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    cope with

    1. They have so much more to cope with

    2. It is a terrible effort to keep a job and return to a small tenement and cope with growing children as well as the usually ailing parents

    3. ‘The trick is to cope with it without breaking

    4. ‘Life’s like that – you either cope with it or go under

    5. The young Jubei does not know how to cope with this life full

    6. Comforting myself that I can cope with a pretend kiss, I take my place

    7. My department had to take on two new staff last week to cope with the increased volume of administration

    8. Are you sure the Travel Device can cope with the four of us”

    9. Society couldn't cope with that today

    10. People have lived ten centuries with the Instinct now, no one could cope with even the threat of violence

    11. ‘Can you cope with your stuff?’ he asked, lugging Joris’ bag through into his cabin

    12. One of the first messages you'll get is how to cope with a crash and how to use oxygen in case of an emergency

    13. By lunchtime, I am more or less calm again … I can cope with bad news, it’s not knowing that ties me in knots …

    14. Alastair has very sweetly organised breakfast for me – thank goodness he’s not one of those people who are chatty over breakfast … I can cope with most things but conversation at the breakfast table is definitely not one of them

    15. ‘Jo, how are you going to cope with moving house? I know how attached you are to this place

    16. You can claim you can't quit because the cigarettes help you cope with your crappy life, or you can quit smoking and use the extra money to:

    17. Then focus on possible ways to cope with such a prognosis:

    18. ‘But,’ I interrupted, ‘What I want to avoid is you getting into a situation you can’t cope with and I think that being on your own in the house could result in such a situation

    19. situation that he could scarcely cope with

    20. 'But why a nunnery?' I asked, wondering just how Joanna thinks she would cope with the regime of a convent

    21. 'It is scary enough being pregnant if you're in a relationship, let alone having to cope without anyone to help

    22. I tried to help him cope with these events,

    23. We try to assess their capacity for fitting in with the others, as you may imagine - the dynamics of the group changes from month to month - and their drive to use the time fruitfully – sadly, we do have applicants who are too damaged by their history to cope with that

    24. he was old enough to both understand and to cope with the sense of

    25. She could cope with him

    26. At first she had felt a little daunted by the task, wondering how she was going to cope with the catering for the group

    27. The distance from the bus office to the police station had been excruciating … if he could resolve that, it would make life much easier to cope with

    28. will she be able to cope without someone to bring in money

    29. “Sure it is, but I can cope with it

    30. There were several new families around the village transplanted from more urban roots, and who were less able to initially cope with the harsh winters of the Sierra village

    31. "You could snap your fingers and have the shears do it for you, or perhaps make some tea and cakes whilst we cope with the trimming

    32. developed over the years to cope with the alcoholism

    33. darkest of secrets, not sure if his heart would cope with it

    34. you cope with that number?

    35. To see a stack of papers in your dream denotes overwhelming responsibilities and stress that you have to cope with

    36. To dream about time indicates your fears of not being able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life

    37. Having a spiritual as well as a social basis for understanding can also help children cope with stress

    38. But now he had been taken away from her so suddenly, so unexpectedly – how was she to cope with life without him? The feeling of loss left her tired to the point of death

    39. Work You Can Cope with Emotionally

    40. cope with the existing reality, while the envisioneer is

    41. They adapted the design of the tent as best they could to cope with the missing pole and again weighed down the edges of the fabric with quantities of gravel

    42. “I’m not sure I can cope with another two days of this water

    43. He did not relish the idea of being hungry as well as cold and tired, the first two complaints were quite enough on their own, he was not sure he could cope with a third

    44. Ria thought that the combination she had chosen would be sufficient to cope with most eventualities

    45. The Olympian isn’t even equipped to come here,” she added, “They couldn’t really cope with these low temperatures

    46. Read the booklet, there are contingencies to cope with almost everything

    47. The equipment they originally landed with was mostly bare-minimum specification and their manufacturing facilities could not cope with the volume of replacement parts needed

    48. It tickled him slightly to think of Roidon having to cope with a massive head, support struts and the like

    49. I could help you cope with what is to come

    50. liked the positive side, then he should cope with

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