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    1. That seemed to be of no correlation to anything else

    2. She got the signals into the best analysis pipe she could formulate and fed the results back thru a correlation space

    3. Eventually, a correlation was made between the

    4. The man has never learned the possible correlation of words to truth

    5. It took years of careful observation and correlation before she got a single clue how a session would begin

    6. D: -- Secondly, any patterns or models, used throughout the Bible and their correlation to fulfilment in actual events that they pointed to, should be consistent

    7. “There seems to be a correlation between the likelihood of successful metabolic conversion and the level of arousal

    8. principles of NLP started finding correlation with any domain that

    9. But why Ephesus as the single correlation between the two lists?

    10. On the other hand, some of the best of the scholars of theology, having at first set out to verify and sanctify their faith through the studious investigation and correlation of the answers of old, have stumbled over an exception that they believe has nullified the basis of the faith that they once had

    11. started out trying to find out if a correlation between crime and local gun laws existed

    12. These have a direct correlation to our conscious and sub-conscious minds

    13. This correlation is definitely not always clear

    14. We can see weak positive correlation is there

    15. Like that we have a) weak negative correlation b) no correlation c) Strong positive correlation d) Strong negative correlation

    16. Consider the concept of correlation

    17. Correlation then is a concept that humans use to describe connections between objects or events

    18. awareness, but there was no positive correlation with any other physical items that had been in

    19. only the correlation of those statements but also how obscure such information was; the objective

    20. I contend that there is a direct correlation between the time spent in a particular area of your home and the amount of space required for same

    21. that there is a direct correlation between lost HGH and the

    22. A correlation between theory and

    23. Making this correlation was his

    24. correlation to the bile trade

    25. “Your next mission: find out the correlation between these numbers…” he said while typing in the text window

    26. The initial results are a little frightening since almost all of them saw a correlation between a high BMI and incidence of migraines and other types of severe headaches (tension headaches, cluster

    27. According to Newberg and d’ Aquili, during meditation there is a strong inverse correlation between increasing activity in the frontal lobe (the area associated with focusing attention) and the orientation association area

    28. ’ As noted earlier, according to Newberg and d’ Aquili, there is an inverse correlation between the attention association area in the brain and the orientation association area during active (hot) meditation

    29. recorded in Zurich, Switzerland He found the correlation between the two

    30. showed a direct correlation between the mass in each black hole and the

    31. appearance and temperament The strong correlation between genes and

    32. Correlation - a recognition that just because one thing seems to cause a change in another, there may be a third object affecting the first two

    33. With the AS-IS Core IT Processes mapped and the business units mapped, and a correlation between the two established, the Consulting Team determined the 8 core IT processes that the business required in the necessary TO-BE state

    34. Yet, one needs to remember that correlation does not imply causation

    35. Epilepsy appears to have a positive correlation with criminality

    36. Higher income/wealth have a somewhat inconsistent correlation with less crime with the exception of self-report illegal drug use for which there is no relation

    37. · Genetic behavior correlation studies – studies that use scientific data and attempt to correlate it with actual human behavior

    38. The involvement in crime usually rises in the early teens to mid teens in correlation with the rise of testosterone levels

    39. there is an interesting correlation: the more time spent on these two introductory phases, the more restless, bored and unsettled the students become, with less likelihood that

    40. This direct correlation is not true formen

    41. Even if a particular ETF had no buyers or sellers for several hours, the bid and ask prices would continue to move in correlation with the market value of the ETF that is derived from the prices of the underlying stocks

    42. I can absolutely assure you that there is a direct correlation between correct

    43. Nonetheless, I started to wonder if maybe this was a coincidence or if there was a solid correlation to these tingling sensations

    44. “The correlation is not exact," Sam explained

    45. Maybe because I was a CPA for many years or for many years I was playing with balance sheets and income statements, I noticed there was a certain correlation between numbers

    46. But I did notice that there was a certain correlation between certain numbers

    47. But a correlation of 0

    48. "With [OpenOffice], it was clear we had the highest correlation with the GPL

    49. He states that “There is a correlation

    50. There’s a definite correlation between intelligence and being able to see the humor in a situation

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