closure sätze

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Closure sätze (in englisch)

  1. Closure, The Elixir of Life.
  2. Then the sharks came closure.
  3. The other is a closure in the.
  4. The closure is what I want.
  5. The deal negotiation and closure.
  6. There was never a sense of closure.
  7. Things end, that is natural closure.
  8. Thanked me for bringing him closure.
  9. I think he witnessed the closure of the.
  10. Now their families can have some closure.
  11. That’s what I needed, a bit of closure.
  12. The shark-freak stepped closure, and waited.
  13. The police have issued a total city closure.
  14. Follow up and closure of audit results is expected.
  15. Only then can you get any closure from the process.
  16. To give you closure, to seal that chapter in your past.
  17. Please may MH370 be found so that you can have closure.
  18. You and Miss Felton represent the closure that it needs.
  19. Now, two words, a grave, led me toward that closure.
  20. When closure takes place the body is no longer at dis-ease.
  21. The Treasurer cited his reasons for the account's closure:.
  22. It did bring closure to some and lasting resentment in others.
  23. They expected a careful closure, but something went very wrong.
  24. I’ve never had closure with my father’s death, never got to.
  25. But then he stopped, the sense of imminent closure weighing down.
  26. But, for me, the more important act of closure had come earlier.
  27. He always understood the necessity for a closure to this adventure.
  28. Action Closure status and details (mostly in MOM or in a log/tool).
  29. Maybe I wanted them to have the closure that I couldn’t get myself.
  30. We both understand the other's level of hate and the need for closure.
  31. With the Journeys of Forgiveness, we gave a full closure to your past.
  32. They were in the midst of it, nodding to words of sympathy and closure.
  33. At the time the closure was announced, Scow had 470 employees in Lennox.
  34. In the paper next day they put the closure down to temporary repairs and.
  35. He entered the building and left the door to lock on its automatic closure.
  36. As I write this, the headlines in my local newspaper announce the closure.
  37. But there had to be some sense of closure, and this was his way of doing it.
  38. This brought to closure an investment episode that still gives me some pride.
  39. The doctor tented his hands and raised his brow, signaling the closure of a deal.
  40. A very tiny gold-tone trim accented his pockets, front closure, neckline and hemline.
  41. V’s and computers, as I searched out a final scene, what the Americans call closure.
  42. I needed sleep, but more than that I needed closure on the warriors I had left behind.
  43. Dragging her hand slowly up my thigh, she then unzipped the closure she'd attempted to.
  44. I’m glad I got closure, but I wish I wouldn’t have been the one to pull the trigger.
  45. It would be in everyone’s interest if the Bribie Island affair was brought to a closure.
  46. On the other hand, delayed closure during an arranging exercise is the equally unhelpful.
  47. The closure of radiation monitoring stations on the west coast of America and Canada just.
  48. I remembered that night Rita and Lance led me to the cemetery, the night I craved closure.
  49. Hopefully being able to talk about him would bring the closure we both desperately needed.
  50. He wanted closure with this man, who had probably gone crazy during his time in the region.
  51. He smiled beautifully and by way of closure he apologised for his verbosity as he stood and.
  52. Between 1990 and 1996, productivity grew rapidly, with the closure of many uneconomic units.
  53. She found out I used to be a cop and shes asked me to help get closure - that sort of thing.
  54. For all the sadness of closure, there is a new and joyful unfolding in the process of becoming.
  55. The expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767 caused the closure ofseveral colleges in Ecuador, and for a.
  56. Then, when she inevitably rejected him, he could maybe find some closure to his burning emotions.
  57. His project was almost on schedule with the wall closure, the slightest problem could ruin all that.
  58. He still couldn’t believe James was dead, he had heard the shots, but there is no closure in that.
  59. He shrugged his labyrinth bag from his shoulder, untied its leather string closure and it fell open.
  60. Nowadays all you need is to clean the wound and a closure strip applied to the wound to close the wound.
  61. When he saw the action list Gary had given them, and heard about the closure threat he’d hit the roof.
  62. In the past we have children with cuts which are open and require closure for the wound to heal properly.
  63. The financial markets opened after their unprecedented and highly acrimonious closure, and promptly fell.
  64. Service desk team normally creates unique id for each requests/complaints, which can be traced for closure.
  65. Changed the closure time to 3:59 pm UK time on short (sell) trades only - This increased pips significantly.
  66. It was my hope that the local cops would be able to pin him to his murders and give the families some closure.
  67. I wanted to know the story of this place and at least bring myself some closure as to the horror that I had seen.
  68. He hurried to help her, because her bodice was tightly fastened in the back with a long closure of crossed laces.
  69. This is a highly beneficial exercise that gives a closure to the past and capitalizes on past unhealthy material.
  70. The rework has to be done by the author/producer based on the inspection report and they are followed up for closure.
  71. I was hesitant to leave Salem when we drove up to the church, but he insisted I would feel better after some closure.
  72. Maybe seeing the killer buried would help ease her anxious feelings and bring closure to the strange chain of events.
  73. I wanted nothing more than that closure, a period at the end of the sentence, a concrete slab above Rita’s remains.
  74. Again without comment, Saa-ra said that Jesus foresaw the end of his ministry, so he set in motion a strategy of closure.
  75. Some travelers prefer a fanny pack with a Velcro closure instead of a zippered one because you can hear it being opened.
  76. The evidence you wanted is in the second envelope, and you’ll probably want to use it to give the Campions some closure.
  77. I don’t want to hurt her, but we need closure on this so that we can move forward, if we aren’t going to stay together.
  78. If not he had said that he would invoke a closure order and the plant would have to stop production until it was made safe.
  79. They would be worried about him at the farm and this thought kept the balance tipped further against the closure of his eyelids.
  80. His hands went to the hook closure of my slacks, then the zipper, and my legs started to quiver before he even had my slacks off.
  81. In a minute examination of the conditions controlling the operation of the market, he maintained the closure was unconstitutional.
  82. First, the closure was said to be too hasty and was a knee-jerk reaction in a situation where calm and a steadfast stand was needed.
  83. The latter no doubt a result of the closure of every public lavatory within a 20 mile radius of the town, in an attempt to save money.
  84. To Mitchell, his brother's chilling words reiterated a sense of closure to the various chapters of pain their father so selfishly wrote.
  85. But as Timothy explained, he was a coroner and not a detective and this needed a good old fashioned investigation to give it some closure.
  86. And isn’t Nathan hurting enough? Then again, maybe letting Nathan see Paul’s lifeless corpse would bring the closure he obviously needs.
  87. The last dimension called Social and Organizational Ties consists of the factors of social capital, network closure and extra-community skills.
  88. New innovations such as surgical glue to close wounds, skin closure strips can close smaller and shallow cuts and lacerations without stitching.
  89. Besides, with the closure of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan in 2014, there will be very few theatres of operations left of interest to me.
  90. This sense of personal and dignified freedom may possibly eventually allow Self the forgiveness of others for Self’s personal sense of closure.
  91. Who on the crew would have that knowledge, especially among the females? She was walking over to the screen he was using, it sprang back from closure.
  92. They blamed him for teaching Indians not to buy cloth made in Britain resulting in closure of mills in Manchester, and unemployment among mill workers.
  93. After a brief closure in the late 1970s, the skatepark re-opened and remains in full operation today under the long-time ownership of the Ramos family.
  94. With the closure of the Futures Exchange, or Hong Kong’s legal casino as detractors called it, a large number of brokers were backed up against a wall.
  95. He finally felt, deep within his heart, while still two thousand feet above the ocean, a positive closure to one of the most enriching chapters of his life.
  96. Her attendance wasn’t crucial, but she liked the sense of closure that being there provided, of seeing her students through the course from start to finish.
  97. He unhooked the wires and dragged the conversion unit—merely set in place, the closure plate held by packed asbestos and force of habit—out of the furnace.
  98. The users are informed on fix, and typically a time limit is given to user to respond for ensuring closure, else the status is moved to closure automatically.
  99. His death was still fresh on the King’s mind, and as they couldn’t find a body to bury, there hadn’t been any closure for Finn’s family or the Kingdom.
  100. His obsession with closure would only be viewed by his students, fellow teachers, parents, administration and the board of education as a waste of taxpayer money.

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