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    1. This is a comprehensive site on matters relevant to healthcare

    2. Like all of us, he needs to talk about what happens during his day and I enjoy hearing about the highs and lows of teaching in a country comprehensive school

    3. ‘Your report was very comprehensive, Miss Osborne, and made very interesting reading

    4. 'As I say, some time ago Pantelis got wind of what was going on and over a period of time he collected his evidence: names, numbers, times, photographs, dates, recordings; a comprehensive list of villains, including prominent public figures, involved one way or another in the smuggling and acquisition of priceless cultural objects

    5. He was well known for his ability to quote chapter and verse, with a comprehensive range of interpretations, on any of the hot political potatoes of the day

    6. I have always appreciated his researched and comprehensive approach towards every topic

    7. verse, with a comprehensive range of interpretations, on any of the

    8. He split up from his wife … I think she’s a teacher at the comprehensive … and moved in with Jo

    9. And so opened the floodgates of a world of detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all the planet's biology

    10. complete and comprehensive than the most detailed aerial

    11. This university has the most comprehensive biographical reference section in the city

    12. But few of us will gain comprehensive understanding of what is

    13. one designed to test their comprehensive knowledge on the subjects of American History, English, World Geography, and Trigonometry

    14. Whilst his knowledge of astrophysics was comprehensive, the theoretical stuff remained a bafflement to him

    15. But if you want a comprehensive answer then you'll have ask one of our elders

    16. 10 At that point in history, technology was primitive at best and to perform a comprehensive and detailed analysis on the structure of the Bible, would have taken years

    17. The book of rates is extremely comprehensive, and enumerates a great variety of articles, many of them little used, and, therefore, not well known

    18. His portable effector module contained not only a comprehensive map of the upper levels, but also the exit codes, for which he did not have clearance

    19. Listed below are the details of my bank accounts in which the money I collected in prison has been accumulating, the contact details of my accomplices in the original bomb plot, a comprehensive instruction on bomb-making and a rundown of the original plan, which I failed to see to completion

    20. And yet, the Tech assured him a comprehensive scan had been performed of the perimeter: a multispectrum sweep

    21. It provided a comprehensive overview of the War (WWI) which is what I wanted

    22. Income disparities are not troubling per se, nor should they be, provided that increases in marginal family income(s) (based on performance) are comprehensive and that every (qualified) individual enjoys fair and equal access to market opportunities as they present themselves

    23. It leaders will need to provide comprehensive guidelines articulating its position on abortion, assisted suicide, affirmative action, civil rights, conservation, environmental and family issues, education and the death penalty, among a number of issues of immediate concern to many blue collar voters disheartened with ―business as usual‖ establishmentarians seated across both sides of the political aisle who seem to have forgotten the voters that elected them into public office or the reasons why they were elected to begin with

    24. The former stand out in full view while the latter are less comprehensive by force of (accustomed) habit

    25. The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted proves that less

    26. The recent surge in energy costs has once again ―fueled‖ public debate over the need for a comprehensive energy program that will gradually reduce our nation‘s dependence on foreign oil

    27. The importance of comprehensive reading and writing skills are self-evident

    28. Bush‘ presidency (mercifully) winds down, I am reminded of the wasted opportunities squandered by this Administration over the years including Social Security and Healthcare reform and advancing a Comprehensive Energy Program design to reduce our nation‘s (habitual) dependency on foreign oil

    29. The hunger that comes upon us is very comprehensive

    30. And as our form and function change in response, we see our journey toward the ultimate love affair with new eyes, expanded vision, more comprehensive desires

    31. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

    32. ” Berlinski complements this with his own reworded, less comprehensive observation, “No one has the faintest idea whether, in particular, the immense gap between what is living and what is not, between the organic and the inorganic, may be crossed by any conceivable means

    33. It certainly was a comprehensive expose

    34. In mild cases of autism, no one will know unless we have comprehensive testing

    35. a project and need the World’s help to complete it, take the time to prepare a comprehensive presentation to convince the powers that be that it is in their best interest to cooperate with you

    36. exposed to such a comprehensive, all inclusive, “cheat-sheet” that covers EVERYTHING anyone could ever

    37. through a similarly comprehensive checklist

    38. comprehensive program that will address, train and inculcate safer driving

    39. To answer my questions, he told me that he knew of no comprehensive history of Europa; the professors in the university lectured from their notes rather than from any books

    40. The 400-acre Harrington Regional Medical Center is home to a comprehensive alliance of medical institutions devoted to healing, education, and research

    41. facilities as comprehensive and of the magni-

    42. for their patients, and their comprehensive

    43. is the only clinic with comprehensive services

    44. because they offer comprehensive services,

    45. the high quality, comprehensive line of

    46. Newsmax magazine presents a more comprehensive picture of the vitality and reach of the growing Tea Party movement, including previously established anti-big government organizations, with varying emphasis on specific policies or programs

    47. They put him through a little more comprehensive program and he, from what I hear, is one of the more productive employees

    48. This is not a comprehensive list by any means

    49. Twitter will produce a comprehensive list of all of the Twitter users that are currently following your competition

    50. Environmentally Policy Act and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

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