. The number of detentions clogged up.
5. Her shoes were clogged with red earth.
6. I want to live without clogged arteries.
7. They look a bit clogged up at the moment.

8. Fear, hot and choking, clogged his throat.
9. My saw is getting clogged up, Gary said.
10. Homer’s engine was clogged with gritty sand.
11. Blood clogged his nose, making it hard to breathe.
12. She slowed and stopped, asleep, her nose clogged.
13. Thank you, Angela said with a clogged throat.
14. Show them some coin and they'll lend a clogged ear.
15. And just as I’d suspected, there was a clogged tube.
16. Dust clogged Scarlett’s nostrils and dried her lips.
17. Fear, that relentless pursuer, clogged Dantes' efforts.
18. An intimidating overload of problems clogged her mind.
19. The pile of fallen bitten nearly clogged Hell’s Gate.
20. The sinks were brutally clogged with soggy, half-eaten food.
21. If it’s clogged or depressed, a person stoops in the re-.
22. Clogged Anahata is typical for a person with the rigid sphere of.
23. Casaubon's purpose, which seemed to be clogged by some hesitation.
24. As he started to run as fast as he could along the clogged sidewalk.
25. The insects invaded cavities, clogged her nose, teemed to her lungs.
26. Tank engines wore out quickly and thick dust clogged the air filters.
27. Spiders, wasps, and mice floated on top, and scum clogged the skimmer.
28. The practitioner tries to draw the energy through his clogged or not open.
29. If the channel is clogged and the breath-hold is short, it can be just not.
30. It is a particular hate of mine that the sugar should get damp and clogged.
31. Khaki pants were rolled up twice and clogged at the hemline with dried mud.
32. As I write, my mind is still clogged by the same, some what percentage of a.
33. All she could do was nod, because anguish clogged up like a ball in her throat.
34. The propulsion system was completely clogged by the crushed flesh of the fish.
35. The streets were clogged with cars as the mass evacuation of Tomioka town got.
36. He went along like one sentenced to death, with his reason clogged and numbed.
37. Queensway, the main traffic corridor through the city, was clogged with slow-moving.
38. The interstate’s clogged with traffic from people trying to escape the unknown terror.
39. The taste of coppery blood was in his mouth, his throat was clogged with stinking socks.
40. No longer the thick sand that clogged my blood, now my heart pulled me in new directions.
41. The bazaars were more organized and not nearly as clogged with rickshaws and pedestrians.
42. With a future impossible, clogged with humanity and vehicles and lapped by polluted seas.
43. It offensive scent clogged my sensitive nose as invasive thoughts of doom racked my mind.
44. If the sebaceous gland becomes clogged with this oily substance you get a zit or a pimple.
45. I lay like a living corpse, unable to wipe away the sweat and the dust that clogged my eyes.
46. Her hair, clogged with the claggy stuff, stuck to her head; it felt cold and stiff, like a helmet.
47. Across the mountain and into Kentucky, the buses disappeared and the coal trucks clogged the roads.
48. If you leave it in the filter too long all the pores eventually become clogged and it then becomes.
49. The ablutions block was clogged and there was no chance of going behind a tree because there weren't any.
50. He was numb and he still felt Marie’s sadness but his own head was clogged with emotions and he was lost.
51. If your noses weren't so clogged by all the latest lab/factory-grown synthetic allergens you might've noticed.
52. Streets so clogged with years of rubbish there was only room to walk single file through the waist high stench.
53. She considered bolting, but the passage behind her was clogged with more people who had come to join the crowd.
54. Fortunately, the soil, which was light and wet with the winter rains, clogged the wheels and retarded its speed.
55. Their toilets got clogged with LIT-TISSUE as it backed up and dispersed the unpleasant aroma throughout the house.
56. Harris felt his jaw pressed violently in all directions, his tongue depressed as with a spoon, his throat clogged.
57. Every street, road, and highway leading out of Portland was clogged with all manner of vehicles, none of them moving.
58. These, perhaps, if more distinctly heard, might have been only a grosser medium, and have clogged the spiritual sense.
59. Their hum vibrated like mini-bombers as they clogged ears, filmed eyes and skin, streamed in and out of his nose and mouth.
60. He was a large, pear-shaped man of fifty with coarse skin and clogged arteries, but the expression on his face was just beautiful.
61. Half way through the interminable thing he shouted, There! Did you hear it? They’ve skipped a note! My ears were obviously clogged.
62. THE NEXT MORNING, my iPhone was clogged with alerts and e-mail from friends and clients letting me know that Private was in the headlines again.
63. It can cause the body to exercise, but if it does not exercise itself, pathways can become clogged (Beta-amyloid?) and function diminishes (dementia?).
64. He offered his assistance to any one who was in need of it, lifted a horse, released a wheel clogged in the mud, or stopped a runaway bull by the horns.
65. The streets were clogged with bicycle riders, milling pedestrians, and rickshaws popping blue smoke, all weaving through a maze of narrow lanes and alleys.
66. In my mind I could see it because I have seen people running away—the roads clogged to a standstill and the stampede over the cliff of our own designing.
67. While many threw profanities at the rain for causing floods and storms, he amicably danced his way through the clogged streets, hoping to find love in the rain.
68. It had become evident that even dangerous criminals often went free, the clogged wheels of the system turned impossibly slowly, and her caseload was never-ending.
69. He wore the ordinary white pinner and leather leggings of a dairy-farmer when milking, and his boots were clogged with the mulch of the yard; but this was all his.
70. Judicial Observations/Solutions The justice system in America is clogged with money seekers (attorneys) who earn more per case generally when cases are handled slowly.
71. In this novel, in spite of its being clogged with obscene details, in which the author unfortunately seems to delight, we can see the same serious relations of the author to life.
72. At dark, all of Brady arrived and throngs of people clogged the sidewalks along Main Street, drifting from store to store, picking up hot cider and gingerbread cookies as they went.
73. By that time, the telephone lines at the Pentagon had started to be clogged with calls from reporters based in Los Angeles and who had spoken with the crew and passengers of Pan Am 502.
74. When you begin experiencing symptoms in your ears, including that annoying clogged feeling that causes difficulty in hearing until it drains, it is because your eustachian tube is blocked.
75. Ben Dollard halted and stared, his loud orifice open, a dangling button of his coat wagging brightbacked from its thread as he wiped away the heavy shraums that clogged his eyes to hear aright.
76. A loop of the old river had been cut off as the water sought a more direct downhill route, and the water trapped in that loop was now clogged with what looked from afar like cattails and reeds.
77. Later that same night, in the small hours of Christmas Day, I lay on my mattress, nursing the mother of all headaches and feeling every breath burn through my clogged and battered nose and ribs.
78. I am Wendy the Way, and as I said, my one and only appointed mission is to help those who are lost to clear their minds of that thick, layered, stubborn grease that has clogged their thought processes.
79. Sewers from houses, and most significantly blocks of flats, became clogged with discarded clumps of LIT-TISSUE, much of it clean and unused, or at least not used as toilet tissue was designed to be used.
80. The truck would idle for a moment, waiting for traffic to clear or for lights to change, and as the truck moved off I spat oaths of vengeance in my head, while I fought for breath through my clogged nose.
81. Can’t you see I’m dying? Apparently, he couldn’t, because Ozzie continued to relentlessly scratch at my inert form, making all kinds of loud cat noises into my overly sensitive but clogged ears.
82. I have known a great deal of the trouble of annuities; for my mother was clogged with the payment of three to old superannuated servants by my father’s will, and it is amazing how disagreeable she found it.
83. I took an ancient, red double-decker and rode it for a quarter of an hour in mad traffic and narrow streets clogged with pushcarts and animals and street cricket matches until the conductor told me to get off.
84. Instead of an existing and determined fact, we have a promise, and that too clogged with conditions, which it was well known to the Emperor would not or could not be complied with to the extent required by him.
85. Two people were hospitalised from inhaling a peculiar gas of unknown origin, the reporter on a news channel said, The gas seems to have clogged their blood vessels and the victims are given artificial oxygen.
86. Knowing that the fan was about to become clogged, he fled the USA, initially for Hong Kong; when things became uncomfortable there, he left Hong Kong and flew to Moscow, from where he sought asylum in a number of countries.
87. Having to use roads and rail lines in order to move as fast as possible, the German columns had quickly clogged all the roads in Northwest France and had monopolized the railway trains, which had become in turn targets for Ingrid’s aircraft.
88. My one and only appointed mission is to help those who are lost try to clear their minds of the old grease that has clogged up their thought processes so that they can someday finally stop suffering a fate which plagues the majority of our species.
89. Everyone immediately backed out of the movie since they probably hadn’t felt that much panic since the last time they clogged the toilet at someone else’s house, and unless I found an additional 16 people to replace all of those who’s jobs were threatened, this movie had to completely start over.
90. One didn’t perceive the gathering rubbish piles in the gutters, when the drains first clogged and overflowed, how unpaved roads betrayed their origins, cars and wagons everywhere, ripping up the surface until everything outside the garden ring oozed scum and filth and to which everything within would, before the freeze, finally succumb.
91. It has been said that the whale only breathes through his spout-hole; if it could truthfully be added that his spouts are mixed with water, then I opine we should be furnished with the reason why his sense of smell seems obliterated in him; for the only thing about him that at all answers to his nose is that identical spout-hole; and being so clogged with two elements, it could not be expected to have the power of smelling.
92. The omnibus stopped outside Charing Cross; and behind it were clogged omnibuses, vans, motor-cars, for a procession with banners was passing down Whitehall, and elderly people were stiffly descending from between the paws of the slippery lions, where they had been testifying to their faith, singing lustily, raising their eyes from their music to look into the sky, and still their eyes were on the sky as they marched behind the gold letters of their creed.
93. To this dumb language, which was so unintelligible to others, she answered by throwing her whole soul into the expression of her countenance, and in this manner were the conversations sustained between the blooming girl and the helpless invalid, whose body could scarcely be called a living one, but who, nevertheless, possessed a fund of knowledge and penetration, united with a will as powerful as ever although clogged by a body rendered utterly incapable of obeying its impulses.
94. A short time later they sent Father Augusto Angel, a crusader of the new breed, intransigent, audacious, daring, who personally rang the bells several times a day so that the peoples spirits would not get drowsy, and who went from house to house waking up the sleepers to go to mass but before a year was out he too was conquered by the negligence that one breathed in with the air, by the hot dust that made everything old and clogged up, and by the drowsiness caused by lunchtime meatballs in the unbearable heat of siesta time.
95. The main thing to remember about filters is that they can become very dirty and get clogged up,.
1. The sudden tears clogging my throat surprise me.
2. When this clogging or obstruction of the artery.
3. Someone was clogging up the toilets in the third floor.
4. This will avoid blunting and clogging the razor too quickly.
5. Brooke's propitiation was more clogging to his tongue than Mr.
6. Tremendous surges of random data are clogging her electronics.
7. This keeps your grill from filling up with ash and clogging the jets.
9. In this way, they are prevented from clogging which can lead to heart attack and stroke.
10. It’s a similar principle to what happens if you have dirt clogging your water filter.
11. The latter’s office was a command centre with charts and whiteboards clogging the walls.
12. Then she went across ploughed fields, in which she sank, stumbling; and clogging her thin shoes.
13. This will be safer for you and it will keep the filter from clogging up with the debris you pull.
14. Dust was clogging his nostrils causing him some annoyance and he looked around at the unrevealing walls.
15. The greater the performance required the greater the fuel quantity expended to overcome the partial clogging.
16. These secretions combine with bacteria and other contaminants, clogging the pores and setting the stage for an acne outbreak.
17. In fifty years there will be ten billion worthless human beings clogging up this planet of yours like cancer cells in a lung.
18. For where earlier it was the protest clogging traffic around them, now it’s the blue lights of the Furies shoving everything else aside.
19. Meat decays in the stomach for a longer time; as well it is the cause for clogging arteries in the penis, responsible for a successful erection.
20. Inside, a party was under way, people Charlie didn’t recognize shuffling like vagabonds from parlor to kitchen and clogging the stairs and hallways.
21. They want to live a long and prosperous life but are clogging their arteries and veins with bad chemicals that will kill them in some way in the future.
22. But the gun tips required changing often today—not due to clogging, she suspected, but because they were worn and needed to be replaced—so her rate slowed.
23. They sleep in a once stately Old World suite with the furniture shored up against the walls and chicken feathers clogging the marble sinks and newspapers tacked clumsily across the windows.
24. The Earth sees its virtual blood money clogging and coagulating in giant, ever-expanding, stagnating pools that do not flow openly or at all to many and most of its blood money carrying hosts, e.
25. The more she highlighted, the more her head became packed with pink, woolly sugar, clogging and muffling the circuits in her brain that were needed to understand and remember what she was reading.
26. David Smith (USA): responsible for releasing the Melissa virus into the wild in 1999, clogging and shutting down email systems; arrested a week later and sentenced to 10 years.
27. Weren’t rehearsal dinners restricted to family? Half of New York seemed to be here, stepping from the backseats of cars, clogging the entrance, as if it were one of Felicia’s awful beach retreats.
28. Traffic was clogging the streets as commuters filled the Peachtree Center complex, which was comprised of fourteen different buildings that housed everything from corporate offices to several shopping areas.
29. Half of the travelers were on the ground, twitching, green spots growing on their flesh from where they were struck, their veins clogging then bursting through their skin while their lifeblood pooled around them, thick and dark.
30. The company was developing a treatment for angina (the painful heart condition caused by constricting or clogging of heart arteries), when the users of this drug began to report that it improved their ability to have erections.
31. An engine left running on idle over a long period of time then would develop carbon clogging that at some stage would begin to interfere with performance in the median range where it was set for average efficiency and performance, something akin to cholesterol buildup in the body.
32. Casaubon had been slow and hesitating, oppressed in the plan of transmitting his work, as he had been in executing it, by the sense of moving heavily in a dim and clogging medium: distrust of Dorothea's competence to arrange what he had prepared was subdued only by distrust of any other redactor.
33. By those best acquainted with his habits, the paleness of the young minister's cheek was accounted for by his too earnest devotion to study, his scrupulous fulfilment of parochial duty, and, more than all, by the fasts and vigils of which he made a frequent practice, in order to keep the grossness of this earthly state from clogging and obscuring his spiritual lamp.
34. The poor radio discipline of the male pilots, who kept shouting excitedly on the radio for about any reason, kept clogging the fighter control radio frequency during the battle and nearly attracted a remonstrance from Ingrid, who however decided to let it fly in order not to sour the already shaky relation between her female pilots and the male pilots on Guadalcanal.
35. This crisis of imergence clogging the flows of Eartheart's natural systems trigger her immune responses: expulsions of volcanic ash reducing planes in air, travel on ground, shutting down businesses reducing the destruction of her lungs; earthquakes tectonically shocking electrical grids offline reducing her EM poisoning; cycles of storms blowing rain and sand, enema cleansing and anti-organic scouring, with a single hurricane, blight or swarm eliminating the monocultural food systems that feed the mass that is consuming her.
1. The mind clogs you up with images and.
2. Fat clogs up the arteries with cholesterol.
3. Next she chopped several wooden clogs and.
4. This plaque clogs arteries, causing heart disease.
5. Clever Clogs Productions, have been working in Television.
6. Suddenly on the pavement was heard a loud noise of clogs and the.
8. On her feet she wore heavy wooden clogs, and from her hips hung a large blue apron.
9. The good-looking young woman in clogs, swinging the empty pails on the yoke, ran on before him.
10. It greased the wheels no end when Alex Clegg finally popped his clogs and hurried things along nicely.
11. The good-looking young woman in clogs, swinging the empty pails on the yoke, ran on before him to the well for water.
12. Men were so attuned to the Bird’s presence that they instantly recognized the clopping sound his clogs made in the sand.
13. The brigands approached us, returning our money to us, and we found their two leaders dead, each with one of the clogs near to him.
14. So apparently Hilier was wearing water-proofed, insulated, lugged-sole assault clogs, like any candy-ass TV wildlife biologist should.
15. Suddenly on the pavement was heard a loud noise of clogs and the clattering of a stick; and a voice rose—a raucous voice—that sang—.
16. Chocolate would have been nicer but it is lousy for singing, as it clogs up the vocal chords and I need to hit some pretty demanding top notes.
17. Others, astride the wall, swung their legs, kicking with their clogs the large nettles growing between the little enclosure and the newest graves.
18. A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight.
19. Monasteries, when they abound in a nation, are clogs in its circulation, cumbrous establishments, centres of idleness where centres of labor should exist.
20. Margarine (vegetable shortening, hydrogenated oils) is not really edible and ends up in the blood stream where it clogs arteries and contributes to heart attacks.
21. Especially the red meat variety, rich in cholesterol, in time it clogs the arteries responsible for engorging the penis with blood flow, leading to sexual dysfunction.
22. Someone has been feeding him, and the spoon rests on the glass table and blobs of porridge cling to Frederick’s whiskers and his place mat, which is a woolen thing featuring happy pink-cheeked children in clogs.
23. In all the country between the Potomac and the Hudson the interest of commerce is so great, in proportion to the other interests, that its embarrassment clogs and weakens the energy of every other description of industry.
24. Best porridge I’ve ever tasted, ever you are camp cook in future, I’ll volunteer Lemoss and Clogs for the washing up after in future, Fizzicist licked up the last of the food, wiped his fingers on his britches and handed the bowl to Flitter.
25. Yet still, the cranks and clogs of my mind must have been set on overload that dreary Wednesday afternoon, for after a little times distance I scarcely heard the sound of what could only be described as the rapping and clapping of hoofs in the upper chambers.
26. All revolt closes the shops, depresses the funds, throws the Exchange into consternation, suspends commerce, clogs business, precipitates failures; no more money, private fortunes rendered uneasy, public credit shaken, industry disconcerted, capital withdrawing, work at a discount, fear everywhere; counter-shocks in every town.

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1. Me: This is obviously a clog.
2. Elevated levels of LDL can clog.
3. The fat will clog arteries which can.
4. Hope that wire don’t clog the rings, said Al.
5. She gazed for a moment at the clog of carriages, and.
6. Yeah, but this time there was something else in the clog.
7. The morning commuter traffic is beginning to clog the roads.
8. This will remove dead skin cells and oils that clog the pores.
9. Elevated levels of LDL can clog arteries and cause heart disease.
10. Some of these preservatives can clog up your heart, can lead to.
11. An experience with LSD can clog the brain with sensory information.
12. A problem was that the filters would clog up and had to be changed now and then.
13. Use lemon as an exfoliate treatment to remove dead skin cells that clog the pours.
14. Generic mineral makeup often uses talc as a filler ingredient, which can clog pores.
15. Such items usually do not contain substances that can clog up your pores and cause pimples.
16. I was moved to a yearning for delay which seemed to paralyze my faculties and to clog my very soul.
17. Even some evergreens, especially the kind with needles, can get leaves into the pool and possible clog the filters.
18. There were stories of the children trashing homes and putting rolls of toilet paper down the toilet bowl to clog it.
19. The only way to stop this rock monster was to clog up its mouth so that it would stop burping up little rock monsters.
20. The pipe they cautioned should not be too steep or the liquids would go faster than the solids which would then clog the pipe.
21. This is because, scalp residue can actually clog the hair follicle, which can interfere with the normal growth rate of your hair.
22. The toxins released in cigarette smoke can clog pores and promote bacterial growth in pores, all of which contributes to adult acne.
23. If we do not cover many more Americans then many will enter and clog up our Emergency rooms and doctor offices with no means to pay for things.
24. He, with lordly dignity, has shaken of a clog; and the allowing her food and raiment, is thought sufficient to secure his reputation from taint.
25. Cami felt her throat clog with hot tears as she thought about her commitment to assist with fundraising or even paying for some of the expenses herself.
26. Blackheads ? those little black dots that clog up your pores ? can happen to anyone, and can sometimes stubbornly linger long after your acne has cleared up.
27. As limousines clog the city streets, California socialite and longtime Nancy Reagan confidante Betsy Bloomingdale actually gets out of her stretch limo to direct traffic at Dupont Circle.
28. It is a clog which, for the supposed benefit of some particular countries, embarrasses the pleasures and encumbers the industry of all other countries, but of the colonies more than of any other.
29. It's these fatty acids that help control the production of androgens ? the hormones that surge during the teen-age times, which causes excess sebum oil to clog your hair follicle and contribute to creating your acne.
30. Her reasoning, which I find eminently sound, was that such a massive movement of forces would take days and would basically clog all the available roads and railway tracks with military convoys from Northwest France.
31. But grant for a moment, for mere argument's sake, that in Canada you touched the sinews of her strength, instead of removing a clog upon her resources—an encumbrance, but one, which, from a spirit of honor, she will vigorously defend.
32. Because it lowers cholesterol (which can clog up the brain!), provides Omega-3s while balancing out Omega 6s, and infuses the body with antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil should form one of the cornerstones of a brain-friendly diet.
33. The minister might stand there, if it so pleased him, until morning should redden in the east, without other risk than that the dank and chill night-air would creep into his frame, and stiffen his joints with rheumatism, and clog his throat with catarrh and cough; thereby defrauding the expectant audience of to-morrow's prayer and sermon.
34. If, on the other hand, as in the hope of immortality among the nobler heathen, it is conceived of, as for some, a state of happiness-the clog of the body being shaken off-this yields the idea, which has passed into so much of our modern thinking, of an 'immortality of the soul,' of an imperishableness of the spiritual part, sometimes supposed to extend backward as well as forward; an inherent indestructibility.

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