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    1. Since last Wednesday I have been in Mandy's cottage in Amarynthos, on the island of Euboea, together with her parents and grandparents

    2. All things considered, it was much nicer than I thought; the asram has been improved a lot since 1992: A spacious cottage has been built to the west, and another one is under construction nearby

    3. The cottage was a nice little house, she decided as she tidied up the curtains in the front room

    4. ‘They know you’re not on your own now and the cottage at Blue Anchor is pretty easy to watch … strangers stick out around there

    5. Torbold had maintained a close watch on the cottage, reporting after dark when it was safe, and also taking advantage of the opportunity to use the bathroom facilities

    6. According to him, a black car had taken to driving slowly down the lane past the cottage, parking at the junction at the end near the seashore and then driving back

    7. And obviously they need to stay in your cottage

    8. minutes to reach the cottage where Fred lived

    9. the door of the cottage

    10. He tells me that they are still using the old cottage

    11. “Ah yes, well that was in my cottage, which is smaller than this

    12. I'd secured the cottage and left food and water for Ebby but there was no sign of him anywhere and I would have loved to say goodbye even though I knew he was in good hands with Demelza

    13. ‘Mother had a small cottage at the other end of the village originally but when Sanna left I talked her into moving in with me

    14. It made sense; I needed someone to look after the house while I was away, her cottage was in need of major repair work and I felt happier knowing that mother was not alone

    15. ' On the table was a snap of Pantelis with me sitting next to him on the fence in front of their cottage in Cornwall

    16. “You can start by calling this number and asking him if he could help us to get a proper little cottage in the village

    17. Well before the final onset of winter’s driving rains and howling gales, the fisherman and his wife were snugly settled into their new cottage home, complete with brand new furniture, a proper telephone line and a lovely new kitchen

    18. The cottage even had a pretty little courtyard garden with a greenhouse in one corner so that the fisherman could supplement the family diet by growing a few vegetables and fruits in the spring

    19. He explained that his wife was expecting and that, although they appreciated his kind gesture, the cottage was really a bit small for a growing family

    20. To make things run as smoothly as he could, the businessman bought the cottage from the couple, which, given that they never had a mortgage in the first place, meant that they pocketed a tidy little sum

    21. This is much more of a cottage industry type operation

    22. It reminded me of infant school formalities, and that memory took me home for a second and I imagined my aunt arriving at our cottage and how it would be empty

    23. It is with a great sense of satisfaction that I unload the shopping from the car back at the cottage

    24. One day, while reading one of his master’s gardening magazines, which just happened to have an article about cottage gardens in it penned by the famous television gardener himself, old Ted read about a great national competition

    25. They bought a little cottage in the village eked out a meagre living on a residue of royalties gleaned from discount store book sales and the odd spot of lawn mowing that came their way from lineage adverts in the parish newspaper

    26. ‘Jo, can I come and visit at your cottage sometimes?’ Jake asked wistfully

    27. Jake’s expressed a wish to invade the cottage tomorrow afternoon – will that be okay with both of you?’

    28. Jo’s cottage is all in darkness – from what Ben said, it looks as though you were right about Alastair moving in

    29. Anna’s cottage is also in darkness

    30. it’ll be a hell of a wrench leaving the cottage but if it has to be, then that’s that

    31. It’s quiet here in the cottage … I can just hear the hint of a piano coming through the wall from next door … it makes me smile knowing that Jo’s happy

    32. It is quiet in the cottage, nicely so after the noise and emotional strain of the evening

    33. ‘They need a larger cottage to live in

    34. they could rent my cottage! I could find another tenant for the one Jo currently has

    35. ‘Jo, I’ll need to let this cottage out – is there any chance that you and Alastair would take it on?’ Anna said suddenly

    36. ‘What? Rent this cottage? Oh, Anna are you sure?’

    37. ‘Anna has offered us the tenancy of her cottage

    38. While I munch on the bread and cheese, he starts talking about the cottage next door, asking me what I know about it

    39. Chapter 48 : Jo looks round the Cottage with Alastair

    40. That would enable us to move in here, clearing the other cottage so that it can be painted before the new tenant moves in

    41. We agree that it would be more sensible for me to deal with the letting of the cottage – I’ll contact the agency she used when I took the tenancy

    42. Jake told him we’d be fine on our own in the cottage for the evening, but Alastair’s put his foot down and said no

    43. I say goodbye to Jane at the gate and go on into the all too silent cottage

    44. The wolf made his way to Granny's cottage with as much speed

    45. Jo rings me just after four to say that the agency has come up with three possible tenants for the cottage

    46. She enthuses about the cottage but I know Anna is not keen on having students here

    47. Oh dear, letting the cottage is proving more difficult than I thought

    48. She loved the cottage but would be dependent on public transport; she couldn’t hack the thought of two buses just to get to uni and it would be terribly difficult if she wanted to get involved in any social life

    49. ‘Anna tells me you’re organising the letting of the cottage and I’ve got a possible tenant

    50. I immediately thought of your cottage – it would be big enough for the girl and her child and is within walking distance of the village

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    bungalow cottage inn hotel house tavern lodge shelter habitation