compete sätze

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Compete sätze (in englisch)

  1. You have to compete with.
  2. Compete and climb far more.
  3. To compete with FUCK Inc.
  4. Compete with the other person.
  5. I could never compete with that.

  6. O can be expensive to compete in.
  7. They wouldn’t let her compete.
  8. It needs to compete with other U.
  9. Whatever you compete for owns you.
  10. Vince continues to compete in the.
  11. Insurers would compete by coming.
  12. Just compete with goods and service.
  13. No one to compete with, nothing to win.
  14. How can truth ever compete with that?
  15. There is no need to compete for dominance.

  16. Good leaders don't lower morals to compete.
  17. If you have any desire to compete with the.
  18. They held tournaments to compete to bed us.
  19. I simply can’t compete with some of them.
  20. Only Leo can compete with Scorpio sexually.
  21. Usually, many projects compete for limited.
  22. Sometimes we just cannot compete against HFTs.
  23. There was history here, who was I to compete.
  24. I know you will all compete with great honor.
  25. He desperately needed money to compete with.

  26. And I can’t compete with that, can I?
  27. Nothing we own will be able to compete with it.
  28. Gain a winning attitude and compete for Christ.
  29. Don’t know if I can compete with the big boys.
  30. He should never have been allowed to compete.
  31. Others can compete with firms that have two or.
  32. When a company can only compete by churning out.
  33. A semiconductor firm, for example, will compete.
  34. Females were not allowed to compete in the Tourna-.
  35. I had to compete with the music the DJ was thumping.
  36. On the other hand, the need to compete and replace a.
  37. Did they not compete regularly for prizes? Had not Mr.
  38. Rather than compete with Stallman, Tiemann decided to.
  39. There are auction sites where hit men compete for jobs.
  40. You have to be able to compete with her and conquer him.
  41. Parental influence will have to compete with television.
  42. Some kids train to be gymnasts and compete at young ages.
  43. It was where schools compete to destroy comets in the sky.
  44. Money competes with love, but love does not compete at all.
  45. Choose an allied business that does not compete with yours.
  46. This man could definitely compete with her oldest brother!.
  47. I can’t compete with that right? He crossed his arms.
  48. However, early humans couldn’t compete with the wolves’.
  49. I don't feel that you and I need to compete with one another.
  50. Hard to compete when I know it was never really a contest.
  51. She hopes to be able to compete for men and to find a new man.
  52. But that did not matter to him, for he did compete not out of.
  53. Whose seal is musk-this is what competitors should compete for.
  54. Remember, your ego, the Charlatan, will always hate and compete.
  55. The ego parts all hate the Guru as they must always compete with.
  56. She wouldn’t have to compete with stuck-up Elite women anymore.
  57. If you think you can compete as a one-man-band against companies.
  58. I just can’t compete with aliens, computer games and holodeck.
  59. Perhaps the most common way for businesses to compete is on price.
  60. It forced them to compete with each other and against each other.
  61. These 10% winners don’t compete with the markets, whether they.
  62. Even the flowers in the meadow compete with one another to have.
  63. It is not designed to butt heads, oppose, compete, destroy, kill.
  64. IT consulting companies can effectively compete with the business.
  65. The agonist dopamine is not expected to compete efficiently with.
  66. But what about all those who still compete in the world of today?
  67. How is a girl supposed to compete with that, 24 years of love?
  68. Masteries, (strive for): To compete or contend; the act of mastering.
  69. Some method for all of us to collaborate or compete with each other.
  70. On the subject of crime, where South Africa and Columbia compete for.
  71. This is not a record you want to compete with me on, Spock said.
  72. So what are you doing to compete with them this week, asked Owen.
  73. The main one is th at y ou will ha ve to compete to get to the top of.
  74. It is not that difficult to compete with wikiped ia and not to mention.
  75. They will only compete with you because they will think you are trying.
  76. She has gone on to compete in the Para Olympics in Beijing in swimming.
  77. The owners of the horse also need to pay a stake to compete in the race.
  78. Often in a specific sector, the ability to compete may depend on owning.
  79. It does if it’s to compete with the magisters’ ships and airships.
  80. The Secret To The Law Of Attraction - How to Compete with the Alpha Male.
  81. This woman is trying to compete with me, I won’t be in a competition.
  82. The Saturday came when Collingston sent its best and brightest to compete.
  83. Right from the beginning we are encouraged to compete with our fellow man.
  84. Well, I have to train and we still compete in soccer tournaments a little.
  85. This way they won't have to compete with the top dwelling species for the.
  86. A tense few hours follows as Suzy and Sharon compete for Lewis's attention.
  87. It needs to compete with other IT firms from India to hire technical talent.
  88. This is because they would start to compete for the nutrients from the soil.
  89. Technology had made it difficult for an unaffiliated shop to compete on price.
  90. I have no desire at all to compete with you or to take anything that is yours.
  91. How do the competitors compete within an industry, and how could that change?
  92. How Do the Competitors Compete within an Industry, and How Could That Change?
  93. But in this case, no outside competitor can compete with the railroad business.
  94. If you are a small company, you can not only compete with, but surpass the big.
  95. Yet, those workers compete with investors and recipients of government wealth.
  96. In 2007 and 2008, FireWire S1600 and S3200 were introduced to compete with USB 3.
  97. Pearl divers and fishermen on the island of Tonga have been known to compete.
  98. This is similar to Blockbuster announcing they are going to compete with Netflix.
  99. Then sports might become a way of training people to cooperate… not to compete.
  100. He reasons that these businesses can only compete on the basis of price and can.
  1. You will be competing with.
  2. Competing with the maple leaves.
  3. That you’re not competing directly.
  4. In some cases you might be competing with.
  5. You should also mentally prepare for competing.
  6. As simple as that, Hitler outlawed competing.
  7. Therefore, the casino is competing with other.
  8. Competing Neurobehavioral Systems and Addiction.
  9. Competing with her back in little Kinnakee, Kansas.
  10. He was tired of competing with Paul who proved to.
  11. The struggle between numerous competing secretive.
  12. I hate competing with another woman; especially if.
  13. Peterson and William Fudge give two competing views.
  14. This means that there are only 7 competing sites in.
  15. Weeds, besides competing with the garden plants for.
  16. Either that, or there were competing NDE suppliers on.
  17. The patrons of the bar were by now competing with each.
  18. I couldn’t finish competing because I had to work.
  19. The Material and the Spiritual are competing dynamics!.
  20. There are tons of competing credit card companies around.
  21. Faith gets filled with lies and fear in competing stories.
  22. The game of battle was initiated by two competing teams who.
  23. The fourth competing site has about the same stats as the third.
  24. At least two of the stalls were competing in their selection of.
  25. In outdoor, I would be competing with experts in their own field.
  26. Good reputations are especially useful when it comes to competing.
  27. Competing networks suffered a big turnover in top brass that Summer.
  28. Competitive Star thinks that the Guru is competing and the Guru is.
  29. If it goes higher, the market thinks there might be a competing bid.
  30. And the people competing for office temp jobs now often had degrees.
  31. Everyone in high office is terrified of the idea of competing with.
  32. Apparently Ricky and Sam have been competing for Donna’s attention.
  33. Out of spite, I started a competing company that would stick it to.
  34. What girl? she said, curiosity and jealousy competing within her.
  35. Unhealthy competition is competing with the intention of having it all.
  36. One thing I do note here is that there isn’t any blogs competing for.
  37. GLA (DGLA) when it is released, by competing with arachidonic acid for.
  38. We were competing with it, Alfred said, we Angels, we simulates.
  39. As someone that is competing in an athletic event, you need to position.
  40. In college I discovered a competing love (besides my husband): computers.
  41. They have a policy to remove anything that is competing for your visual.
  42. Where competing products are being offered, the earnout may be calculated.
  43. Secondly, it is not competing with men for space in their world of stupid.
  44. Competing in dual meets, she finished each in a disappointing second place.
  45. The only person, someone should be competing against, is himself or herself.
  46. There were thousands of school leavers competing for the few jobs available.
  47. The competing neurobehavioral systems hypothesis further develops that model.
  48. Ezekiel 23 are the two competing religions formed in ancient Israel and Judah.
  49. It works best with non competing products which are still related in some way.
  50. If Offenders were competing with the OWG, then there was no competition at all.
  51. Inside technology, so that you can scan the contents pages of competing titles.
  52. She was not yet paired and several young men had been competing for her favours.
  53. Sometimes, as all of you know, these interests end up competing with each other.
  54. In the end, the forces of liberty, and of competing factions, overtook Gorbachev.
  55. Richard, do you love Donna, or are you just competing with Sam, as always?
  56. Once we question the assumption of topic-equivalence between competing theories in.
  57. This is what money has you competing for: who can make the other one obsolete first.
  58. Given that there are only 14,700 competing sites, it makes your chances of ranking.
  59. The thought of two competing strong odors made me ill and I asked to return to court.
  60. I am not competing for your love with Desa, I'm here to reinforce your love for Desa.
  61. States whose influence is right here, right now, competing for our souls from the.
  62. Olin smiled good-naturedly but he was not pleased by the thought of competing suitors.
  63. The two babes rushed over, both jumping onto her lap, competing for affection and space.
  64. And for companies competing in a capitalist economy, the ultimate boss is the customer.
  65. As to the impact on competing local businesses, we don’t foresee that being an issue.
  66. German acceptance of the Nazis was aided by the variety of factions competing for power.
  67. There are two competing forces at work in the market: mean reversion and range expansion.
  68. The cacophony of sounds that filled the market minutes earlier, the arguments, competing.
  69. Stephen Covey has a story of the two men competing, the two lumberjacks cutting down trees.
  70. Of course there is no proof of these and that is why so many theories are still competing.
  71. I don’t think we want to put him into a position where he’s competing with your father.
  72. Wal-Mart sells more apparel a year than all the other competing department stores combined.
  73. We hate to survive and thrive in the competing worlds of our LAWs, Dreams, Hopes and Faith.
  74. Or I understand you studied social science? Think of it as a test of competing theories.
  75. If you identify a temporary change in the way businesses are competing, you can often profit.
  76. Both human and Others had co-colonized Sherman’s planet, competing to see who could.
  77. A thrilling shiver runs through me, competing with a warm woozy sensation that floods my belly.
  78. Is there a competing technology, service or product that is better quality and/or lower cost?
  79. But what am I competing in? Why was I blogging to begin with? Yes, I do want this blog to let.
  80. Mark and Denny get along fine since they are not competing for the same clients or commissions.
  81. Alex's tongue pressed into her with more urgency, competing with his absent brother for her body.
  82. As long as they were competing with one another on even terms, they were likely to keep improving.
  83. Her youngest girl, Kourtney is still in high school and competing on the varsity volley ball team.
  84. It's his way of securing the monks' loyalty and they are competing with one another to please him.
  85. The place was still infested with rabbits, but they were now competing for space with the builders.
  86. In June of 2012 Bing added the ability to look up link data for competing sites in their webmaster.
  87. As a result, two competing theories have developed as to how the Court should view the Constitution.
  88. These factions, depending upon the popularity of their competing interpretations, may gain adherents.
  89. One hundred Officials and Recruits are competing tonight—that is, four teams of twenty-five players.
  90. Surely a new species of carnivore is competing with us for the food resources that exist in this region.
  91. I don’t, though, because if she’s applying for the Livingston scholarship, she’s competing against me.
  92. How many competing firms provide the actual percent performance of all their ideas over an extended period.
  93. There are infinite ways to make life challenging, hard, exciting, fun, actively… without competing at all.
  94. The long standing tensions of competing factions left many Austrians frustrated and eager to settle matters.
  95. Other theories competing with peak oil reinforced expectations of a steady upward march in crude oil prices.
  96. You see many of them competing with one another in sin and hostility, and their consuming of what is illicit.
  97. For the sake of this argument, a hardcore gamer is not a player that focuses on competing with other players.
  98. If Casey hadn’t known any better, she would have sworn Jack was flirting with her, competing for her attention.
  99. When he gave it his attention, it fractured into a thousand competing voices, each running down a different path.
  100. The men respectfully bow before her, as they announce over their competing voices how happy they are to see Lucy.
  1. I wouldn’t have competed and.
  2. In June 2008, he competed again and.
  3. Around 3,000 athletes competed in all.
  4. Flashes of heat lightening competed with the.
  5. Boardwalk Main competed primarily to not grow old.
  6. Anasazi a thousand years ago competed easily with.
  7. Congratulations! You competed building your website.
  8. Momen competed in the sport against neighboring barrios.
  9. For long hours they competed in speed with our submersible.
  10. Everyone knew it and everyone competed for it, all day, every day.
  11. Long ago, it is said, the sun and moon competed for control of the sky.
  12. The original Olympic athletes competed naked and so should the students.
  13. Back in my room Jack London and Forbes competed for my thoughts over the.
  14. Religions have always competed to be the guarantors of their followers’.
  15. Delis, bakeries and open trash cans competed for the attention of your nose.
  16. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigoes and violets; all competed for.
  17. These teams competed for points by using their fleet of twelve spacecraft each.
  18. Mercifully, the days when FBI and local cops competed in a case were fading fast.
  19. He competed with the wheel of time in its running and matched the sun in its light.
  20. For example the very term Photo Editing is being competed by over 25,900,000.
  21. We have competed with 40 millions other spermatozoids to become the only chosen one.
  22. He had competed for many years, but was only able to gain "B" status as a swordsman.
  23. The Varsity goalie was a senior, so Tom competed with two other players for Varsity.
  24. It competed with the bogs moving on the surface of an eight-lane superhighway in Siberia.
  25. Ims and Nons competed for monergy and that is why and how chine consciousness imerged.
  26. Though there was always plenty of food at the Great Table, the siblings competed for food.
  27. These two brawlers reminded her of a giant and a dwarf back home, who’d competed with the.
  28. Congratulations to the Recruits and Officials who competed in this evening’s tournament.
  29. They competed in the gruelling national circuit that took them to the four corners of Ireland.
  30. The school had four teams that competed at every class level in both winter and summer sports.
  31. He also clocked the exact same time for another half marathon he competed in at Bathurst in May.
  32. Ogasawara competed at Memoriad 2012, a mind and memory contest held to coincide with the Olympics.
  33. Bell, the second tenor, was a fair-haired little man who competed every year for prizes at the Feis Ceoil.
  34. Speed increasing…160,000…165,000… Thorn’s voice competed with the whine of the vibrating ship.
  35. It was only those who avoided challenges and death that were pitied, and those rarely competed in the gene pool.
  36. Aside from being successful in business, he had also competed as a semi-professional athlete and was in excellent health.
  37. Voices from other tables competed for Alice’s attention, and the music in the background moved in and out of the foreground.
  38. Oldest skateboard competitor: Steve Alba (USA) competed in the Park Legends event of the 2010 X Games, aged 47 years 176 days.
  39. She started running with the varsity team during middle school, having already competed in long distance races with a local track club.
  40. Quickly following this, a certain morbid exhilaration competed for his emotions at the realization of what this find could mean to them.
  41. The hour stood still as the Dangler and the squat fisherman competed for a final prize, but it was the Dangler’s line time tugged first.
  42. The 13-year-old, who has competed in international mind sports since she was aged 10, gave the correct answer to eight significant figures.
  43. Had I heard my teammates’ advice, I would have been the top dog in my weight class among the military and prep schools we competed against.
  44. In ’87 my story ‘with Friends like these’ competed against 5,400 entries from every province, every state in the US and most countries.
  45. The noise and the stench competed for Peter Templeton's attention, as he was escorted through the din to Lieutenant Detective Pappas's office.
  46. Within a year Fu was a member of the representative team and had competed in the Philippines, Thailand and the neighbouring Portuguese enclave of Macao.
  47. It wasn't the first time they had competed for the approval or praise of their elders, just the first time it went so completely to their core as individuals.
  48. The 80-year old sportsman carries a mountain of sporting achievements, having previously organised the Mollymook Fun Run and competed in over 26 full marathons.
  49. Irish dancing competitions were held at the festival each year and every school of dancing in the town and beyond competed for medals in the various categories.
  50. Prez Porn wired into their apathy and these displaced netizens gamely competed to not only vote him into office, but to also write his policy and pick his cabinet.
  51. The sound of an approaching helicopter competed with the rumblings of the low hanging clouds as the summer storm grew in intensity, lashing the landscape with rain.
  52. If their profits represent (at least in part) risk premia rather than market inefficiencies, it is less likely that future excess returns will be fully competed away.
  53. Among those that had been declared apocryphal (of doubtful authenticity or authorship), many still competed for the attention of the faithful and would for a long time.
  54. Powerful windshield wipers swept manically across the glass, but appeared to have no purpose other than to create an electric whine that competed with the howl of the wind.
  55. In fact, as large agencies made acquisitions, the acquired agency was not absorbed; instead it often competed with other agencies in the same umbrella or conglomerate agency.
  56. During the sing-along interval, when it was ‘Girls versus the Boys,’ they could have competed on their own; such was the abandoned enthusiasm with which they all took part.
  57. The smells of meats roasting and pastries baking competed with myriad essences the diners had doused themselves in, which fortunately blended into a mélange Melodía found pleasant.
  58. In the midst of this placid natural setting, sky and ocean competed with each other in tranquility, and the sea offered the orb of night the loveliest mirror ever to reflect its image.
  59. However, it was less than a year since she had read his letters and wondered how it was possible that he had never competed in the Poetic Festival: there was no doubt he would have won.
  60. Menachem introduced me to a world of shabby-chic fitness, and we competed with each other in impossible contests; press-ups and squat-thrusts, star-jumps, stomach crunches, and bicep lifts.
  61. For years Chicago was home to two cross-town rivals—the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)—which competed for control of the lucrative exchange-traded futures market.
  62. He climbed Mount Hood, Mount Rainer, and a bunch of other mountains; he went hunting and shot a prize trophy elk with the help of a spotter and a gun with some bad-ass technology; he competed in a triathlon.
  63. He climbed Mount Hood, Mount Rainer, and a bunch of other mountains; he went hunting and shot a prize trophy elk with the help of a spotter and a gun with some bad-ass technology; he competed in a triathlon.
  64. An enraged Li, resolved not to let the Spacers League gain some legitimacy through that referendum, then decided to act without delay, just as the various news medias competed to describe the situation in wild hyperboles.
  65. Ben wondered what it would be like to be transported back to Ancient Earth and to competed in one of their fencing tournaments; probably something like a jet versus a biplane, or like Ben squashing a bug under the heel of his boot.
  66. One God still competed with another for top billing, His fans of one stripe knocking off those of the other while Pope prayed for peace (w/ Catholics still bombing Protestants and Moslems) and Ayatollah prayed for Jihad (Death to all infidels!).
  67. Also, during the first three hundred years of the Christian Era, this version competed rather seriously with the apostolic renderings, having been able to lead church teaching for a short interval before the Council of Nicaea overthrew their versions.
  68. The different shipping companies competed fiercely for the Blue Riband, awarded to the fastest ship to cross the Atlantic, and the White Star line had high hopes that Titanic, which they were already declaring ‘unsinkable’, would prove fastest of all.
  69. As for our master Mohammad (cpth), he was sent to people at the time when eloquence was everywhere and poets competed to surpass one another in the use of language, and when possessions and the reign of kings had lost the value which they had previously held.
  70. Keeping Miss Havisham in the background at a great distance, I still hinted at the possibility of my having competed with him in his prospects, and at the certainty of his possessing a generous soul, and being far above any mean distrusts, retaliations, or designs.
  71. They have seen all the official communications which have been published, and are competed to judge whether the Orders in Council justified the embargo, and whether, if the embargo had not been laid, they would have wrought that effect which we now so sensibly feel.
  72. If a number of species, after having long competed with each other in their old home, were to migrate in a body into a new and afterwards isolated country, they would be little liable to modification; for neither migration nor isolation in themselves effect anything.
  73. He wasn't a "bank" person - merchant banks like his current employer were far more akin to the cutthroat competitive world of Adam Smith, even more than most larger corporations: they competed by moving large sums of money, with breathtaking speed, around the world, better and faster than the next guy.
  74. And so was it with our Master Mohammad (cpth) whose time was that when the eloquents competed and the poets vied, while possession and authority lost the position that they had had before, for a line of poetry was, in Arabs eyes, more valuable to them than the palaces of Caesar and Kisra at that time, so God's messenger (cpth) brought them the Holy Qur'an, an open eternal sign apparent to all people and by which Al'lah challenged them: If you doubt what We have revealed to Our true obedient (Mohammad), bring then one Fortress comparable to its', from your own not from Al'lah's, and call upon your witnesses to assist you if what you say be true.
  75. I mean, I know you have competed in gymnastic,.
  1. Every candidate competes for your connection.
  2. Money competes with love, but love does not compete at all.
  3. Home-grown wheat in this sense competes with wheat in commerce.
  4. We fixed him all up and he is a great trail horse who competes.
  5. Nicotinic acid competes with uric acid for excretion in the urine.
  6. Each pupil competes against himself by trying to improve against previous performances.
  7. She competes against your body’s signals, goes through the sexual motions, but gets no results and gets frustrated to no end.
  8. Because cheap pork competes with beef, particularly the expensive cuts, the growing backlog also put downward pressure on beef prices.
  9. You don’t want to have money when everybody else has money, because then everybody else also competes for assets, and they are expensive.
  10. June Haver competes with a pair of prizewinning mules for the affections of farmboy Lon McCallister in rural Indiana, all dressed up in Technicolor.
  11. The air was still very cold and a cold night was coming, so that the brew, rising from cold water to a rolling boil, gave the good smell that competes successfully with other good smells.
  12. It will be evident from the chart that the influence of what we call analytical factors over the market price is both partial and indirect—partial, because it frequently competes with purely speculative factors which influence the price in the opposite direction; and indirect, because it acts through the intermediary of people’s sentiments and decisions.
  13. That's obviously important in the end, but given that any credible assessment of a company's value relies in large part on judging the prospects for its business, most investors focus first on understanding the dynamics of the company's competitive environment, the secular trends affecting the industries in which it competes, and the impact all of the above has on the sustainability and profitability of its business model.
  14. So whenever anyone competes on a generally equal playing field where neither has an unfair advantage over the other, whether it is Individual Equality, or Group Equality: 12 men against 12 other men for instance: the better team or man will always win: the more competent, the more intelligent, the more efficient man will always win out: not the other way around as it is right now: where the basis of success in business is the more incompetent and sneaky you are, the less you actually contribute to society the more you are rewarded… A society based upon the principle of Universal Equality will guarantee that the best man will always win out… the best woman will always win out….

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