creek sätze

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Creek sätze (in englisch)

  1. In a small creek there.
  2. Just look at this creek.
  3. He knew that creek well.
  4. At Julia Creek, that was.
  5. Ranch back in Cherry Creek.

  6. Note the rise of the creek.
  7. Will continued to the creek.
  8. Note the flood of the creek.
  9. Sundays, it would be the creek.
  10. They scrambled along the creek.
  12. We crossed a small creek, and.
  13. That night I went to Hobo Creek.
  14. Cedar Creek Lake, near Mabank Texas.
  15. Creek, thirty miles form White Horse.

  16. There's plenty to do in Julia Creek.
  17. The Revelation—Stones in the Creek.
  18. He turned and pointed down the creek.
  19. Stand by the creek, keep the reds away.
  20. You’re up the creek without a paddle.
  21. Then a bridge appeared across the creek.
  22. River Pass Bar and Grill in Cherry Creek.
  23. The Chico Creek Massacre of Maidu in 1859.
  24. Creek and river levels were falling fast.
  25. At the second creek the water was higher.

  26. We could hear the creek whispering below.
  27. I could pump me own water from the creek.
  28. He squatted next to the creek and with a.
  29. The Fall Creek Massacre of Senecas in 1822.
  30. Jackson was nearly killed in the Creek War.
  31. He walked out of the creek and up the hill.
  32. The Kaibai Creek Massacre of Wintus in 1854.
  33. The Sand Creek Massacre of Cheyenne in 1864.
  34. I leaped over the creek into enemy territory.
  35. He sat on some creek pebbles and stared at her.
  36. Hold yer horses, Creek, Charlie retorted.
  37. Jonn stumbled, fell flat into the creek water!.
  38. The creek that once more flows towards the seas.
  39. I mentioned the Ellicott Creek Trailway earlier.
  40. He rinses the Roadrunner off in a nearby creek.
  41. We left one of the beers for you in the creek.
  42. After the heavy rains, the creek was flowing fast.
  43. Skiddoo! There was Dublin, drinking from the creek.
  44. Speed made it down the mountain and came to a creek.
  45. Just over the side of the spring runs a cold creek.
  46. In front and below them ran a narrow, shallow creek.
  47. He was fascinated with the creek and the fire ring.
  48. You know the rules! The creek is the boundary line.
  49. Melody had to be the prettiest girl in Beaver Creek.
  50. I obliged, walking to the edge of the rippling creek.
  51. She tried to pull back as he led her toward the creek.
  52. The steep banks of the creek offered him some cover.
  53. We worried about you on Hat Creek Rim, she said.
  54. He was up shit creek without a paddle and he knew it.
  55. About a mile south, there seems to be a small creek.
  56. Only a few more yards to the creek and I had the game.
  57. Tock-tock-tock of mating cane toads down by the creek.
  58. Both White Horse and Cherry Creek Mining Corporations.
  59. The creek plunged further into the depths of the earth.
  60. On the same creek, a small green boat slowly glides by.
  61. I hear a creek in the background and birds chirping.
  62. The creek was in front of me and I started to cross it.
  63. After a moment he told Leonard Mark, I saw the creek.
  64. The river ran so low she could’ve been a large creek.
  65. At the meadow, I tied the pony on a bush near the creek.
  66. True to his word, there was a small creek tumbling down.
  67. He turned his gaze from the horses at the creek down to.
  68. Hobo Creek was the closest thing to paradise that I knew.
  69. Donovan worked his way south along the creek, searching.
  70. There was no police station in Cherry Creek, but as Cam-.
  71. It seems there is something dead up the creek with this.
  72. His hotel was in Cherry Creek about thirty miles to the.
  73. There’s some mighty big catfish in the creek, though.
  74. I must have slept for a few hours by the edge of the creek.
  75. The rain had stopped and the creek bank was soft and silky.
  76. Cherry Creek on the outskirts of Jasper on a five-acre lot.
  77. They pushed her VW into the creek then took the bridge out.
  78. Soon what appeared as a large but ancient dried creek bed.
  79. He ran to the creek that was a few meters away, and squatted.
  80. The creek that ran past the back of the clearing in a gorge.
  81. Oddly enough, instead of growing larger, the creek appeared.
  82. He said, The creek ran dry, choked off by the valley fill.
  83. Then we both heard a loud moaning sound from across the creek.
  84. From Midhurst to Julia Creek is about three hundred miles by.
  85. The rain had stopped but the water in the creek was still high.
  86. It actually is fed by a creek that empties south of here and.
  87. He followed the trail to a creek than ran straight as an arrow.
  88. He ordered the soldiers who were with him to follow the creek.
  89. In the creek bed we were like in a green tunnel in the jungle.
  90. And when word got out about the Stone Creek Ranch, did that.
  91. It wasn’t very long after that the boys back in Cherry Creek.
  92. The old bridge was still laying in the creek thirty feet below.
  93. The creek that descended from the swimming hole babbled nearby.
  94. Is that why the creek is called Old Crazy Woman Creek, I.
  95. Pass Bar and Grill on he outskirts of Cherry Creek, Nevada, up.
  96. After spending the night on the damp, hard shores of Hobo Creek.
  97. The boys and dirt plunged into the creek which was running high.
  98. Her lunch flew away and she watched it slide down into the creek.
  99. As night fell, the boar came to a stop at a creek bed and snorted.
  100. We crossed a small tributary that joined our creek from the east.

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