cloth sätze

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Cloth sätze (in englisch)

  1. Uh, we have no cloth.
  2. The first is cloth dyes.
  3. White cloth may be dyed.
  4. Morel looked at her cloth.
  5. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 1s.

  6. A glow encircled the cloth.
  7. What about the cloth bags?
  8. Her terry cloth robe hung.
  9. He held a cloth to his head.
  10. Then it was woven into cloth.
  11. Kirk wrapped a cloth around.
  12. She tugged the cloth out of.
  13. He covers himself with cloth.
  14. Let it be a white cloth, then.
  15. That and a few scraps of cloth.

  16. Fold ends of cloth over stones.
  17. Slowly he opened the cloth to.
  18. The cloth left streaks of dirt.
  19. Angry cloth I saw there leaping.
  20. She slid on a terry cloth robe.
  21. Cover the dough with damp cloth.
  22. Large crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 3s.
  23. It’s a useless piece of cloth.
  24. Large crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 2s.
  25. Sileas appeared with cloth ties.

  26. It was covered by a linen cloth.
  27. Black cloth hung over our heads.
  28. Large crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 1s.
  29. Brushing does not hurt the cloth.
  30. With Illustrations, cloth, 4 00.
  31. Then wipe them with a soft cloth.
  32. He wet a cloth and wiped her down.
  33. This cloth made their limitations.
  34. As if clipped from the same cloth.
  35. Just as cloth kept in soap water.
  36. M: It is like washing printed cloth.
  37. We’ll turn it all into red cloth.
  38. He is blindfolded with black cloth.
  39. Smith removed the cloth and gasped.
  40. Vail: A cloth that covers something.
  41. Clothed in harsh cloth, with no wife.
  42. He walked past the cloth again and.
  43. Holds a wine cloth in the left hand.
  44. The cloth around the pocket was wet.
  45. This was no ordinary scrap of cloth.
  46. He put on his gloves and took a cloth.
  47. It gave different dyes for our cloth.
  48. When dry it is again the normal cloth.
  49. He pulled back the cloth expectantly.
  50. She dropped the burning cloth on top.
  51. He was wrapped around in white cloth.
  52. Its stock was wrapped in filthy cloth.
  53. Turney prepared himself and the cloth.
  54. All these children wore cloth nappies.
  55. The cloth will be ejected smouldering.
  56. New Cloth Sewed to Old: Matthew 9:16.
  57. After that, he handed me a soft cloth.
  58. The cloth was white in the beginning.
  59. Then get a cloth and wipe each one dry.
  60. Nettle cloth is as good as linen cloth.
  61. He took the cloth back into the parlour.
  62. He awakened to a cool cloth on his brow.
  63. Wrapping cloth around the eyes of each.
  64. Each cloth was then tied with red string.
  65. I’d lost my cloth back in the poppies.
  66. I had woven the cloth and cut it myself.
  67. Joey took the cloth carefully from Dunit.
  68. He slid them under the edge of the cloth.
  69. A white linen cloth is used to wrap his.
  70. She dabbed his forehead with a wet cloth.
  71. By now, very little cloth covered my legs.
  72. She dropped the cloth like it was on fire.
  73. Scooter put his head back under the cloth.
  74. In loose sheets, in cloth covered box, $22.
  75. At once he touched warm cloth and leather.
  76. And how much cloth would that make?
  77. Dunit held the cloth before Joey’s eyes.
  78. Place the ampalaya in a cheese cloth and.
  79. Where is the other cloth? asked Mary.
  80. I need water and cloth to use for bandages.
  81. I felt a warm cloth pressed against my face.
  82. She showed Peter her unsold length of cloth.
  83. No, I meant how much for the whole cloth.
  84. They’re nothing but straw and sack cloth.
  85. You may think of the metal, rubber, cloth.
  86. Actually the cloth could be an additional.
  87. Cover the bowl with a cloth or paper towel.
  88. It’s a butyl covered drop cloth or rubber.
  89. He carried a bundle wrapped in cloth under.
  90. The first cloth ever made was made in Egypt.
  91. He unwound several folds of old cloth, and.
  92. He rubbed the cloth between finger and thumb.
  93. He was wiping her forehead with a wet cloth.
  94. She stared at the neatly folded white cloth.
  96. She looked at the cloth stalls with new eyes.
  97. The sound was like the tearing of thin cloth.
  98. She sat up, patted the cloth, lay back down.
  99. The stump was covered by a neat white cloth.
  100. Lenar had a bowl of water with a wash cloth.

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